Washing fume is separated hood, whoever buys who regrets

For a long time, the core function of the range hood is

The oil fume generated by smoking the cooking

, Help people solve the problem of oil fume in the kitchen. However, because Chinese families love to stir -fry, stir -fry, heavy oil and salt, in the kitchen where the oil fume is raging, even if it is equipped with a hood, it is difficult to accumulate stubborn oil and oil dirt. In addition to the corner of the kitchen,

The inside of the range hood has become the hardest hit area for oil stacking.

At the same time as the range hood sucks the oil fume, it also allows

The inner cavity full of oil has become a difficulty in the cleaning of the kitchen.

As a result, regarding the innovation of hood cleaning technology, the industry is constantly subverting. Among them, in recent years

Oil fume separation hood

, Becoming the “hot sector” of the current range hood consumer market.

01-Why does the fume separation smoke opportunity set off a boom?


The problem of cleaning the inner cavity of the hood has always troubled the majority of users

, Even on the market, a range of hoods such as “automatic cleaning” such as “automatic cleaning” are launched on the market, but these “automatic cleaning” methods

Can’t completely remove oil


In the end, users still have to ask professionals to come back from outside for disassembly and cleaning.

The oil fume separation hood separates the mesh through a front -type oil fume, so that the gaseous oil fume passes through the “collision”, “turning” and “centrifugal force” through the oil net, and intercepts the large particles of oil fume molecules to make small particles of oil fume molecules molecules Draw away,

To a certain extent, oil molecules can enter the inner cavity.

Compared to the “pollution and then cleaning” of traditional automatic firing machines,

Users prefer the “from the source to inhibit the entry of oil from the source”


Essence In addition, in order to chase the market dividend of the separation of fumes, the major businesses compete for imitation and vigorously promoting, and to a certain extent, it has promoted the share of this hood in the market.


02-There is no need to clean the oil fume separation range hood?


Many consumers are buying a “no cleaning” gimmick for the fume separation hoods, but users who have really experienced experience know that the reason why oil fume separation hoods can inhibit the inner cavity of oil into the inner cavity. Through the interception and obstacles of the oil net,

However, the oil network just intercepted the oil and did not let the oil “disappear”. In the end, the oil would stay in the oil net.

And we all know that the molecular volume of the gas fume is very small, and the density of the oil net is simply “small witch to see the big witch.” so,

It is impossible for the oil fume separation hood to intercept oil 100%, and a small part of the oil will run to the inner cavity.

The so -called “no cleaning” of the fume separation hood can only allow users to reduce the inner cavity cleaning.

The oil net must be removed every three or five days!

“Washing” becomes “Weekly washing”! You know, oil is a difficult guy, and the uneven structural design of the oil net makes it more troublesome to clean it!

03-The effect of smoking smoke is the core and premise of buying a range


In the process of smoking oil fume, the fan is the only driving force for suction, and other structures will become the resistance to weakening the suction


Experimental data shows,

Most oil fume separation networks will reduce air volume of more than 20%.

Because the front -type oil net of the oil fume separation hood is to rub, collide, and turn at the oil net by obstructing the gas fume and the gaseous oil fume. Therefore


Oilnets will greatly weaken the suction, which leads to the generally small suction power of the fume separation hood, and at the same time, it will produce a large noise.


If you want to enhance the suction of the fume separation of the hood, you must sacrifice the oil fume separation effect. So, for users who want to buy oil fume separation hood,

Is it choosing to sacrifice oil smoke? Or choose the effect of sacrificing oil fume separation?

The harm of the kitchen oil fume to the human body is self -evident,

The effect of smoking smoke is the core and prerequisite for buying a range

If the hood cannot smoke the oil fume, it is ourselves that finally inhale the oil fume.

Therefore, even if the oil fume separation hood is “held to the altar”, it


Is it worth buying? Can you suck the oil fume? Do you really don’t need to clean it?


I believe the answer is self -evident!

Want one

Really sucking for a long time, you can completely clean it without having to do it, really let you go away from the kitchen

The range hood?

stay tuned




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