The down jacket pk three -in -one jacket, which is your dish?

Sanheye jacket, also known as two pieces of jackets, can be worn alone, inner biliary, and can be worn together, so it is called Sanheyi Yongyi.


The warmth effect of the down jacket depends on the filling volume and fluffy of the filling.

The jacket is a collective name for rainproof, windproof, and breathable functional outdoor jackets. This kind of clothes has the function of rainproof and windshield, which is suitable for wearing in a harsh outdoor environment such as rain and snow.

In addition, you must distinguish between three -in -one jacket and three layers of jackets. The so -called three -layer jacket is a type of single -layer jacket, but only three layers of composite fabrics are used.

The down jackets and jackets are commonly used by people to prevent cold and warmth, but many people are always tangled in the choice of the two.


Due to the different principles of warmth in the three -in -one jacket and down jackets, if you say warmth, it must be a down jacket to keep warm. But if outdoor activities, the jacket is more freezing. The jacket is made from chemical fiber. The principle of insulation is windproof and waterproof, which can establish a small and dry environment. Taken together, if most of the time is indoor activities, it is recommended to wear down jackets.

What is the best pill in the velvete and down?


The weight of the down or bilots is light and warm. If we wear it as an outdoor mountaineering, the down of the down is poor, the calories are not easy to volatilize, and it is easy to sweat. In the case of humidity, the thermal insulation performance will be greatly shrunk and it is not easy to dry. However, as a daily warmth, it must be warmer than wearing down jackets.


The fleece has the advantages of low cost, good heating, good breathability, fast drying, and traditional assault jackets. The better fleece is lighter, the ball is not affordable, the feel is more delicate, it can also be used for anti -static treatment, and even cashmere can be added, which looks more high -end. If outdoor exercise, the charge of the velvet is more applicable.



Therefore, whether you choose a down jacket or a three -in -one jacket, or what kind of inner bilots you choose, you still have to choose according to personal needs. In terms of cost -effectiveness, the three -in -one jacket is still more practical. Except for summer, it can come in handy in other seasons.