Analysis of the current status and development prospects of China’s automotive electronics market in 2022

China Business Intelligence Network News: Automotive electronics is the general term for car electronic control devices and vehicle vehicle electronic control devices. Vehicle car electronic control device, including engine electronic systems, chassis electronic systems, autonomous driving systems and body electronic systems, and vehicle electronic electrical systems include a safe and comfortable system, information entertainment and networking system.

market situation

With the influence of the intelligent and electrification trends of automobiles, automotive electronics is widely used in various fields of automobiles. Benefiting from the rapid growth of the automotive electronics market, automotive electronics applications have gradually become pillar income for global passive components.

In recent years, the size of China’s automotive electronics market has maintained a steady growth. In 2019, the market size reached 96.2 billion US dollars, a year -on -year increase of 10.07%. It is expected to further increase to US $ 118.1 billion in 2022.

From the perspective of the market share of automotive electronics, the overall competition is fierce and the market share is not much different. Among them, the most proportion is the power control system, accounting for 28.7%of the overall market. Followed by the chassis and security control system, it accounts for 26.7%; body electronics account for 22.8%, and vehicle electronics account for 21.8%.

Data Source: Correspondence of China Commercial Industry Research Institute



1. Automotive electrification, intelligence, and networking to promote industry development

Driven by the trend of automotive electrification, intelligence, and networking, automotive electronics is becoming more and more important. As smart connected cars are listed as one of the important strategic directions of the country, the growth potential of the automotive electronics industry is expected to be further released.


2. Stable development of the automotive industry, and the development space of the industry

From another perspective, automotive electronics has become a new growth point for the electronics manufacturing industry to provide new development opportunities for my country’s electronic manufacturing dedicated equipment manufacturers.

As the world’s largest automotive production and consumer country in the world, as my country’s automobile industry has entered a stable stage of development, the development of the automotive electronics market will gradually slow down. In addition, the domestic automotive electronics market still mainly depends on the front -loading market. With the continuous improvement of domestic automobile ownership, the development space of vehicle electronic supplies is still large.

For more information, please refer to the “Research Research Report on the Market Prospects and Investment Opportunities of China’s Automobile Electronics Industry” released by the China Business Research Institute. , Fourteen Five -Year Plan, Industry Investment Promotion and other services.