Elvis Audio3 Portable Outdoor Bluetooth speaker evaluation report “Soomal”

One month after the release of Elvis Sound Mate4, Elvis Mate3 was released on July 7th, and the official price was 1299 yuan [999 yuan for the first scheduled to be purchased]. The appearance volume of Elvis Mate3 is much smaller than Mate4, and the weight is naturally lighter. In waterproof, charging and even speaker design, it has more optimization for the “outdoor wireless” speaker’s application for the Elvis Mate4 Essence Let’s take a look at how the Elvis Mate3 performs?

Appearance and design

Elvis Audio3 Portable Outdoor Bluetooth speaker

猫王音响 Mate3 便携式户外蓝牙音箱测评报告 「SOOMAL」


The overall style of Elvis Mate3 speakers is generally consistent with Elvisa Mate4. In addition to black and white color schemes, there will be a very light blue appearance such as “reverberation blue”. The surface of the speaker is a silicone imitation cortex texture material. The touch is soft and elastic. Although it is different from the mate4 imiticure, it is still superior to the workmanship. The front and rear sides of the speaker are all designed for mesh -shaped dust cover. As shown in the figure, do you feel that there are star -like decoration distribution in the middle of the small grids of this mesh? In fact, each grid of the mesh cover is equal, which is due to the visual differences shot by lighting.

Elvis Audio3 Portable Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker-positive

Elvis Audio3 Portable Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker-Back

The dimension size of Elvis Mate3 speakers has reached 207mmx84mmx160mm, and the weight is reduced to 1.6kg. Compared with the 3.4kg Elvis Mate4, the portability is quite good. The size of the size is even in the hand and even has the decorative effect of a small packet. The handle uses a buckle method. It is more convenient to remove it than the snail on Elvis Mate4. I do n’t know why Mate3 and Mate4 have two completely independent designs on these details.

猫王音响 Mate3 便携式户外蓝牙音箱测评报告 「SOOMAL」

Elvis Audio 3 Portable Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker-Comparison 200ml Mini Tiber Coca-Cola

The front and rear sides of the speaker are almost symmetrically designed. It can identify the “Back” of Elvis Mate3 “Back” mainly look at the front side brand logo and AUX input and USB Type-C charging port. This design also shows that in terms of speakers, Elvis Mate3 uses the design of active speakers before and after. For the background release speaker that does not hear the sound, this design is obviously more listening in different positions in the space. High coverage quality.


The main operation and function of Elvis Mate3 speakers are basically no different from Mate4, but the layout is slightly adjusted as shown in the figure. It may be that considering the symmetrical design before and after the speaker’s double -sided sound, it has also made a symmetrical layout at the control area on the top of the speaker. There are four knobs, two on each side of the left and right sides. This design experiences the convenience of the layout of no Elvis Mate4 1+3 during the semi -blind operation. The layout of 1+3 is to switch on the 1 -side independence mode, and the three knobs on the other side are volume, high and low tone. 2+2 is, the volume and mode are adjusted on one side, and the other side of the treble and bass adjustment.

Elvis Audio3 Portable Outdoor Bluetooth speaker-Sound-tone gain adjustment

The key layout in the middle area of ​​the speaker is the same as that of Elvis Gong Mate4. After the retro metal lever power switch is turned on, there will be “Dudu Dudu” iconic telegram [Open the gear without a signal system will automatically dormant], there is an orange power next to it The indicator light looks like a retro style. The four keys are selected and the single arrows are selected before and after the two arrows. You can choose tracks and song lists, song list/radio, etc. to choose to adapt to each other.

Elvis Audio 3 Portable Outdoor Bluetooth speaker-mode and volume adjustment

猫王音响 Mate3 便携式户外蓝牙音箱测评报告 「SOOMAL」

In the selection of mode, the four modes are ordinary Bluetooth, LL [Low Latence], TWS and AUX, which are the same as the Elvis Mate4 settings. TWS is used to form a 2 -channel stereo sound with the same type speaker. AUX can enter analog audio signal with 3.5mm.

Audio design and subjective experience

Core configuration:

猫王音响 Mate3 便携式户外蓝牙音箱测评报告 「SOOMAL」

The size of Elvis Mate3 speaker has become more compact. To achieve a symmetrical sound structure before and after, the design and materials of the box are also changed. The official named Elvis Mate3 uses a special plastic box, which feels quite solid in hand. A treble speaker is responsible for mid -to -high frequency on the front and rear sides. On the front side, a 3 -inch speaker is responsible for the low and medium frequencies, and a 3 -inch passive basin uses the same 3 -inch passive basin on the back to assist the medium bass. In small or miniature systems, it is not uncommon for even large -headed speakers.

Because of the changes in various aspects such as boxes and speakers, the waterproof level of Elvis Mate3 speakers has been improved to IPX4 level, and there are also environmental environment such as pools and bathrooms in the official application scenario about this speaker. We know that the waterproof of IPX2 refers to the dripping environment of 15 degrees of water. The waterproof waterproof; and the waterproof of IPX4 can support waterproof waterproof at any angle. In theory, there is no problem with short -time rain and splashing water.

Elvis Mate3 officially gives two high -sound designs with a speaker with a maximum power of 15W and 10WX2 treble. For ClassD amplifier, this power is generally abundant for us. Similarly, in terms of volume control, speakers are an independent control system. Not only the damping of the knob has a sense of scale of the imitation step potentiometer, but it can also be very small in the minimum gear volume. These advantages are consistent with Elvis Mate4.

In terms of internal batteries, the official has not given the voltage of the cell, with a capacity of 3100mAh, and the official nominal battery life is still more than 20 hours. It is speculated that there may be a set of 15V configuration of a series of series batteries. The Type-C USB interface on the back can provide a fast charging of the PD charging standard. The actual test charging can reach the specification of 15V 2A. The charging power is about 30 watts, which is still quite powerful. Officially nominal charging for 20 minutes battery life and 5 hours.

Bluetooth experience:

It is estimated that the functions of Elvis Mate3 and Mate4’s Bluetooth and the main audio control part are consistent. The actual work stability is better, especially the stability of outdoor is better. After all, outdoor use is a relatively empty environment, which is different from the use environment for Bluetooth headsets.

For Elvis Mate3, the LowLecent option is more valuable than Elvis Mate4? Why do you say that? Because after comparison of Elvis Mate4, you can still feel the sound quality advantages brought by its stereo sound, especially the level and sound field. And Elvis Mate3 returns to a single -sided single -sided channel, so the differences in the single road under LowLeency have become very different. Similarly, we use “SuperPowered Latence Test” for a full circuit delay test. The Find X2 Pro mobile phone itself is 62ms, Elvis Mate3 ordinary Bluetooth mode is 271ms, and the full circuit of the low latency mode is 99ms. Basically consistent with Elvis Mate4, a few milliseconds. Therefore, the one -way delay of the Bluetooth part of the actual Elvis Mate3 speaker is about 35ms.

“Ohplay” APP experience:

猫王音响 Mate3 便携式户外蓝牙音箱测评报告 「SOOMAL」

The APP of “Elvis Play” is not just a traditional online music and sound program integration APP platform. When designing this APP of Elvis Sound, it is also hoped to integrate the online content of traditional broadcasting. In fact done. For users who want to experience the content of traditional radio through online ways, “Elvis” breaks through the common restrictions of regional or companies, group departments, integrates the online content of traditional radio radio stations across the country and the world. The content of the radio is allocated through the preferences selected by everyone when registering and logging in. The official also said that the content of the radio preferences was created by manual editing.

“Ohplay” APP-traditional radio live broadcast and content integration-radio station that is bound to live according to personal preferences

“Elvison Miao Broadcast Ohplay” app-traditional radio live broadcast and content integration

猫王音响 Mate3 便携式户外蓝牙音箱测评报告 「SOOMAL」

“Ohplay” APP-traditional radio live broadcast and content integration-support FM across the country

猫王音响 Mate3 便携式户外蓝牙音箱测评报告 「SOOMAL」

“Ohplay” APP-traditional radio live broadcast and content integration-no regional restrictions and radio department restrictions

“Ohplay” APP-Traditional Radio Live and Content Integration-Listen to Beijing Local Radio Live

“Everyday Listening” -Be Beijing Radio Official App-Only Local and own content

We have experienced its national FM live content these days, and it feels good. Although in Beijing, we can also use “Listen to FM” [Beijing Radio Official Platform APP] to listen to the broadcast of Beijing Radio Station. As a FM and Broadcasting online live platform, “Elvis Magic Broadcast” seems to be a very fun app.

Subjective experience and listening:

In the past few days, Beijing has been raining more frequently … Last time, in order to take pictures of Elvis Mate4, who was waterproof for IPX2, we had to pick a good weather. And go out with Elvis Mate3, you don’t have to worry about this problem. Although it is slightly strange to walk with speakers on a rainy day … but some outdoor experiences that should be done still have to do. In addition, when the weather was fine, we took Mate3 to the mountain. Why didn’t you bring Elvis Mate4? Although driving, I still want to bring a lighter.

In this subjective comparison evaluation, we compared the Elvis Mate4, and Bose’s Soundlink Revolve+. After comparison, we will find that although the three -dimensional sound of Elvis Mate4 is in a integrated box, whether it is a positive orientation for appreciation, or the unscrupulous appreciation of each angle of the indoor, we can feel that you can feel that you can feel it. The advantages of stereo sound. The sound of Elvis Mate4 is loose and rich in levels. Although the background music cannot be required to show the accurate sound field seriously, the stereo configuration on Elvis Mate4 can still show some of the sound width and details of the sound.

The sound field performance of Elvis Mate3 has returned to a lot of Bluetooth speakers. The quasi -three -dimensional sound mode. Although the signals they get are still stereo, but due to the location of the speaker position or other reasons, in fact, there is no strict distinction between the distinction of strict distinction. Three -dimensional sounds, or single sounds after mixed stereo. Bose Revolve+, HomePod Mini, etc. This is the case.

猫王音响 Mate3 便携式户外蓝牙音箱测评报告 「SOOMAL」

Compared with Mate4, Elvis Mate3 is indeed like a small number of speakers in the subjective sense. The box of the box will decrease such a large decline in the dynamics and relaxation of natural sounds. However, the Mate3’s mid -to -high sound unit seems to be different from Mate4. It is better than Mate4 in terms of high -frequency sound density, which may also be related to the sound style adjustment. Similarly, in terms of sound performance, the small box of Mate3 feels better cohesion, the sound is more solid and gentle, and Mate4 is much rich in details. Regardless of indoor or outdoor, Elvis Mate3 is full enough in all aspects such as human voice, light music, and small dynamic music. Of course, small boxes will not be as good as the large box Mate4 dynamic and rich levels. The mid -frequency details and styles and thickness of Elvis Mate3 are similar to Bose Revovle+. However, at a larger volume, the volume, box structure, and power advantage of Elvis Mate3 will be exerted. Similarly, Mate3 can bring a considerable loudness and meet the music back of the large volume of hundreds of square meters of space.

In terms of bass performance, Elvis Mate3 is sufficient in the small room, but the 3 -inch low -sound speaker and passive pots will not be too enough to dive the depth and deeper part of the low frequency. At the same time, Elvis’s control of low frequency still likes to be relatively natural, without obvious squeezing and enhanced hearing. However, the small and low -sound speakers and passive pots, the speed of the bass will be faster than the inverted structure. As long as it is not a special BT bass, even if it is a bass of popular music, there are still good elasticity under Elvis Mate3. However, in the low -frequency music, there is still a lot of sense of music, it may show the helplessness of small boxes and small speakers.

Outdoor listening experience:

The overall sound dynamics and thickness of Elvis Mate3 do have a certain gap with Mate4, but for the use of outdoor or pure background music playback, the sound on both sides still has a great place for martial arts. This is not just a speaker caliber, box size, and output power. Although these applications are rarely mentioned when we really use it, we should consider that the outdoor speaker 360 degrees is definitely very effective when choosing. This allows your speakers to place more casually, and have a relatively consistent sense of hearing from more angles. Of course, in outdoor use, the maximum power design of Elvis Mate3 is still very sufficient. More than 40%of the volume should be enough to reach the level of a very large volume. Therefore, it is still very very useful as a background music companion. In terms of overall style, due to the reduction of low -frequency outdoors, it feels that the Elvis Mate3 is a better and cleaner and gentle and cleaner.

猫王音响 Mate3 便携式户外蓝牙音箱测评报告 「SOOMAL」


Soomal recommendation rating

I just experienced Elvis Mate4, and I have a smaller Mate3 again. On the surface, there will be no freshness. For example, some advantages found on Elvis Mate4: good sound style, good sound quality, careful human -machine interaction experience, ultra -small volume, etc. are not much different under Mate3. Not practical. However, Elvis Mate3 also has many new designs that are more in line with their own positioning. For example, the Type-C interface fast charging supports PD standard 15V/2A, splash-proof water from all angles at the IPX4 level, and the two-sided speaker sounds all-round, obviously lighter weight and smaller size. These designs and actual experiences are more meaningful for the outdoor application of the speaker itself or the Bluetooth wireless application scenario.

Elvis Audio3 Portable Outdoor Bluetooth speaker

Elvis Audio3 Portable Outdoor Bluetooth speaker

猫王音响 Mate3 便携式户外蓝牙音箱测评报告 「SOOMAL」

Elvis Audio3 Portable Outdoor Bluetooth speaker

Elvis Audio3 Portable Outdoor Bluetooth speaker

猫王音响 Mate3 便携式户外蓝牙音箱测评报告 「SOOMAL」

Elvis Audio3 Portable Outdoor Bluetooth speaker

Comprehensive Elvis Spelling Mate3 more unique design brings different application experiences. With the same sound style and better sound quality under small volume, excellent waterproof level, high -power fast charging and other factors, Soomal gives Elvis Mate3Bluetooth outdoor speakers recommend rating.

猫王音响 Mate3 便携式户外蓝牙音箱测评报告 「SOOMAL」

Product detail advantage

猫王音响 Mate3 便携式户外蓝牙音箱测评报告 「SOOMAL」

1. Smaller volume portability, weight 1.6kg;

猫王音响 Mate3 便携式户外蓝牙音箱测评报告 「SOOMAL」

2. IPX4 level waterproof;

猫王音响 Mate3 便携式户外蓝牙音箱测评报告 「SOOMAL」

3. Double -sided sound before and after, the environment covers higher quality;

4.usb Type-C interface charging, supports PD specification 15V/30 watts of fast charging;

5. The volume adjustment of the scale damping of the imitation step potentiometer has both feel and a large extent to prevent misunderstanding;

6. The smallest volume is one gear, or even 2-3 gear. The sound adjustment range is small and the volume control is fine;

7. Simple four keys can not look at the content, timeline, and song list list without watching mobile phones.

猫王音响 Mate3 便携式户外蓝牙音箱测评报告 「SOOMAL」

8. Low latency mode around 35ms;