Beautiful wide -leg pants, small black pants, this kind of “jeans” popular this spring, elegant and more refreshing field

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Hi, I am Luo Wei, continue our fashion trip, and never get lost.


The so -called popularity of fashion trend and ups and downs; the hustle and bustle of the lanterns, and the cities that come and go, you will find that those who can really support the fashion of the world are actually “






Such as jeans.

Simple blue, basic styles, like the sound of listening to nature in the morning in the morning, surrounded by the vastness of the lines, the outline of the world is gradually clear and clear, and there is a clear and simple in front of the birds .. Then, then, then


Clean and refreshing


Denim Blue


Passionate and wear -resistant


In the endless streaming corridor, it has never been shrinking: passion is its vitality factor, enthusiasm is its claim, toughness is its mind, and fashion is its attitude.

The tannin cowboy in the catwalk has changed the daily leisure and relaxation of the trendy “face”, with the fashionable gradient blue and white color, and the super long handsome pants pants tube and


Hugging mildly and exhausted fashion.

The seemingly random jeans also have the romance and style of the elegant church.


So, how can the elegant side activate when the jeans fall from the high -level runway? Why can’t “me” jeans always feel? How to wear jeans is the correct way to open it? What kind of jeans are popular this year?

The above wearing troubles can be found in this sharing.

选 The choice of jeans

Regarding jeans, Luo Wei has shared too many professional dry goods before. But every time you mention it, there are always fresh ideas. Because the daily cognition is different, the same thing, the vision of the same day, is definitely different!

I hope you can also develop such an eye habit. Yesterday, today, and tomorrow’s “I” are new every day.

The total selection principle of jeans is:

Suitable for body shape, fitting

, The principle of unchanged for thousands of years. Therefore, be sure to try it over and confirm repeatedly until you are satisfied and comfortable.


Do not make up for discounts or other reasons. Any clothes that make you do not make you feel proud and aesthetic.




Although the tannongbu is thick and solid, when choosing, you must choose according to your body shape:


People with obvious muscles and elastic skin on their legs are easy to look tight in pants. They are suitable for jeans with hard fabrics, non -elastic or slightly bombarded.

Conversely, people with less leg muscles and soft skin, choosing elastic soft tannins is the most suitable.




The pocket position of the jeans determines whether the hips are modified, which is also the key to creating hips. Choose a pocket design suitable for hip shape, smart and decent.

Flat hips and droop

: Suitable for upper pockets with upper movement, a lot


: Suitable for exquisite and moderate upward pockets

If the pocket is embellished with embroidery or decoration, try to choose a top that can be matched.




High waist or low waist?

High -waist pants in recent years are very popular, but it is best for you to be popular. If there is fat on the waist, high waist pants are disaster, not only will not be modified, but also fat.

And low waist, it is not suitable for the waist and abdomen with fat, eclectic

High waist

Maybe it is a good choice.




Do you know how the color of jeans has on the style? I believe no one tells you this tip. They are:


The lighter the color

, Look like

More leisure

Essence If you want to wear a sense of leisure, you can choose the light color of washing white or fading.

On the contrary, tanning

The darker the color, the more pure the saturation


The more profitable, the more mature


Essence For example, pure denim blue, dark blue, black, style is elegant and stable, with full femininity.

However, there is a special case, please remember:

White jeans

The style is elegant, although it is light -colored, it represents a sharp maturity.


Hole -breaking design

The hole is a cool personality sublimation of denim trousers. Everything is old and damaged is the characteristics of jeans. As a street trend, how does it reflect the prestige?


Mature woman


, Or neutral fashionable people, only need to borrow a little jeans

Leisure vitality

That’s it, there is no need to use the trendy maverick to fight.

As for the cold tide and cool wind, it is still to the street professional rebellion and fashionable essence.

搭 The elegant match of jeans

The above selection points are suitable for all jeans. If you want to wear the elegance and atmosphere of jeans, it depends on the specific pants and matching. This is the focus of sharing next.



What kind of elegant pants are popular this year?

In all jeans styles, the style that looks elegant and can also modify the leg shape is: straight tube+wide legs =

Straight -legged pants

, Color

White, black, classic blue

Mainly, the length is


Up and down, but short, not too long.

: The dual blessing of straight -legged+wide -legs allows classic denim blue to be freely grasped in a comfortable and fashionable space. The pants legs with moderate sense of quantity will be in place. Loose straight tube, tolerance of various imperfect leg shapes.


When selecting, the middle of the thigh is used for old treatment with a little white white, making the shadow of the layer, which is thinner. The large -scale authentic denim blue does not affect elegance, and is lazy.


: Tan Ning fabric makes the style of small black pants handsome and stylish. Compared with traditional cotton small black pants, the casual vitality brought by black wide -leg denim is better.

It is not obvious, but it feels very different. For example, common white shirts with black pants, due to the common leisure and handsome attributes, are matched with the aura.


: White pants that are easy to show cheap because of the material, the denim fabric completely eliminates this shortcoming. Tanning’s stiff and stylish, let the gentle white instant personality open up.

And the straight -legged pants of the leg shape have become the perfect help of the white. How can all the advantages collection not make people like it?

White, blue, black and white matching, brown and black matching, perfect and stylish!

How to make jeans fashionable matching

Denim trousers are casual, and it is easy to wear too casual feelings without heart. Although it is not wrong, it is also insulated with fashion. Therefore, jeans want to set up a formal neat elegance, which has high requirements for fashion skills.


Tide Cool Black+White

: Simple white denim wide -leg pants, with a shiny leather top, immediately get fashionable power, making the common black and white match a lot.


For black clothes, the material is the intervention point that opens fashionable and resolves dullness. You can pay attention when choosing clothes.

Bright color top+black

: Spring and summer season, suitable for dressed bright and bright. Using a bright color top with calm black jeans, it is immediately lively. With black power, no matter how bright it is.

Light green knitted cardigan, pink long shirt, ginger cardigan, tender green shirt, colorful and worth trying.


: Make ordinary jeans with fashionable mixing and mixing methods, which can unlock countless kinds of impossible. All kinds of vests+shirts, camisole+T -shirts are mixed and matching common vests in spring.

The focus of mixing is


First of all, the color matching is consistent, and there will be no mess and abruptness as a whole. At the same time, there are subtle layers of differences, breaking monotonous, and showing fashion.

The beige+white in the figure below is seamlessly matched. The seemingly impossible suit+long shirt is united because of jeans, and the personality is elegant.

Perspective top+white

: Perspective shirt, only in spring. The little sexy of the skin is slightly sexy, and in the lining of spring, it is quite vibrant.

Choose a suit and pocket style to resolve the sweet and excessive greasy taste, and cooperate with the white denim wide -leg pants to stimulate the beauty.

Sweet top+denim blue

: Leisure jeans, just need a sweet jacket to reconcile. Cute sweetness is a style, reflected in style, color, quality, and details.

For example, bubble sleeves, ruffles, lightweight perspective, lantern sleeves, bundle -cotton sleeves … with the tenderness of a little girl, but also with a mature big woman style. All these only need one classic denim blue wide -leg pants. response.

Accessory embellishment

: There are also common methods to make jeans fashionable::




Essence In particular, red shoes, bags, and silk scarves, hair bands, etc., pass on gentle and elegant atmosphere.

When wearing jeans, use some red and other feminine elements to decorate it to easily wear casual elegance.

Want to improve in the matching



Degree, please don’t ignore


Fashion forces. The texture of exquisite high heels, the atmospheric brown single shoes, and the black sandals of personality make the image jump to a new level.

In addition, good -looking jewelry bags, creative jewelry, are more particular about it.

Classic jeans need to be fashionable with the idea of ​​moving with the times. How to give it new ideas, how to make it perfectly combined with the temperament of the wearer, wearing personality, and being elegant, it is worth thinking about trying.

I hope today’s sharing will inspire you a little bit!

I am Luo Wei. I use image management as my homework that I have done in my life, and use a beautiful image and a beautiful mood to welcome the blooming every day in my life.

I not only share wearing, but also hope to help you establish your inner aesthetic system and spiritual nourishing system. Both internal and external cultivation are beautiful!

If you are confused, you can make a private message. Welcome to leave a message to discuss. We grow up together on the road of beauty and be strong together!

Denim Blue

, Look like