Is it better to occupy a toilet paper? Let’s help you calculate

Toilet paper, pumping paper, napkin paper … Are you ready for this double eleven?


I can use a paper towel home once a year, and I can use it for many years each time

Essence Pumping paper, roll paper, handkerchief paper … Purchasing a sufficient amount of daily necessities in Double Eleven, as if it has become a “great money to save money” for everyone.


“Paper Pond” was contracted by me

But wait first! How long can we use so many paper? Do you really need so much? How much position does you have to buy so many paper towels? If the housing price and rent required for the area are counted, will it be cost -effective?

Let’s count it!

How much paper does a year need

We calculate the three kinds of paper towels commonly used in life: used to go to the toilet

Roll paper

, Put on the table


, And the packaging in the bag in the bag

tissue paper



As the most commonly used paper towels in life, we use it almost every day in the bathroom. However, due to the differences in the physiological structure, the daily roll paper is not consistent, and everyone’s habits are different. In order to simplify the calculation, the views of various colleagues of the department were solicited, and eventually used the stool to use 6 square meters, and the urine was calculated with 2 grids. Stool once a day, 8 times in urine.

In this way, a total of 22 grid rolls are required, and 22 x 365 = 8030 grid paper is required a year

Editor Li Xiaokui voluntarily disassembled a box of new rolls of paper, and the number of grids of the rolls of paper manually, manual, and purely:


Single volume 167 grid

Essence It takes 8030/167 = 48.08 volumes in this year.

I want to see how many volumes you are

Calculate in a similar method, with the average of 7 pieces a day, 7 x 365 = 2555 a year. A pack of 120 counts, a total of 2555/120 = 21.29 packs of paper pump a year.

The use of handkerchief paper is smaller, with an average of 1 sheet of calculation per day, and a total of 365 pieces of paper are required a year. Calculated in 7 packs, a total of 52.14 packs.

Use the above

Compared with the usage of paper

Calculated that the amount of paper towels throughout the year is not particularly large. Use common promotional packaging conversion, probably

2 boxes of roll paper, 1 box of paper pumping paper, handkerchief paper less than half a box


If you really want to stock up so much, how many places will it take?

How big is it?

In order to make you more intuitive, we simulated one

A house with an area of ​​15 square meters and a layer of 3 meters (is it very spacious!).

We walked around a certain treasure, but if we were accidentally taken care of by the merchant

“Full three pieces of 75 % off”

“The whole family is enough”

Promotional activities such as attracting promotional activities, the paper bought will be piled up in your home like this …

Congratulations on your second bed

If you follow you

I work hard every day when I go home to go home to the toilet

Calculate with paper,

After half a year

There are so many paper left in your home.

Used, but it seems useless

Forget it, let’s count it according to the one person.

Calculate the common packaging methods of different paper towels, you need to buy it in one year

2 boxes (27 volume) roll paper, 1 box (24 packs in) pumping paper and 1 box (60 packaging) handkerchief paper

It feels like this when you put these boxes of courier home on the ground.

Several paper towels cover the ground to occupy the area

0.32 square meters

What concept? If someone comes to the house as a guest, when the stool is not enough, a box of rolls can be used as a temporary small bench alone.

But when you open a small Red book, the storage artist will definitely put Say No. at your chaos. The fruit shell also helps you think of a good way, let your space use one step in place: directly use the whole layer of height, simple and rude,

Just put each bag on the ceiling

Higher than height

In this way, the area of ​​the paper towels has fallen to 0.036 square meters, and it is a bunch of beside the wall.

How much “hoarding fee” to spend


If you buy it directly on the ground, it covers an area of ​​0.32 square meters. If you live in Beijing or Shanghai, it is estimated to cost 3,000 yuan for the 15 -square -meter house, and these paper covers the rent.


Every month

Just have to (0.32/15)*3000 =

64 yuan

Essence If the house you bought is calculated at 50,000 yuan, then you have to

16,000 yuan


“Extremely Provincial Land”


All are upright, and the monthly rent is (0.036/15)*3000 = 7.2 yuan … but who will put it like this!

Of course, if you have a 15 -square -meter free storage room, you don’t have to worry about it, even if the whole house is piled up with paper.


We put 5832 rolls, 4752 packs of paper pump, 1080 bag handkerchief paper in the room …

The longest can be used for more than two hundred years, it can be said that it is a heirs

For life necessities, you can also stock up, but if you buy it, you do n’t have to rush to Double Eleven. After all, there are spring promotion, 618, online supermarket shopping festival … In short This incident itself became a burden!

However, if you like a person at home, you can turn the hoarded paper into Lego in your free time.

Enjoy the pyramid wonders without leaving home

Author: OWL

Modeling drawing: Sun

Edit: Window knocking rain

Thank you editor Li Xiaokui’s contribution to the number of rolls of paper grid

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