Huang Xuan is not like a star, shirt+white T is low -key and fashionable, he likes a simple style

The combination of shirts and white T is never outdated. Although many times, this combination is difficult to comparable to fashion trends, but more often it has the simplicity and atmosphere of the avant -garde match. Artist Huang Xuan especially likes such a low -key match. There is no gorgeous star after the upper body, but it is a bit generous and fresh.

For a long time, Huang Xuan’s private clothes have shown fresh and elegant features. They often have no too many exaggerated designs. Instead, they are combined through extremely simple items, wearing simple and low -key and generous.

Both shirts and white T are like this. Basic white T -shirts of a person’s hand often exist as the inner lining, and the elements of shirt elements that can be freely switched between business style and leisure style are also not picking people. I believe that each man can The existence of the two in the wardrobe is indispensable. Huang Xuan stacked the two, highlighting a bit of fashion on the basis of simple and generous.

1. The simple match of shirt + white T -shirt

The shirt and white T seem to have natural mutual attractiveness, and it can make effortlessly highlighting fashion. Simple white T as an inside is not a noise, and the solid color shirt adds a bit fresh. It adds a little more advanced, no wonder it can be a favorite match for Huang Xuan.

① Wearing hard fabrics outside the shirt, the shape is more rough

In terms of material, choosing a shirt material is much more critical than white T. As an inside, the white T -shirt only needs to choose a smooth material that can fit the figure, and the shirt material needs to be a bit stiff. Prevent bloated effects when stacked.


② Black pants make the shape more versatile


The combination of shirts and white can often wear age -reducing effects, and at the same time, it is also a bit of literary style. Huang Xuan chose black sports pants as a lower dress, and it added a little dynamic with sports shoes. Although this combination is not unique, it does add a bit of refreshing and handsome, which is quite suitable for summer characteristics.

③ style selection


Many times, everyone will choose a loose style in the summer to avoid the sense of restraint, and at the same time add a bit of coolness, then it may be appropriate to widen the shirt version. As a coat, the upper body is simple and generous, and it is easy to achieve fashionable and handsome.

You need to choose a relatively loose version to avoid wearing a sense of restraint. After all, the slim style often makes men’s “greasy feel” increase greatly. in principle.

Second, how to wear shirts


No matter which season, the emergence rate of shirts is quite high, even in summer, there are many ways to wear to choose from. After all, shirts are the most versatile items. The low -key style and design make people not make mistakes.


① Internal and external stacking

Huang Xuan likes a low -key style. When choosing to wear, it is often the most basic item, but she can still wear refreshing and handsome. The shirt and T -shirt are stacked. Although it is the same color, it is not dull. At the same time, it is combined with jeans to form the most age -reducing color combination. The matching seems simple but looks quite young.

② The upper and lower short combinations

The method of wearing a single shirt is widely favored by male compatriots. After removing the inside, the pure white shirt with a slight perspective effect adds a bit of wild breath. Although the shorts are equally simple and low -key, “upper growth and short” The combination of masculinity is greatly increased, simple and aura.

Third, the low -key match between T -shirts and jeans

In addition to shirts, a T -shirt is also occupied by the same place in summer. As a low -key wearing enthusiast, Huang Xuan is naturally not far behind, but people wear a fashion trend with jeans.

① Dark -colored T -shirts and jeans, versatile and simple but not monotonous


On the hot summer, many people have no time to avoid dark colors, but Huang Xuan chose pure black T -shirts with dark jeans. Although the overall color tone is much darker compared to white shirts, it is much deep, but However, there is more male hormonal atmosphere, and the fit T -shirt also sets off her body to be more burly. If you want to wear a good figure, you don’t want to be too high -profile, try it!


In fact, black and dark denim is recognized as a classic color matching. Pure black dull is relieved by denim blue, and dark denim will not jump too much. It does not affect the overall calmness. It is simple but still online.

Compared to dark denim, light -colored denim looks much more light in temperament, of course, the age reduction effect is even better. Often light -colored denim is the representative of the campus style color matching. It only needs to be paired with a pair of small white shoes to easily highlight the fashion vitality.


② Light -colored T -shirt is more fresh

Compared with black T -shirts, light -colored T -shirts do make the overall color matching more elegant and fresh. Whether the bottom is selected to choose a dark match will not affect the overall effect. It is a versatile and simple fashion item.


It is also a dark jeans. When the clothes are turned into light gray T -shirts, the overall color tone is obviously more fresh. The whole person also looks more energetic. The sense of age is greatly reduced. the best choice!


White T -shirts occupy half of the light -colored T -shirts, but often pure white T -shirts will be used as inside. The sense of existence is not particularly strong. If you add pattern design on this basis Only the simplest upper and lower stacking can also have better fashion effects.


I believe you have also discovered that Huang Xuan’s private server matching can be described as unprecedentedly low -key, not like an artist. Although simple, he is decent and looks quite eye -catching. In fact, men’s clothing does not have to pursue fashion elements too much. As long as it is simple and decent, it can also gain good results.

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