One day LOOK Liu Xuan embroidered denim sneakers scientific matching the most IN item currently


一日一look 刘璇刺绣牛仔运动裤 科学搭配时下最in单品

] Hurrying the fashion, everyone who loves beauty. Various Chic items are dazzling. Fish and bear’s paw wants to get both, and there is no way. See how our gymnastics champion Liu Xuan brings together the most IN embroidered denim jackets and school uniform pants. Right ~

Planning/styling: Ding Huijiao; Photographer: Meng Mao Mao, Chloe; Assistant: SUVI, Iyi wrote: Li Suyu

一日一look 刘璇刺绣牛仔运动裤 科学搭配时下最in单品

She is the gymnastic Olympic champion; the heroine of the kung fu series “Female Fist”; the female boss of the personal studio; the female writer who launched a personal autobiography. Liu Xuan, her life is full of unexpectedness, no matter what kind of social role, she can be perfect. Passionate and caring, she is often committed to charity. Her heart is holy and beautiful, as well as her appearance. From a young age, gymnastics has given her unique temperament, and she has her own unique insights in fashion.

Denim jacket: MO & CO. Black Inner Botten: Lucien Wang red trousers: Mo & Co. Watch: Reimah (Ray Mai)

一日一look 刘璇刺绣牛仔运动裤 科学搭配时下最in单品

Having a fashionable heart, there are people who love beauty. Various Chic items are dazzling. Fish and bear’s paw wants to get both. The most interesting and most interesting to wear, but you don’t want to be too “wonderful”, you need to understand scientific matching. The embroidered denim tops with wide -leg school uniforms, as if they really returned to the campus era. The most annoying school uniform pants at the beginning are now the most IN item. The denim jacket is versatile and beautiful, adding embroidery patterns, more cute and playful. The unique bottoming shirt is cut inside, and it is more attractive to show a small incense shoulder.

Tip1: You need a touch of bright colors to make you eye -catching without exaggeration

In winter, it is often dull and dark, giving a thick sense of depression. At this time, a touch of bright color is different! The bright colors such as positive red, orange, bright yellow, and lake blue have a reflection on the body. Immediately, the sense of fashion is added, the temperament is added, and the return rate is added! Of course, the color matching should be reasonable. Girls who are not strong enough to be strong enough do not try to “red and green” like this spicy eye match.

Tip2: What to do if your legs are thick, then choose wide -leg pants that are thicker than your legs!

一日一look 刘璇刺绣牛仔运动裤 科学搭配时下最in单品

Wide -leg pants are becoming more and more popular, because it is really a thin artifact! Whether in summer or winter, it is one of the must -have items for girls’ wardrobes. From the initial suit wide -leg pants, the chiffon wide -leg pants of the Bohemian style, now the school uniform pants are also made into wide -legs, and it is easy to split. You can wear two pants and two ways! Not only is it thin, but it can also make you seem to return to campus time. Will you meet the “senior” you always want to meet?

一日一look 刘璇刺绣牛仔运动裤 科学搭配时下最in单品

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