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In Amazon’s subdivided fields, in -depth excavation design can often get unexpected surprises!

Today, when the traffic Amazon, I saw a pet brush, which was from Meiya Station.



, Seding at 14.95 US dollars, 2890 stars.

The traditional pet brush is large, and it is difficult to clean up the pet hair in the seam of the car seat. This product is very good to solve this problem. It adopts the triangular brush head structure, which can easily brush off the seams and the seat in the seat. Hair hair is very convenient to use.

Its core design is: 1. The brush structure of the triangle; 2. The hollow circular handle in the middle; the brush head design of the 3.3 and three corners.

Although the product design is good, it is worth noting that after our targeted retrieval, I found that this product has an extremely similar US patent. The picture below is its patent schematic diagram.

From the information information, this patent is a US patent obtained by authorized individuals in 2020.05.22 and 2020.10.06. The patent period is valid until 2035.10.06, which is currently authorized and effective!

Therefore, sellers of such products need to pay attention to the risk of the patent when selecting products; even if such products are sold, they must be targeted to avoid design.

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