What is going on with a buzzing fan of the hood?

Analysis of the reasons for booting the boost of the range hood

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1. The wind wheel in the range hood has been deformed or aged.

2. No cleaning for a long time, causing dust in the internal motor.


3. The installation location of the range hood is unreasonable.

The solution of the booting of the range hood boot


1. If the wind wheel deforms, there will be a large amount of oil pollution attached to the wind wheel, causing aging, and the sound will become larger after aging, and the sports disorders will not turn.

Therefore, you need to clean it first before installing it. Generally speaking, it can be restored, but if it is still abnormal, you must replace a new wind wheel. This process requires the master of the after -sales department to replace it.

2. When the hood is usually used, you need to clean it when you have time. If you do n’t have time, you need to replace a range hood that can be automatically cleaned. The hygiene of the range hood is very important. It is not in place. The typhoon effect is not good, the sound absorption effect is not good, and the noise will be very large.


3. When installing the range hood, you must urge the master to install in a position of air circulation. If the air does not circulate, it will cause negative air pressure. This will occur. Essence And after installation, you must check whether the installation is firm and then let the master go.