Age of cotton: With it, the baby sleeps in autumn and winter, no longer afraid of a cold

Everyone knows that few children can sleep honestly. Many children may kick the quilt for a few minutes. But as the weather gradually became cold, it would be easy to get sick if the child kicked the quilt. Once the whole family was sick, the whole family was guilty. What should I do? Can’t sleep all night, cover your baby, right?

In fact, there is a magic weapon of two all -all -sleeping bags. The magic magic weapon of sleeping bag can not only provide a guarantee for the baby’s sleep all night, but also can also be a must -have for the old mother. Today I will share with you the “space compartment” that customize the long -lasting constant temperature in the cotton era -baby temperature sleeping bag ~ baby constant temperature sleeping bag ~

The new baby temperature sleeping bag this time is added with German temperature fiber, and the same thermostatic black technology is also adopted by the Aerospace clothing! Two special fibers are combined to make sleeping bags dynamically adjusting with temperature changes, which can always keep the baby’s skin surface comfortable, not cold or hot, and sleep stable all night.


In addition to the intelligent “black technology”, organic polymer antibacterial technology is also used in the fabric of the sleeping bag, which can not only effectively inhibit bacteria, fungi, mold, dust mites, but also long -term antibacterial. It is also complied with the rigorous requirements and production standards of materials, workmanship, etc., and fully meet the quality inspection standards of Class A.

In addition, in the cotton era, baby constant temperature sleeping bags still select high -grade natural cotton as raw materials. In this way, natural and pure fabrics can ensure no irritation with the skin. Babies with sensitive skin can be used with confidence.

In addition, the design and processing of various details in the cotton era are very intimate. This sleeping bag uses the general crotch and leg style design, which is convenient for the baby to turn over at night without worrying about the baby kicking the quilt. There is also the U -shaped neckline design and elastic littering design that fit the neck, which is comfortable and windproof.


At present, this constant temperature sleeping bag in the cotton era has been fully online and offline. Interested Baoma can take a look ~