The skirts that are worth starting in autumn and winter, I will pick you up with these 26 pieces

Overnight, the country was attacked by the cold current, but I was super happy! Because I can finally change to the small skirts they prepared for autumn and winter! Compared with pants with neutral symbols, skirts are one of the fashion items that truly show our femininity.

Whether for work, dating or going out to play, there is still a good -looking small skirt in any occasion. Today, I will share with you a list of my skirts to plant grass ~


This grass list contains a total of 26 items,

And divide the length: knee skirt, knee skirt, drinker skirt, ankle skirt and dresses.

Sisters come together with Kangkang ⑧ ~

The first thing recommended is the knee skirt with long legs!

Especially the high -waisted model is also very modified, and it is definitely one of the items that must be started in each girl’s wardrobe!

But everything is not perfect, it

The disadvantage is that seasonality is strong


When I encountered particularly cold weather, I was frozen as a southerner (I couldn’t stand it)! So when choosing the knee skirt youaring in winter

Be sure to wear more margins to wear bottom pants, and make more snacks in pairing shoes. Find some warm styles.

The knee skirt is also

Most girls can hold the style

If it is a fuller pear -shaped sisters, it is better to choose a slightly loose version of A -shaped.

The biggest highlight of this knee skirt of MOCO’s knee is the asymmetrical pleated design. The classic plaid wool fabric not only is versatile, but also soft and comfortable. The upper body effect.


It is also because of a strong sense of folding design, so even with a simple plain top, it can also be very picky among the crowd, saying goodbye to passers -by in one second.

The checkered skirt of hazzys will be relatively satisfactory, but I can still see the overall small details that make me have to feel a penny.

Not only the soft and delicate wool blending fabrics have comfortable warmth, but also in terms of process production, it is also adhering to the high requirements of the matte pattern, showing a high -level texture.

Coupled with a small part of the side waist tablet, it is a small part of the fold design, so it is more dynamic and beautiful than the common simple A -line wrap skirt.

This high -waisted split skirt of Jesley is also a very dynamic item. The position of the high waist on the side also adds three firming inlaid crystal rejection needles as a decorative embellishment to make the design of this single product. The feeling is even more prominent.

Of course, here is a reminder to the sisters that the thickness of this skirt is relatively average. When it is cold, you must put on the bottom. I think it is very suitable for daily wear items.

When it comes to the college style, the pleated design is always the same. This Banana Baby’s A -line double -breasted pleated skirt is definitely the favorite of meat leg girls. It is more comfortable than wrap skirts.

And later, it is a simple one -type design. Because there is no pleated, it is compared to the common pleated design, and you do n’t have to worry about the embarrassment of fried folds in full hips! With the simple mid -boots, the girl feels like a girly girl, okay?

The length of the knee skirt is best than the knee of about 3cm

It is almost enough to get stuck below the knee near the calf belly. Such a length is suitable for sisters with thick thighs and small legs, and

The style of pencil skirt with hips is very friendly for sisters with pear -shaped figure





The little sisters must choose cautiously


Although this length will wear elegant and atmospheric, it is easy to wear a sense of high level, but also

It is particularly easy to press height and expose the disadvantages of thick legs


The style of the knee skirt is more elegant, which is very suitable for wearing single items as formal occasions. Of course, it is also the best simple style in pattern and design choices.

This fishtail skirt at MM Mai Meng’s family also makes our winter no longer a simple earth color. The rich military green can also become the main theme of winter.

Based on the design of the original hip skirt, the fishtail design with a romantic atmosphere was made in the skirt. It can not only outline the hip lines, but also modify our leg form. The proper pear -shaped favorite!


With the same color or light -colored coat, we can easily pinch our atmosphere, stand out directly among people with just black and white gray ~


The design of the two or three things is really a treasure shop for my school days. The overall clothing design is taken by the romantic route of the girl. What about this retro lace -up knee -knee skirt? My favorite is its color matching. The blue match with different purity makes this skirt very gentle and versatile.

The retro flower pattern used to stitching the woven material is also very durable, and the asymmetric deconstruction design also makes the three -dimensional sense behind the upper body wearing it. It is thin!


The leather skirt is really terrible! Sisters must try it, it is not the exclusive item of cool girls! Especially this bright skin skirt, really don’t be afraid, otherwise you will regret it for a long time! —— Why didn’t I encounter TA early!

In addition, the sharp tailoring process, the effect of the upper body is also quite temperamental. Generally, as long as the upper body is matched with simple sweater, there is a high street rate. There is no need to worry about the embarrassment of turning over!

Maje’s high -cut mid -long skirt is definitely the gospel of short children and pear -shaped sisters. Compared with the more restrained wrap skirts, its movement is more comfortable to wear.

The classic checkered fabric is also white and durable. The proper winter often sets up treasures, and the real wear rate is 100%!

If you are worried about the sisters who wear boots and press, you can try the matching of long socks + Chelsea boots, and it seems to be full of energy!

And this black cortex over -the -knee skirt, not only the color is the most thinner black, it also has a twisting craft design on the waist, which can focus on our visual focus on more distinctive waists. Let the visual center of gravity move to our waist.

For the sisters of the pear -shaped figure, this leather skirt has the effect of avoiding strengths and avoiding weaknesses, and the design of the back split is also convenient for us to move. The entire design style is also very versatile. In addition to daily leisure, the workplace commute and simple white shirt are also very colorful!


Whether it is a tough neutral dress or a gentle light mature woman wearing, the GET leather skirt is really not losing money!


The length of the Midi skirt is almost about 2m under the calf belly, which is very suitable for sisters with slender ankles to start with

Essence And because the length of the Midi skirt is very sufficient, so in

The style design is also richer than the knee skirt and over -the -knee skirt.

Different styles also determine different wear styles. Compared with the rich pleated skirt with the micro -La’s umbrella skirt, a vivid vitality and a retro and dignified, and the irregular tailoring design is also casual with leisure.

Of course, the length of the Midi skirt is also near the calf belly, so

It is also a relatively crushed single product. If the small sisters like to wear a flute skirt, it is recommended to start with the style of asymmetric or split design!

The fastest and warm light core fabrics are matched with winter chocolate, creamy white, and Christmas tree green.

The high waist is also designed with a loose band -band ear, which gives it better wrapped and decorative, can well modify sisters of different waist shapes, suitable for most waist.


The novel front split design also greatly increases the moving nature of this skirt. It is versatile and versatile. It can be brought out with daily coats of the same material and gentle twisted sweaters!


This Baiji’s good pleated skirt is really gentle! There is a pleated design on both sides of the high waist, and both sides can well modify our leg lines, full of fashion design.

There are also lace designs on the waist, which can make us more comfortable and personal.

Simple knitted sweater is full of gentleness and beauty that is unique, and a suit jacket is also full of fashion business, which is very suitable for college students as transitions when entering society!

Which girl does not love those cute animal patterns! Whether it is a leopard or zebra pattern or spots, it makes the simple and dynamic wild beauty. Orange Desire’s zebra tattoo skirt is a good choice!

Black and white color matching, low -key and practical, better control than more wild leopard prints. And the simple H -type version with soft and glutinous wool blend fabric is a must -choose good thing for the gentle beauty ~ Can we wear the skirt as long as the skirt is completely full of sharks!

And the elastic waist can also make the sisters of different figures unlimited. Generally, do not wear too thick and stuff the waist, which can be divided by the passers -by ~

This A -line pleated skirt is really too thin, and its pleated starts from the hip line, which can avoid the embarrassment of folding. The positioning of the folds not only uniform and superb production technology It also makes it lasting and naturally.

The fabric of the oblique mark, the texture is rough and clear, so it will bring people a strong and capable dressing style behind the upper body! With a shirt and knitted vest on the upper body, and a pair of cute Martin boots, how can there be a sister who does not call the cute long live!

Sisters who like college style must not miss it ~

This asymmetric pleated skirt is really the gospel of short sisters. It has two color choices, clean and gentle light brown, and versatile and original black.


Because of the asymmetric pleated skirts that are different in height, the aesthetics of rhythm can always emit a dynamic rhythm between walking, which is not only high, but also full of layering.

Even with a simple high -necked sweater inside, you can easily get a sense of fashion.

When it comes to autumn and winter items, the denim is absolutely indispensable. The biggest highlight of this cowboy skirt is the irregular stitching skirt design. We move, and the legs are very dynamic.


Because the split position is relatively high, Sisters must do a safe base in it! Take a simple denim jacket or leather jacket, the cool girl with a super movie atmosphere is not there ~

The short sisters can match the heels or high -heeled boots when wearing it, which can avoid the problem of pressing a child ~

This long skirt in this side wide is simply a must -have item for my ideal female lead, and I believe it has a credit! Simple and clean beige is matched with a generous and sharp style, which is very suitable for wearing in formal occasions.

And the side waist has a large amount of balance, so that we can get flowing and chic, with a long and loose woolen coat, which is called a dignified and elegant ~ but this half skirt, the short sisters must be cautious carefully Start!

Next is the grass skirt and ankle skirt, which is also the sisters

The most commonly bought autumn and winter style.


It is a piece to cover the flesh on the ankle.

As long as you have a feet and neck, you can wear very goddess.

It is particularly suitable for sisters who are not straight or feel that their legs are thick. Short sisters can also solve the problem of pressing it by matching high -heeled boots.

The sweet dark color checkered and the fresh and elegant mint green contrasting color, there is really a retro beauty that dreams back to the last century, and the hip hips and the gentle fishtail pleated style also bring us unique implicit implication A sense of softness.


Put a woolen coat or windbreaker under the knee length, which is directly away from the short skirts on the street on the street. Instead, it is more elegant and beautiful ~

This asymmetric stitching pleated skirt is very mixed, and the three colors are very gentle and versatile. The whole style is dignified and intellectual, and it is a single product that is very suitable for graduation internships.

The interesting asymmetric design not only makes the wear more layered, but even if the upper body is matched with a simple knitted inner match, it can have the eye -catching pen.

Sisters with a large sense of quantity start this one and thin and thin!

The exceptional brand style is closer to the original ecology, and it is precisely because of this. I personally think that its clothes are suitable for daily wear and rustic style, whether it is casual dating or in formal occasions, it can hold it.

The waist has an irregular pleated process, and the increased amount makes the skirt stronger tolerance, and therefore makes the entire clothing style look free and easy.

The selected silk tattoo fabric combines digital printing, which deepen the unique mottled texture and looks elegant and highly high.

This PU leather skirt is also more suitable for Gao Mei’s single item. Irregular hem design, rich in styling, has a beautiful atmosphere of winter and spring.

The buttons made of the front film also made the whole skirt look simple but simply simple. The design of the waistlessness also greatly increased the possibility of wearing tops, which was very versatile.

I think this PU leather skirt is best not to wear the same color to make the wear more colorful. You can use the color to make the wear more layered.


Of course, when it comes to autumn and winter, the soft knitted fabric must also be ranked in the name ~ Zhi Zhi’s side three split knitting skirt is really good!

The knitted fabrics made of high dense weaving are soft and waxy, and the warmth effect is MAX!

The wide -sided tassel design made in the skirt also made the original native knitted skirt full of modern fashion, which greatly increased the three -dimensional sense of the skirt. It is more smooth and feminine than the fine tassel ~


If you are like me, I am

Practice with a lazy person

Then there is really nothing that can’t be solved throughout the year!

Of course, when it comes to the style of the dress, I can talk about a lot of grass, but in autumn and winter


Choosing the right dress, in addition to your own understanding of the aesthetic figure, the fabric material version has always been a topic of choosing clothing.

So I have collected 5 dresses with different styles of design!


If you want to recommend online celebrity dots, Xu Daqing’s clothes are very cost -effective for me. The version of this denim dress is a relatively loose H version. In order to highlight the curve it, it also has a special drawing.

And its retro sense comes from a simple contrasting stitching design, but the collision between the gentle brown and the classic denim blue directly makes people dream of returning to the 90s of the 90s.

As long as it is matched with a simple caramel coat, the bright Hong Kong wind girl appears like this. Sisters who like Hong Kong style must try it!

The designs of Mentuo are all sweet styles with a fairy tale. This knitted dress is really suitable for girls. The fresh and elegant pink green plaid, with the rabbit’s symmetrical printing of the front film, also makes the whole clothes smart and sweet.

The design of the slightly loose waist and the knee closes looks very cute and childish.


In winter with a simple knitted jacket, it looks as good as the princess that appears in the fairy tale ~

The color matching of this dress is more elegant, so it is very suitable for wearing a bottom, and the fabric uses a flexible chemical fiber blend, which is very inclusive to the body.


And the style design is also very attentive. The length of the A -line version of the waist on the knee can well modify our figure proportions and look thin legs. The lantern long sleeves and the fold design at the sleeve cage to modify our shoulders and arm lines, and the happiness of getting the shoulders easily ~

It is a single product whether it is worn or matching. If you feel that you can wear a simple and simple sisters, you can add brooch on it or use other weips to decorate.

Sly’s asymmetric hem dress is also very resistant to versatile styles. The design of the V -collar can make our way to wear richer. The high -necked knitted shirts with high -necked knitting are all good -looking!

There is a split design below the waist as the remaining amount of the skirt, so you can hide the meat on the small belly well, and it looks very young and thin ~


Take a medium -length coat outside, revealing irregular skirts, retro and temperament ~

Fussed’s clothes are also highly designed and solid. This dress suit is a very worthy choice. 650 is the price of the inner dress, the lime pleated of the hem, and the sleeves and front films made The toothpick folds are also straightforward.

The thick wool spinning fabric is also quite reliable in warmth. The high -gram of the upper body has a texture. It looks slender and beautiful.


Generally, as long as this short skirt is made of a simple base, it is very brilliant if it is matched with boots. If you are worried that the color is too single, you don’t need to buy a jacket. Use other brighter white short jackets or woolen coats to match it. Enough ~


The above is my autumn and winter skirt sharing. I hope these 26 pieces have the style you like!