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I spent 3 days and sorted out 13 men’s sweater shops that were popular on the entire network


Want to know which sweater is good for boys?

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The first Searoad Maritime Highway

At the beginning, I found that the treasure brand of Searoad Maritime Highway,


It is because of his family


Wool sweater,

His woolen sweater is my heart,

The same style, 6 colors, but give people 6 different styles,


100%beautiful slave wool, Germany Nanmao,

It is really conscience in the same industry ~

I started with white and turmeric in one time ~

White is a neutral color,

With the same color suit,

Quiet and elegant.


Ginger is a visible color,

Attract the eyeball, with a dark suit,

Advanced and textured!

It is because of the quality of wool sweater,

Let me “enter the pit” of Searoad’s house



Put on it, I found

The sense of atmosphere is full!


The sweater is soft velvet,

Not only keep warm, but also heat up,


The dual combination of dual, practical and demeanor,

The key is not to press the ball, it is not easy to get the ball, and the upper body is not cold! Intersection

For office workers, I start to bring a pleasant mood from dressing every day ~

The second kuyio is cool

His family style is the same as Searoad Maritime Highway,

Nothing naive and not too mature,


This V -neck blue sweater has a good effect ~

Light -colored bottoming inside, with a sense of layering,


Many of his family

Twisted design


Rich sweater


Retro feeling ~

The contrasting stitching, also very comfortable to wear,

The third ngoarmy


Lazy basic style


Friends and friends can look at his house,

Compared with the previous few words, although there are some hair loss,

But the upper body is comfortable and the color is very positive ~

This kind of knitted sweater ~

It is elastic, loose version,

Their sweater

The feeling of hanging down is very good,

Many styles are also the same models of men and women,

Isn’t this a festive day that is coming soon?

Just give myself the other half, you can do it


Couple sweater

Come and wear ~

The fourth ziozia


Ziozia’s family is very suitable

The post -90s workplace choice,


I have chosen this brand to board the magazine because many domestic stars choose this brand,

I found this shop.


Enter the workplace and want to make yourself dress with texture,

This one is definitely the best choice!

This sweater is used as a winter item or inside,


The degree of activation is high,

After getting to your hand, discover

The details are also very good ~


If this Korean -style sweater,

Don’t know how to set up?

Try the trench coat,

Dark pants with small white shoes,

Proper Get Get Korean male lead ~

Fifth Zowzowmen


Variable models, loose version, suitable for various figures,

Loose sense falling shoulder shape, texture and wool knitting,

I start with green, green is the popular color system this year,


This winter will not be very monotonous,

Instead, it gives people warm visual effects ~

In this basic model, it will never make an error when wearing it! Intersection

I usually do it everyday, wearing it alone ~


But the weather is getting colder and colder,


I still have a lot of base.


The sixth Tomatopapa

This family is a niche shop I have discovered recently,


There is both a sense of fashion and the unique charm of mature men ~

The letter design on the chest will be younger,

Different colors, the suitable age group is different,


Green and black will look younger ~

TOMATOPAPA has a lot of sweater styles,

The price is also very friendly ~

Seventh Tang Sh

Tang Shi, with fashionable design and strong brand promotion,


Create a strong and competitive fashion clothing brand.

The fabric of the sweater is very comfortable and the warmth effect is also very good.

The lines look good, don’t pick people ~

The gradient style is also very eye -catching in daily life.

The only disadvantage may be a slight static electricity ~


Cascane knitted sweater is also very nice,


This hemp gray is white inside,


It just echo the white element of the sweater,

The sense of layering is highlighting!


The eighth house collects different people


I really like the texture of this family,

The charm of mature men seems to be like this!

Simple is classic, no fancy design, give people

Advanced and calm,

The feel feels very good,

Can’t tie,

Like his home

The neckline is wide and there is no sense of restraint.

The warm round neck sweater is low -key and connotative, and it feels low -key.

The full -textured commute sweater.


Pure color retro sweater,


Atmospheric casual.

The black rough needle striped sweater is the reason why I “enter the pit” store! Intersection

Like this

The wild feeling in the wild,

The wiring is very good, simple and generous.

Other styles of his family,

The visual effect is also very comfortable,

The fabric is impeccable ~


The ninth EGKX online shop

The version is simple and slim, easy to get fashion,

There are many small details on the clothes,

Exquisite! Intersection

Covered sweater, versatile trend ~

The trend but not exaggerated,


There are Tibetan greens, cream, and brown,


The cream color gives a warm feeling,


Do not dull work everyday.


Another brand that makes good use of geometric graphics and splicing,

The design of the black and white color, the geometric figure, the eye -catching,

The fabric of wool is warm and comfortable on the upper body.

Reasonable use of geometric figures,


Add layers and design sense to the sweater.


In fact, when you look at the picture, you can see that the sweater is soft, but

A bit thin,

After a while, wearing a jacket is more suitable.

The eleventh family 24K Homme

Although this family is

Leisure and lazy wind,


But there is no exquisiteness!


The clothes are super thick and worth buying ~

Just say this black knitted sweater, the small design on its clothes,

Compared to traditional knitted sweaters, it will not be monotonous, and it is more fashionable ~


3 color Polo collar sweater,


Break the traditional black and white and gray contrast,


Black and white khaki,

Gentle and elegant and temperament,

No matter what skin tone can be controlled,

Adopt heavy craftsmanship, POLO lead, loose version ~


His other styles of sweaters are also very beautiful,

I’m about to start!

The twelfth SISONPLAY

SISONPLAY niche original design,

Very attentive, it will be surprising,

Skin -friendly, delicate, comfortable hand feel


It is the characteristic of his family,


Putting such a sweater in autumn and winter is really super beautiful! Intersection

The quality of his family is very good, and he can’t afford the ball ~

The thirteen younger brother continent

A very textured men’s clothing shop,


Although the name has 2 words, the style style is not naive at all!


The upper body effect is very good, the texture is exquisite, and the fabric texture is also nice ~

Keep warm and comfortable ~ I can’t afford the ball,


The saturation of his family’s texture and color is one of my love!

PS: Tips -which brand is more worth buying?


Don’t worry, close your eyes! Intersection Intersection

Friends reference according to their own style ~

Light cooked & atmosphere:

Searoad Sea Highway, Little Brother Daland

Design & Fashion:

EGKX online shop, 24K Homme

Mature & atmosphere:


Reserve different people, Searoad Maritime Highway

Japanese & casual sense:

Zowzowmen, ngoarmy


The above 13 are shared. After reading this article, remember to add clothes ~

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