Yan Ni rarely takes photos of life, wearing long skirts and head hoops to dress sweetly, 50 -year -old Su Yan is younger than her daughter

There are some basic items in life. These items do not seem to be very eye -catching, but for many women, these skirts have a high upper body rate. Of course, because of the style Low, but through the matching between clothing, it can create a good fashion effect.

Yan Ni, who is over half a hundred years old, is definitely a good goddess among the actresses of the same age. She has been well known for many years because of the corner of the “Bobke of the Biao”. Although Yan Ni rarely appears, Yan Ni still keeps in private still maintained in private. With a good state, at least in dressed in this piece, Yan Ni is really younger than her daughter.

Wear small knowledge: vegetarian color long skirt, simple and exquisite suitable for mature women

Colors will affect women’s dressing beauty. In contrast, the color with high stunningness must be more attractive than the color with lower saturation, but not any woman can perfectly control to control it perfectly It, especially for mature women, is due to age, the ability to control will decline, and the color should not be too stunning, and it should be combined with themselves.


This time, Yan Ni rarely showed her beautiful photos of life. I saw the goddess in the photo, wearing a colorful dress long skirt, which can be seen that although the colors of colors are a bit simple, but for women of her age It is enough, and the color is simple at the same time. In view of the low difficulty, it also sets off the whitening of the skin.

Wear small knowledge: round neck+single -breasted, rich shapes to avoid single

There are many factors that affect the beauty of skirts. In addition to the color, the cutting design of the skirt itself also occupies a large part of the factors. Take the neckline. Formally fashionable charm, at the same time, can beautify the figure well, and you can get rid of the monotonous shape with your body.

Yan Ni’s skirt looks very simple, but it is also full of attractiveness. First of all, although the round neckline is not as sexy as V -neck, it also sets off her slender swan neck. The skirt design of the pleated bundle waist suddenly made this dress very textured and enriched the entire shape.


Wear small knowledge: wear glasses+head hoop to cover up the real age

Older women have always suggested that they are not suitable for being too rich in the dressing process and take advantage of details to beautify themselves, but the basic makeup can still be maintained to avoid giving people a sense of sloppy feeling. If you allow it, you can also use it cleverly. Decoration to modify yourself, such as headdress, is a good choice.

It can be seen that the 50 -year -old Yan Ni is really the old man who is not old, and he will use details to cover up his true age. The goddess in life wears a dark glasses, at the same time wearing a headband, you can see it. It is a state that a 50 -year -old woman should have, which is younger than her daughter.

Putting on small knowledge: rare vegan, full -faced collagen is so young


This time, Yan Ni shared the beautiful photos of private clothes. You can see the fashionable and sweet goddess, there are no traces of years, a simple skirt look, wearing a hairband, at least 10 years older, more than 10 years old. Compared with his daughter, This time it is really not inferior to it, very beautiful, especially in the state of vexia, the collagen of the face looks very young.


QS: What are Yan Ni like?


Choose TIPS: Domineering Queen Fan


For women who take the temperament route, the simpler the clothes are the simpler and more charming, just take a suit set. It is a nightmare for young people. The style is simple. The workplace style of work is full, but mature women are different. The capable and domineering Queen Fan is really not greasy at all. Various dress inside and outside is very attractive.

Choose TIPS: sexy amazing type

If you feel a solid color dress, if you look simple in the visual sense, you can get rid of the single skin through appropriate exposure, but the size of this exposed skin must be grasped. As for which part, how many areas will affect the beauty of the shape of the shape After all, the sense of sensitivity exceeds one degree, and it is easy to have a sense of disobedience. Yan Ni this activity look, the upper body is tight and firm, and the lower body is a pants that are short to the roots of the legs. Next, it is particularly amazing.


Choose tips: cool handsome personality

The mature woman pays attention to a comfortable dress. After all, the age is there, but this does not mean that mature women cannot wear a high sense of fashion, that is, they must know how to dress during the dressing process. It is definitely a good demonstration. The different ways of wear inside and outside are simple and orderly. Wearing caps and sunglasses are very individual and have the effect of age -reducing.

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