Don’t wear tight pants in winter, gray wide -leg pants are really fashionable, casual and versatile can save money

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Recently I received a lot of fans’ friends to leave a message:

What trousers are the most fashionable in winter?

Everyone said that after seeing this problem, I looked down at the gray wide -leg pants on my leg, and then I thought it must be it!

Among the few trousers I can cope with three or nine days, gray wide -leg pants are definitely the highest appearance rate and the best practicality. When we wear it in winter, I will not feel inferior or unconfident.

There are really many advantages of gray trousers,

First of all, my favorite is its versatility


The versatile top has successfully interpreted what it means to wear a piece of clothes, and the matching with different styles can give people a natural sense of vision, and the upper body effect is not cope.

Whether it is a rigorous workplace or a classroom with a strong academic atmosphere, people will not make people feel out of place and will not be picked out.


If you want to be a quiet and beautiful girl in the room, you must choose according to your body and dressing when choosing the lining items that are matched with it.

If you are an apple -shaped figure, you can choose a slightly slimming inner lining with it. If you are a pear -shaped figure, you can choose to match it with a tight top,



The way of dressing can not only show the outline of the figure, but also make people feel very feminine.

According to your own dress preferences, the top of the coat is that everyone needs everyone to clear their dress style. The young lady who likes sweet style can choose the cute printed element or plush element top and gray wide -leg pants.



Light families

The younger sister, you can choose a pure black tight top to match with it. The young lady who likes to be mature and minimalist can choose a simple and slim -fitting pure white upper body. It is also a style of simplicity to the extreme.

When choosing a coat with it, everyone can also choose to choose. If no accident, the jacket that is not frozen at the moment can be matched with it.


You can choose the blogger’s body

Shake pill jacket


You can also choose fur jackets, casual short down jackets and extended versions of hooded down jackets.

For babies who like to wear coats, you can also choose a camel silhouette coat+white hooded sweater+gray wide -leg pants. The upper body effect is YYDS!

The second reason I like gray wide -leg pants is that it does not pick up height

The 158cm younger sister put on her cute and agile, and the 165cm young lady put on her body simple and delicate.

The 170cm younger sister put on her body, and it is a proper school hegemony. It can not only reduce the age in an instant, but also change the online handsome guy. Use it to match the workmade cotton clothes and strap high boots. The visual effects are not outstanding!

The last reason I like it is that it is enough to inclusive

For my thigh roots and particularly developed legs such as my thighs, widespread pants should not be too practical.

The effect of dissatisfaction with pants legs is simply not imaginative. Even when I look in the mirror, I will forget the defects of my leg shape. happiness!


In addition to being able to tolerate the leg shape, the loose and falling version is also a kind of tolerance for autumn pants and velvet leggings. Wearing it upper body, the reason for high coldness is here.

Inner warm pants will not be known by others at all, wearing warmth, others will not affect the overall beauty, and they are very careful.

At the end of the article, let’s talk about what kind of gray wide -leg pants can meet the above requirements. First, the fabric must ensure a thick and textured texture. This is also a characteristic that everyone must have in winter to wear door trousers.

Because only this can ensure absolute capability and chic, can be displayed when retaining the temperature

Lazy charm

, Also successfully get rid of “summer pants winter wear”

The key to the label.

Second, gray wide -leg pants must choose a mop -up version, like conventional style nine wide -leg pants, beam wide -leg pants, and loose trousers style wide -leg pants are not in line with standards.


Third, gray wide -leg pants must ensure absolute minimalist three -dimensional, no printing or icon design on the pants legs, and the design of stitching styles with other colors. It is not recommended that you choose the design of the side binding edge.

I am a settlement. If you are confused, you can trust me privately, and welcome to leave a message to discuss! Following it and learning to wear, we become better and beautiful people together!


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