How to save the birthday cake that can’t be eaten? These preservation methods can extend the shelf life

Birthday cakes will be eaten on birthdays, but birthday cakes often buy a lot, so they can’t finish one -time. So how can a birthday cake be stored for a few days? Today I will share with you a few preservation methods about cakes, so that the shelf life of the birthday cake can be extended.


1. Refrigerator storage

The preservation of the refrigerator is generally more refrigerated. Put the unsatisfactory birthday cake in a fresh -keeping bag or fresh -keeping box, and then put it in the refrigerator for refrigeration. Such a preservation method can be stored for about 5 days. However, if it is stored for too long, there may be deterioration. Even if there is no deterioration, its taste will change, and the taste will be much worse. Therefore, it is recommended to put it in the refrigerator for too long, it is best to eat it within 5 days.

2. Living temperature preservation


The endless birthday cake can be stored at room temperature, but it depends on temperature changes. If it is in spring and autumn, when the temperature is not too high, it is not a problem to put it for 2 days at room temperature for 2 days. If it is hot in the summer, it usually takes 1 day to eat it. Because the cream on the birthday cake will be particularly easy to deteriorate and mold, so you need to eat it quickly. If it is winter and the temperature is relatively low, it is not tight to put it for about 3 days. If it is north, it can even be placed on about 1 week. Therefore, the birthday cake is stored at room temperature to be stored specifically according to the actual situation.

3. Vacuum preservation of bags


The vacuum preservation of the bag is the longest shelf life. You can prepare a dedicated food vacuum bag, put the remaining birthday cakes into a vacuum bag, and then use the tool to pull the air inside to prevent the cake and air contact with deterioration. Generally, such vacuum preservation can be put in about a month.

The above -mentioned preservation methods are still very practical for saving birthday cakes, especially putting in a refrigerator or vacuum preservation, which can effectively extend the shelf life of the cake, and the taste will not be much worse. You can eat it with confidence. I don’t know how everyone usually keeps the remaining birthday cake? Welcome to share more methods.