Knowledge Post: Do not mythical car shade gear


As we all know, the main benefit of car shading is to block the sun, so that the light of the function area cannot enter the car. To a certain extent, it has the effect of reducing the burning in the car. Essence But there are still some car owners doubting that the shading really has the above role?


In summer, many car owners like to use something called shading, placed in front of the windshield of the car. At first glance, it seems that it can really cool down. The car shade gear can be divided into three types: front gear, side gear and rear gear. The sun is directly shot into the car, the temperature is rising, and it will also affect the driver’s driving sight. The shading effect of the car is to cover the direct sunlight, making the car more comfortable.


After the sun is installed, the temperature in the car is indeed lower than that of not installed, but the harmful substances released will also increase, which will have a certain impact on physical health. From the material point of view, the bubble film aluminum foil shading belongs to a type of plastic product. Aluminum foil has reflected light, reducing the ability of heat radiation and low -thermal radiation conduction, has good strength, toughness, and impact resistance. Essence At present, the automotive industry uses the characteristics of aluminum foil to make a car shade gear for automotive sunscreen and heat insulation. It is mainly installed in the car.

Deadly, the manufacturers ignore the shading gear in the car. The sunlight will penetrate the glass into the car. The aluminum foil reflects the sun after the sun is reflected by the glass. The sunshade thermal insulation layer absorbs part of the heat, blocks the heat in the car, and then heats the air in the car. In fact, the light is not heating, the parking time is slightly longer, and the temperature is also very high. Therefore, only those shade gears installed outside the car can achieve no pollution in the car and achieve the effect of sunscreen and heat insulation.

There was such an experiment. Two of the same car parked in a place where the sun was exposed to the sun. One was installed with a shading and one was not installed. After a noon exposure, the temperature in the car was not very different. Although the principle of reflection can inhibit the increase in the temperature in the car in a short period of time, after all, the environment where it is located has not changed, and the components of the car are still heated. Therefore, after a long time parking, the temperature in the car will still rise, and it will not change due to a small cover.


Finally, the owners are reminded in good faith: When choosing a sunstream, try to choose to install it outside the car. In addition, it is a good way to stop the car in a cool place or underground parking lot.


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