Cute electric heating treasure be careful of “storm”

Suddenly, the “Winter Wind” came overnight, the cold wave struck, the temperature dropped, and the various “hand -warming artifacts” began to appear in turn. In particular, a hot water bag called “electric heating treasure” is not only hot, but also easy to carry. Man: But do you know? Some electric heating treasures also have “storm”, you have to pay attention to using safety.

After the winter, as the weather became colder and the heating supplies were sold extremely hot. Recently, the reporter saw in the city wholesale market that many merchants were selling heating equipment such as electric heating treasures, electric blankets, and small sun. Especially the appearance of electric heating treasure is fashionable and cute, with a lot of tricks, becoming the darling of the market. The reporter saw that a variety of electric heating treasures covered with warm fabrics outside. In order to attract consumers to buy, many merchants made great articles on the warm cloth of electric heating treasures. There are also intimate hand warming, attracting many people to buy.

Citizen Ms. Zhu: I prefer to use the charging electric heating treasure. Anyway, when I sleep at night, my knees pain. It is warm and comfortable to put on my knees. It is warm and warm all night to dawn. It is convenient for charging, and it will automatically jump in a few minutes.

The reporter learned at the interview that compared with the water injection and hot water bag on the market, electric heating treasures are more popular because of simple operation. At present, the price of electric heating treasures on the market is mostly between 15 yuan and 35 yuan.

Ms. Zhu: It is older who needs heating, especially the elderly. I prefer this kind of electric heating treasure heating. It is more convenient to use, and young people can buy more. I feel that it can be recharged repeatedly and looks good.

According to professionals, electric heating treasures are divided into three types: electrode, electric heating wire, and electric heating rod. Among them, the electrode -type electric heating treasure directly contacts the liquid in the bag. After the power is powered, the solution is heated and the heating time is short.

Hu Yingtao, a fire supervisor of the Fire Rescue Brigade of the Haizhou District: The electrode heating method of the electrode -type electric heating treasure is prohibited by the national standard, because there is no heating element in this electric heating treasure, which uses the electrode to directly heal the liquid. Once the hot water bottle is broken, water or salt leaks with electricity inside the bag, it is easy to cause an electric shock accident.

Of course, the quality of the quality must be purchased from a regular channel, and whether the bonding of the electric heating treasure irrigation port and the pocket rubber must be solid. When charging, put on the heat -resistant object according to the instructions, first plug in the warm treasure interface plug, and then plug in the power plug. When disconnecting the power, unplug the power plug first. Avoid beating, squeezing, and thorns during use. So, how can I choose a safe electric heating treasure and how to use it? Professionals introduced, you can judge through your hands.

可爱电暖宝 小心“暴脾气”

Hu Yingtao, a fire supervisor in the Haizhou Fire Rescue Brigade: If there are two docking hard objects in the electric heating treasure, it is the electrode -type electric heating treasure. If there is only one piece of hard objects inside, it is an electric heating electric heating treasure, and the hard object is thin -like is an electric heating electric heating treasure. When electric heating treasure is in a high heat, try to avoid direct contact with the human body and avoid burns. If you find a leak, you must stop using and discard it immediately.


可爱电暖宝 小心“暴脾气”

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