What is a multi -functional electric cooker

Many people have a multi -functional electric cooker. What is a multi -functional electric cooker?Today I will answer it by PCHOUSE one by one.


Multifunctional electric cooker is a multi -functional electric hot pot.The multi -functional electric cooker is a kitchen appliance that uses a re -welding process. It is used in one pot with multiple uses, easy to use, saving time and power, etc., and is favored by many families.As a multi -function kitchen appliance, multi -functional electric pot has functions such as frying, frying, cooking, cooking, steaming, and fried. It can also be used for hot pot in winter, which is very convenient.Multi -functional electric hot pot can effectively save kitchen space, because if you buy one of these functions of frying and steaming, it is estimated that the light is a lot of space.