I did not expect that the squatting pit can be so easy to use, many people have never seen it!

Although there are fewer and fewer people in the house in home, many people still choose it. I still remember that in the past, I always accidentally dropped small items such as soap, soap, coins and other items at home. In severe cases, the water pipe was blocked, so I was careful every time. Now I heard that I can put a cover on the squat pits, but I just do n’t know if it is easy to use?

1: When you see this many people, you will worry about saying: trouble and unhygienic with your hands; just add a lid, unsanitary.


But in fact, many of them are springs. The feet are automatically bounced, which is very convenient, which is more in line with the habit of using Chinese squatting toilets. Moreover, the space it occupies is not large, and it is undoubtedly a good choice for the bathroom of the small space. But it is not just an additional lid. It also has the advantages of easy cleaning, beauty, and water saving.


2: Some people will worry that standing directly on it to take a bath is not safe and unhygienic


In fact, every bathing can make the squatter cleaner. It is not difficult to find that the floor below the bathroom shower head is the brightest and cleanest. The cover is like a sturdy deodorant wall, which better prevent the smell cycle and effectively prevent the smell from invading the living space.

3: Which is convenient to cover with squats?

Relatively speaking, squatting is more affordable and convenient than sitting, and it is very tired to bend over and bend over.

Based on the above two points, Xiaobian’s squatting toilet cover is still very useful. It not only takes into account the habits of the elderly, but also prevent small objects such as soap and mobile phones from falling into the sewer, causing blocking; Do not block the overall planning of the bathroom.