Warm boy son is a small cotton jacket of “thickened version”

In the process of children’s growth, parents may wish to cultivate carefully, and plant the seeds of love and warmth in the child’s heart based on the premise of safety and happiness.

Author: a city (my parents read the main writing)

Today, I watched the latest season of “Juvenile Story” and was warmed by the younger brother of a female student.

In the show, Li Qian from Wuxi Foreign Language School confessed affectionately to her parents.

Girls said that since the bankruptcy of Dad’s company, everything has become black and even liabilities.

During this period, the entire family was dim, but the mother always pretended to be a smiley face, busy and busy, giving the family the most powerful dependence.

But in fact, that’s the darkest in her mother’s life, she often hid secretly in the room and crying alone.

Speaking of all this, her mother was moved and tears came out.

At this time, the younger son in the mother’s arms did not understand everything she said, let alone why her mother shed tears.

He asked intimately:

Mom, why are you crying?


Mom, how do you cry, like a little baby.


Mom, don’t cry anymore, otherwise I will ignore you.

As the little boy said, he stretched out his little hand to help his mother wipe her tears.

The touching confession of my sister and the intimate words of the younger brother instantly attracted more than 100,000 netizens to like it.


Some netizens commented: At a young age, the younger brothers and siblings have been able to express their concern to the mother with words and actions, which is really moving!

We often say that my daughter is an intimate little cotton jacket, warm and sensible. But in fact, the children’s warming can also bring a warm and happy experience to their parents.


1. Warm the boy’s son, you will be considerate of your family

The power of the son’s warmth is definitely MAX bursting.

In the “Mom is Superman 3” program, Deng Sha’s son Dalinzi, because of the interaction with her mother’s warm and cute interaction, perfectly demonstrated the image of a “super little warm man”.

Once, Deng Sha was sick and fever, and Dalinzi guarded in front of the bed and asked her mother’s physical condition: “Mom, are you fever? Mom, are you serious?”

After hearing his mother said “serious”, he gave his mother a body temperature and towels, and took out his quilt to cover his mother.

After that, Dalinzi also “developed” brown sugar ginger water and carefully fed her mother to drink.

When learning that her mother was going to school, Dalinzi took out her favorite Ultraman toy to accompany and protect her mother.

Before her mother set off, Da Linzi turned into a “old mother” and told her mother to pay attention to safety.

That kind

It is really cute!

Indeed, a cute and warm boy like Dalinzi is really “deserved” a big wave of powder!

Every time a colleague mentioned his son, he also had a warm current.


Because her son Qiqi is also a warm man who is alive.

When the winter is cold, Qiqi will take the initiative to hold his colleagues’ hands to cover the heat; when colleagues are sick, Qiqi will accompany her mother to “let him send”.

Sometimes, colleagues and husbands make trouble, and Qiqi will say with milk and milk: “Dad, how can you bully girls, mother is used to protect it!”

Colleagues often share and say:


Warm boy is treasure, comparable to the intimate little cotton jacket


Such a thoughtful child made me have an urge to have a second child!

Second, warm the boy’s son, even more filial piety


The common wishes of each mother want their children to have filial piety. And how can a filial son not warm your heart?

Some time ago, the entire network was moved by a “Xiao Nuan Nan’s filial piety story”.


A 10 -year -old boy in Tianmen, Hubei, said in front of the jewelry counter in the mall, claiming that he would use his 8800 yuan to buy a diamond ring for his mother.


The little boy carefully selected the diamond ring and put it on his mother himself.

After trying a few models, the little boy fancy a 8,100 yuan diamond ring, so he quarreled to buy it and give it to his mother.


However, because the mother was too high to buy, she was reluctant to buy it, so she pulled the child to leave, but the child said that she was unwilling to leave.

In order to convince the child, the mother deliberately walked around and chose a 50,000 yuan ring to let the child retreat.

At this time, because of his insufficient amount, the little boy was so anxious to cry.

Seeing this scene, the people present were moved by the filial piety of this Xiao Nuannan.

Netizens said: This warm and filial son, please give me a dozen!

The same filial piety boy, and Shen Shuoyan from Yangzhou University.

In June last year, a “filial piety expression package” became popular on the Internet. It was the “special gift” given to his father when Shen Shuoyan came to Father’s Day.

The little bear and son in this “special gift” are stubborn, humorous and humorous, and the picture is exquisite and warm.

Shen Shuoyan said in an interview with reporters:

Dad has some bad habits of smoking and drinking. I persuaded him to use the truth that he couldn’t hear it at all, so he thought of drawing a humorous emoji package and letting dad accept it!

In addition to reminding physical health, Sha Yutong from the same college also helps parents understand the language of young people and reduce exchanges and obstacles by drawing buzzwords and graphics.

The dad who received the gift said: “When you see the child so filial, we can always care about the health of the parents, and we are also very moved.”

To this end, netizens have also summarized a funny and warm -hearted “filial piety law”: things that can be solved with emoticons, try not to quarrel.

Indeed, filial piety is a must -have character for every son.

The warm men who really have filial piety start with actual actions, rather than simply speaking.

Third, warming the boy’s son, more responsible

Parenting experts said: A child who has a responsible life will help others in the future.


A warm boy son with a sense of responsibility will also exude a more dazzling personality charm.


In September last year, when a mother and child went down the stairs, the little boy insisted on getting his luggage because he was distressed by his mother’s luggage. After finishing the stairs, he also reached out to help his mother pull the box.


My mother was worried that the child was not enough. In the middle, she tried to get the suitcase several times, and was rejected by the child.

This scene makes people feel warm and touching, and the online comment is like a tide: “Xiao Nuan’s man is so responsible, this mother is too happy!”

Coincidentally, there is also a very hot heart -warming video on Weibo, which has been praised by a lot of netizens.

A mother fell asleep on the railing of the subway because she was too tired.

The younger son sitting next to him not only took the initiative to take the baby mother to take the seat, but also stood next to the railing to protect the mother’s forehead to prevent it!

Xiao Nuannan’s little move has made a contribution to other passengers and mothers. It is really a little man, supporting a sky!

Thinking of a news, a 9 -year -old boy used his little body to cover the rain for his mother’s electric vehicle seat, and carefully wiped the rain on the seat …

The warm -hearted child always brings full surprises in the accident.

And the responsible child can also appreciate the value and significance of self -existence, so as to truly be trusted and respected.

I hope that this little warm man can always be so warm, kind and responsible after growing up.

Fourth, the seeds of warm and love for children

Sister cousin said that before having a baby, he always thought that boys must have played active and difficult to discipline.

But she has already given birth to two sons, and she has completely changed her original “prejudice”.

She said that although her son was also naughty, once his son “warmed”, he really gave himself a lesson!

Mom, you are sick and lying down, do n’t move, I will pour you water!


Mom, I’ll go shopping with you to buy clothes. You are beautiful in skirts!

Mom, don’t cry, I am a man, let me protect you!


For a long time, parents have been covered by the wind and rain for their children, but they never thought that the children were touched differently to their parents.

The father of modern education, Qumenez, said: “Rooting in love is the secret of successful education.”

When the son is nurturing, he can harvest more warmth, filial piety and responsibility.


After all, if the son warms up, it is still a thick version of the cotton jacket!


About the author: A city, the author of the rich book column, wrote novels, published a collection of essays; after the system, entered foreign companies, just left from Google, and now I am in the literary circle. I always believe that the operation of a reporter is good. writer. This article first reads my parents, and my parents read the headline signing author. The copyright of this article belongs to the rich book, and it is not allowed to be reproduced without authorization. The infringement must be investigated.

In the process of children’s growth, parents may wish to cultivate carefully, and plant the seeds of love and warmth in the child’s heart based on the premise of safety and happiness.