How dirty is your computer case? Intersection Teach you to clean up the dust!

Do you know what is terrible to the dust of the computer? Do you know what the computer that has not been cleaned in two years will be like? Do you want to make your computer like this? Just look at the picture below


With the increasing dust of the computer, it will directly affect the operating speed, heat dissipation efficiency, loss of performance, large noise noise, etc. If it is not cleaned in time, it may happen more terrible. In order to save everyone’s computer, it may occur. The editor summarized the following points.



Feng Shui is very important]

Many friends will put their computers on the balcony small partition. This does not affect the beauty and can there be a private small space. Isn’t it beautiful?

In fact, when placed in this position, after opening the window in the morning, the host is equivalent to a vacuum gas, which absorbs all the small dirty East and West to the inside to attach to the CPU fan, graphics fan and other places.

Try to choose the place where the place is staying away from the outdoor location


, The corner of the study room, the corner of the bedroom far away from the window, although it cannot be completely isolated, it can effectively reduce the attachment of dust.

[Select chassis



Dust -proof net is very important]

There are two types of dust -proof meshes in the case now,

Sponge Dust Dust net and nylon dust net



The sponge dust net has high density adsorption function, but because of the high density, it has a little impact on air circulation.

It is worth it to use some heat dissipation for dust

Although the nylon dust net is larger than the sponge, it will not affect ventilation. It is easier to clean than the sponge dustproof net, but

The dust -proof effect is definitely not as good as a sponge

Xiaobian suggestion

If there is no high dust source near the city where you are located, you can use the nylon dust net, otherwise you choose a sponge dustpin net

[Chassis array

Vancouver is very important]

When installing a row fan, you must first distinguish the difference between the head and the negative air duct. The so -called exactly is

The air volume is greater than the air volume, so that the dust will gather on the fan, not the internal

Xiaobai players can also see the understanding of the heat sink. Your inhalation must be large, that is, install a few more fans, forget the air in the case, understand.

[How to clean up

Tips are important]

In principle, the editor agrees


Once a month’s gray frequency

Of course, it is based on the environment of personal families. The process of clearance needs to be patient and careful, just like care for women.

The following editors will explain the cleaning steps and preparation materials

Generally, I will prepare the following tools:


Clean brush, drum firing, small air blowing cylinder, rubber rubbing, screwdriver, silicon grease, etc.

Essence Before the explanation, the editor sent a picture to everyone, which roughly explained that the location of each slot (90%of the player’s computer is like this, and a few will change according to different chassis design positions). Please do not spit out such a spiritual p picture

This is a process that requires patience. The correct order is:



: First, use a large area of ​​a fan to blow out the dust of the chassis

(Be sure to do it outdoors without affecting others)

, Blow a few more times until it is cleaned.


: Drop the hardware and the packaging separately and place it aside

: Then use the brush (generally you can buy it) and the gently clean the graphics card slot and the memory slot. Of course, don’t forget that the motherboard also needs to be cleaned.


: Clean up the dust of the graphics card and the dust on the CPU radiator. Slightly, the fan is easy to break, and then gently wipe the graphics card and the golden finger of the memory (a row of yellow metal sockets commonly known as the golden finger). Finally, don’t forget to clean up the power fan Dust.


: Wipe the original silicon grease on the CPU, then apply it new, and squeeze out the size of the soybean.


: Assembled, don’t emphasize this.

After the process is finished, you will find that the host is renewed! This is the case of this issue. If you have any content you want to see, don’t forget to leave a message. Xiaobian will try his best to satisfy everyone.

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