How to dress high in autumn? Share it with you 3 methods, and the little man can also wear nine -headed body

Have you ever heard that there have always been two major problems in the wearing industry: one is

Slightly fat


How to wear



,two is



I don’t know if you have any recruitment.

Whoever does not want to have a tall figure, especially the young girls, after all, height is born, and the day after tomorrow cannot be changed, so only find another way to make yourself look taller by dressing.




My sister, I am also qualified to talk about the topic of small people. Many people only know that it is necessary to wear high waist products, but it is far more than that ~

1. The proportion of jacket decoration

Just entering the autumn, the temperature declines is not large, and wearing a long -sleeved top alone can be dealt with. It’s just like this, but there is a risk of wearing five or five points.

Put all the clothes


In high waist pants, the legs can be easily long, and the shoes on your feet are consistent with the color of the pants. In the eyes of others, you are tall.





There are also many forms. In addition to being completely stuffed into the waist of the trousers, it can also be like me, only the corner of the top of the top, the purpose is to reveal the waistline of the pants.



In addition to creating a high waistline, you can also choose such a nine -point pants. The method of exposing the ankle has the effect of showing long legs ~

I feel that my legs are not fat, but they are not very straight. It seems that you are “five elements lack of flared pants”. Micro’s trouser legs have a thin leg. Of course, there is a jacket corner.


Or you can wear a special fire this year

Wide -legged suit pants

It must be this good fabric that stuffs white shirts into the waist of the trousers. The effect of high vision is great!


Second, the upper and lower length to improve the waistline

If you feel that the jacket corner is very troublesome, you can use it


Short -term

How to wear it! that is


Short top


High waist

Essence A high -waisted skirt with a blue short shirt can optimize the body proportion well.


This straight skirt is the best effect, and there is a skirt at the dressing


Split design

You can still show your legs in the walking, set,



In one.

Of course, there are such short jackets. Black short coats with a pair of white high waist pants, the proportion of the whole person has become very superior, although it is




, But the same can show long legs.

Since wearing this trench coat, I know that it is born for the small man. The length of the short style can be paired with a variety of underwear, wide -leg pants, jeans, and daddy pants.


There is also its version that attracts me. This is not a typical locomotive full of locomotives.

This year’s popular “

Sports leisure

“I must chase it. I like to use short denim jackets to put back pants, not only fashionable but also optimize the proportion through this shape.

Don’t always want to increase through high heels. There is a good effect on double -thick canvas shoes. It will not be tired when walking too much.

Third, obvious waistline dress


I am a person who is inseparable from a dress all year round. When I do n’t know what to wear, I can go out when I wear a dress. For small children, one needs one

Dress with obvious waistline



This is a small skirt of velvet fabric. The length above the knee. You will find that its waistline is very obvious and not tight.

Now I am prepared for late autumn. It is a woolen dress with a comfortable lining inside. Don’t worry about it.

The tightening cuffs created

Lantern sleeve

Effect. The waist is tightened slightly, making the skirt appear


A -shaped


, Very thin legs.

There is a more direct way, that is, choose to have

Waist rope

The dress can be adjusted according to your waist circumference. It is very convenient and the effect is better.

Do you have such a girl around you? It is very thin and short. Such girls are most suitable for wearing short skirts.


Take it out.

The straight tube is a small A -shaped skirt, covering the crotch at the same time and clever hip type. And there are obvious waistlines, it is really perfect!

With a small black shirt this season, with a pair of small black leather shoes, some women’s group tastes. Who will pay attention to your height at this time?


Well, the demonstration of the three high -profile skills is here. If you feel useful, give a praise!

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