What is stewed and how to use it. The exquisite method of beautiful soup, let you fall in love with drinking soup

Usually the method of soup is to cook directly with the inner tendon signal, similar to the rice cooker to cook rice. Today, I will introduce a method of stewed soup, called stewed water. The specific method is: there are generally stew pots and inner binetic cookers (or water -existent water cookers) in the water -proof stew cooker. Put the stew pot into the inner tendon. The stew pot is equivalent to putting it in the water. Heating the inner water water, and the stew pot will be heated by water at the same time, thereby achieving the role of stewed soup.


What are the characteristics of water stew?

First, soup color fragrance. In the state of heating at the constant temperature of boiling water, soup water will not roll and cause turbidity. The color is transparent and the taste is original.

Second, strong sealing and full nutrition. Use an air -free pore cover cover, and the volatile is less volatile.

Third, the constant temperature of boiling water, nutrition can be better precipitated, and food cooking achieves better results.

If you want to drink a high -quality soup, stew with water is an ideal method. If the child does not like to drink soup, you can try it.

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