The winter season is wearing, or wearing the heart of the down jacket, warm and fashionable, how to wear a foreign

The new season will not stop because of your dismissal, is you smelling in the winter? The winter’s footsteps are no sound, the cold flow is coming, how are you going to break this office? Last year’s approach may also use it this year, but last year’s down jackets don’t seem to have this year’s trend fashion.



In the winter of this upcoming ice, the emergence of the down jacket is an extremely common thing, with the basic properties of warmth, the reason why the down jacket is an indispensable single product, it is used to it, it is not blamed. . Exquisite luxury pure white big fur collar, effective warm wind wind, black and white contrast, both to see and decorate the best strength to achieve the best strength ~




Stylish loose down jacket, wearing thin, is unquestionable, fluffy and thick big fur collar elements, luxurious, true fox, highlighting personal fashion, close-up with dark cuffs, wind and warm, let winter cold wind Will run through the arm and do warm in a sense. Suitable for small children, do not pick it up, especially suitable for our Asian people, oh ~~




The intimate version of the version, not only helps you cover the little belly of the meat, but also slim, reshape your perfect body, this is the so-called compatible and accumulated, pointing not to accept anything you accept Instead, but


Sweet loose big A version of the down jacket, as a sweet sister paper, this super cute hooded college strike down jacket, personality super chain, wind, warm, give you a gentle touch, security The burst, the thin A rhythm is shaped, the blossoms are thin, very type, the body is caught, and the non-monotonous is more leveling, and the temperament is.


Bf Pike Short Down Trying Piercing the Quality Quality, Soft and Missing the Mao Lie is big enough to keep warm, very jealous, wearing a comfortable and loose, waist, the waist, the waist, can be adjusted, let you easily create My own style, keep warm and fashionable, the cold weather is wearing, but it is good.



After long-term practice prove, the best way to improve the return rate is to cultivate the traits that are not forgotten, and the instant should be rubbed, and the feeling of 怦怦 心怦. The high waist drawstring, the waist bag, deeply versed, especially the essence, effective stretching leg line, the legal leg is long, as if it is born on the street, it is difficult to overlook the ring.

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To a certain extent, a child is not as good as a high child, but it does not mean that a small child does not have a down jacket. As long as the style matches, any woman has a chance to show her own opportunity, short a little A The word version is very good, don’t worry too long, the body is high, it looks bloated ~~ Beizhong embroidery down jacket, colored letters embroidery embellishment, full of vibrant, mixed jeans, give people affinity neighbor girls A pair of high-tech shoes high challenges.



I don’t want to be too low, I don’t want to be too high, I can choose a down jacket with a connotation. Super big mort fur collar and warm and comfortable bread clothes down jacket together, two all the beautiful. Elegant rice white, not picking skin, easy to meet the appeal of a woman’s near-style nature, it is worth it. The comfortable loose profile can cover the abdomen, only need to match the wild jeans, youth and age, you can show off the fresh and natural campus.


Some down jackets, didn’t wait until the beginning of the throne, I have been out, some down jackets, don’t work with the wind a year, I want to say where the oysters, the more words, simple, the more simple, the larger The fur collar down jacket is a typical example.