What should I do if the electric car is not far away? Master taught you to repair the battery with a bag of cigarettes, it is really worth it

Some owners asked the master of the repair shop that the battery of the electric vehicle could be used for 3 to 4 years. Why did my battery use it for more than a year? If you don’t want to change the new battery, is there any way to make the battery use more than two years and then change the new battery?

After more than a year, the battery has not been far from running. There are many factors, such as the quality problem of the battery, the method of improper charging, and the battery has been filled, or the long -term charging distilled water evaporates too much and evaporates too much for a long time. , Less electricity, etc.

The reason why electric vehicle batteries are not far from running

The owners who have rode many electric vehicles understand that the battery replaced by 18 years can be used for 3 to 5 years, and the battery replaced after 18 years is only one and a half to two years. What are the causes? Among them, the weight loss of battery raw materials is one of the most critical reasons. The new batteries of electric vehicles are not far away, and these areas generally appear.

1. The material of the battery is prohibited;

Today, I just took a video of changing batteries to explain why it was produced in 7 years and 14 years for replacement of the battery, and it was produced in 5 years and 16 years. Tianneng, Chaowei, different series, Nandu battery weighing, is to let everyone understand the weight of the long battery more intuitively, and what is the weight of the short battery used? Why does the battery call nearly short?

I first took out the Tianneng boutique battery that was produced for 14 years. It was called 6.7 kg. This battery had been filled with drums. The distilled water was completely evaporated. The actual weight was above 6.8 kg.


The 16 -year -old Chaowei alloy battery weighs 6.8 kg, and the sky -cooled boutique produced in 17 years is 6.7 kg. Change a group of heavenly running king. The Nandu battery produced in 2002 was 6.4 kg. Yesterday, a set of Tianneng batteries were changed.


Based on these groups of weighing data, the weight of Nandu was the lightest, and the weight was 6.4 kg. It was replaced in just one year and 7 months. The longest time to use is 6.8 kilograms of Tianneng boutique. It took 7 years. The heaviest battery was the heaviest is the 7 kg of Tianneng running king, but it took only 8 months a year. There are two factors.

First, except that the long -term battery king of Tianneng did not lose weight, the other batteries had a weight loss to varying degrees, and the weight loss was only 0.4 kg. The battery weight loss mainly reduces the weight of the lead plate. If the amount is less, the number of lead plates is less, and it is thin. The anti -corrosion is reduced, and the life of the use will be shortened.

Second, in 2018, for the addition of “cadmium” for all batteries of environmental protection, the role of cadmium is to enhance the corrosion of the lead plate and protect the lead plate, which will increase the frequency and time of the lead plate.

2. The frequency of battery weight loss to lead plates is reduced;


Many people in the industry are durable to see the battery, which mainly depends on its weight increase or decrease. When it is found that the weight of the battery is reduced, the battery will shorten the frequency of use, which seriously affects the number of charging and discharge. Essence

The weight loss of weight loss has decreased, which will affect the life of one -time charging. It is easy to reduce the voltage capacity of single battery in the middle of the way, affecting the charge and replacement of the entire battery. For example, some netizens reported that his electric vehicle was not far away as soon as he bought a battery, or after more than a year, he changed the battery, and this factor would appear.

3. The proportion of recycled lead has increased;

Many people do not understand that the battery lead board manufacturing is not 100%of the use of native lead, but about half of the recycled lead materials. This will decrease in performance stable and quality, as well as corrosion and durability, which also affects the durability of the battery. sex.

New electric vehicle batteries do not run far a year

A customer came yesterday and bought a Yadi electric motorcycle in the local area. It took less than two years to find that the battery was not far away. He came over to ask me and asked me to check it as a battery problem?

After inspection. Seeing the battery’s factory date was December 20, 2019, less than two years. Normal batteries can generally be used for about three years, and the battery of this car has not been used in two years.

After explaining that the owner was unwilling to replace, we disassembled, removed all the connection cables, took out the battery, and then measured. It was different from the voltage and capacity of the battery.

Start measurement of 11.35, No. 2 11.38, 3, 11.19V, weaker, No. 4 11.34V slightly weak, No. 5 11.40V, No. 6 11.39V. If you do n’t come out, at this time we are preparing two connection cables, and a spring will be accurately measured in the middle.


Find two thick connected cable shelf, one shelf is on the positive electrode, one shelf is on the negative electrode, and the other shelf two heads a fine spring, and the call is used. At this time It shows that there is no failure in this battery.

Start the side 1 voltage 11.9V, the second block of 11.9V, the 3rd 10.20V, the 4th battery voltage of 6V, the voltage of the 5th block is 10.25V, the 6th block is 11.31V, and the 6th is 11.31V.

The difference between the battery measurement voltage is 1V, which means that there is no bad,


When reaching 1V or more, this battery fails.

A bad treatment method appears in the battery


After we use the multimeter and connection to the exploration to slowly measure the 6 batteries, two of which have dropped to more than one voltage, indicating that these two batteries have broken. What should we do now?

Pick out these two batteries, then replace the battery in the same way, and find two batteries with similar voltage with a group.




The reconstruction of the battery is also particular about the selection, first check the date of the battery,


This method can be used to measure in less than 2 years.

It can be increased by more than 15 kilometers to a certain extent. if

After 3 to 4 years of batteries, it is not recommended to use this method to change new.

The battery with this method is installed in the car to start debugging, and the voltage is supercharged. It is very good. Generally, the battery life of the entire group can increase by 15 kilometers.

In the future, the owners have used the battery for more than a year or two years. When you go to the recent repair shop, you can use this method to detect a re -matching piece. The battery life can also increase more than 10 kilometers, saving another money for yourself.


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