What clothes do you wear in the summer why do you wear short -sleeved shorts?

Time slowly comes in May,

The weather gradually becomes hot, and it is about to enter

In the hot summer, what do the mother need to pay attention to in the hot summer confinement?

Can I wear short sleeves in the summer?

Summer is approaching. For the mothers who are about to confine, they will choose to wear refreshing short -sleeved shorts. In fact, this approach is wrong.

Many new mothers are very fragile after giving birth. If they are cold during confinement, the cold will directly enter the body, causing the wind to wound, which can easily cause backache and leg pain, headache and headache. Therefore, it is the most important thing to avoid the wind and cold during the confinement. Therefore, it is recommended not to wear short -sleeved shorts even in the summer, so as not to be cold.

夏天坐月子穿什么衣服 为什么要避免穿短袖短裤

What is good to wear in the summer

Suggestion: long clothes and trousers, thin socks

夏天坐月子穿什么衣服 为什么要避免穿短袖短裤

1. Bao Ma should wear cotton clothes, which keeps warm and sweat, as well as socks.

2. Choose loose pajamas. It is best to wear thin socks to sleep at night.

If the weather is good, when Baoma is exposed to the sun outdoors, in order to better accept the sunlight, you can choose short -sleeved top long pants. Usually wearing long -dressed trousers and socks. Sweat more in summer, and change clothes to avoid bacterial breeding.

Even if the weather is hot, pay attention to the number of dressing, rainfall and cooling, you should add clothes in time to avoid cold. After giving birth, the temperature of the sweat is high. Sometimes less than half a day, the clothes and pants on your body have been soaked. At this time, don’t be afraid of trouble, change clothes in time to avoid cold.

Asian woman who stretched on the bed after giving birth to Asian Woman Sitting Near Window by the window


夏天坐月子穿什么衣服 为什么要避免穿短袖短裤

It is also very important that it is best to avoid wearing a body jacket during confinement. In order to restore their figure faster after giving birth, many mothers often choose to wear shaped clothes to shape. Not only is it not conducive to postpartum recovery, nor is it good for sweating.

What do you need to pay attention to when wearing clothes in summer

Diligence and change of attention to hygiene:

In addition to paying attention to the materials of the clothes during confinement, we must also pay attention to sanitation and change diligently. Especially underwear, you must clean it every day.

夏天坐月子穿什么衣服 为什么要避免穿短袖短裤

It is best to put the clothes under the sun and sterilize, and clean the clothes as soon as possible. In the case of rainfall or unable to dry up in cloudy, you can dry the clothes to dry the clothes or iron the clothes to prevent the clothes from breeding bacteria for a long time.

Newborn sleeping child Newborn Sleeping Child

When you are confinement in summer, you also need to get out of bed often. The weather is good. You can go out for half an hour of sun every day. Of course, the premise is to keep warm.