Take you to take a look at the underwear black technology of the Gourd Gourd these years

Speaking of Dingguagua, many people will not be unfamiliar. In the live room of the queen “Weiya”, the industry legend of 15,000 sets of home service in 3 minutes has been talked about. ! As an old -fashioned brand that has been founded for nearly 20 years, Dingguagua has become the pioneer and leader of the home underwear industry. One of the secrets that can be such a long -lasting and long -lasting secret is the powerful scientific and technological research and R & D team behind it. Dinggua is the earliest scientific and technological enterprise in the country to engage in color cotton research and realize the industrialization of cotton products. Today we will Let’s take a look at the “black technology” used on the underwear and clothing of Dingguagua.


Color cotton can be said to be a haircut series. In many years of research and exploration, it has obtained a number of colored cotton patented technology certifications.



The health and environmental concept of “not dyed, even better” has become one of the considerations of consumers to choose the top. Today, this healthy and comfortable color cotton texture has been used in many cotton products such as the Guoguoga home clothing, clothing, and bedding.


Oxygen cotton:

The oxygen cotton cotton that is awarded by the national patent is the long velvet cotton fabric. The innovative medium -sized woven manufacturing process is a patented technology developed by the Gourd Gourd Technology Team. It can use the yarn to use the yarn to leave the hollow structure to store the oxygen. Essence The density of 50 pieces is higher and the feel is more delicate. Compared with traditional fabrics, the better the hygroscopic sweats. Not only that, the breathability of oxygen cotton has reached 800+, far exceeding the standard of warming underwear 300+, which allows the fabric to reserve more air and create a breathable and breathable space for the skin. In addition to being more comfortable and softer, oxygen cotton also increases the heating rate of the fabric. The heating rate of 30.7 effectively isolates the cold air immersion. Although the fabric is thin and light, the effect of light and super warmth has been sought after by consumers.

Volcanic rock hot fabric:

Dinggua Gourd Black Technology volcanic rock hot fabric, uses volcanic rock polymer accumulation heat technology, heats 3 seconds after putting on, and can bring the skin to keep warm for a long time. It is even more amazing. Bo! That is, thin and skin -friendly, and it can also keep warm, becoming a secret weapon that consumers maintain a good body and warm body in winter! Once launched an annual sales volume exceeding 300,000 pieces! Created the industry reputation!


Why did the Dingguagua Enterprise have never stopped innovating research and development in the past 20 years? In 2020, Dingguagua released a new brand concept, [new home, new comfort. New Home, New Comfort], the home is the softest place in the heart for everyone, it is your last harbor, a place where you are tired and tired. More comfortable, more comfortable, and more relaxed. The original heart of Dinggua Guagua has not changed. Focusing on the professional home clothing specialty for more than 20 years, continuously developing and defining product use scenarios in life, making the product more vivid and more kind. For example, when you return home to soothe your body and mind, have dinner with your family, enjoy the quiet walking time after meals, bath and fix before going to bed until you enter the sweet dream, the top of the gourd can imagine every scene in your life, and for it Create an exclusive product series. Continuously use new experiences, new design, new products, advocate modern rational style, create a natural and comfortable home lifestyle, and make your home better.