Foreign Venture Capital News | Electric wheelchair solves the problem of disabled people go up and downstairs. Electric equipment startup SCEWO has received about $ 12.5 million in Series A financing

According to foreign media EU Startups, electric wheelchair startup Scewo has received about $ 12.5 million in Series A financing. This round of financing was led by Verve Ventures and Rajat Khare. Boundary Holding and other three private investors also participated in this round of financing. It is reported that the round of financing plans to accelerate its international expansion process.

Globally, more than 20 million people cannot walk every year for various reasons. Although traditional wheelchairs can basically meet daily mobile needs, they cannot climb the stairs and cannot change the driving mode based on different geographical conditions, making the mobile space very limited. Based on this pain point, SCEWO has developed the world’s first electric wheelchair SCWO BRO, and won the Swiss Medical Technology Award in 2021 with its unique technology.

国外创投新闻 | 电动轮椅解决残障人士上下楼难题,电动器材初创公司Scewo已获约1250万美元A轮融资

Unlike other electronic wheelchairs on the market, BRO has a unique technical nature. The solid rubber crawler of the wheelchair provides a safe and comfortable riding sense for the upper and lower stairs. The chair is equipped with a computer sensor and gyroscope. It has a strong automatic finding balance. Finish. Due to its unique balance performance, wheelchairs can always maintain stability during the process of up and down stairs, and the seats have been in horizontal positions.

Picture source: corporate official website

At the same time, its driving system has three different driving modes according to the different terrain: the “security” mode is mainly to facilitate users to go up and down the stairs. In this mode, users will maintain relatively static; Height or extending hands and high objects; the “track” mode can increase friction and drive safely on the surface. It can be applied to snow, gravel pavement, and slopes.

What makes Bro is not only unique technology, but also its humanized design. The device provides users with personalized seat comfort and can be adjusted according to different occasions. At the same time, a solid rubber track can ensure its safety and comfort when up and down the stairs, and its ultra -wide -based seat can ensure that the wheelchair is rising to have higher stability.

In addition, the electric wheelchair can be controlled by the Bro-APP or the control panel on both sides of the wheelchair on the smartphone. People can also control the direction and speed of the joystick by hand to make them flexibly adapt to various needs. According to official data, BRO’s maximum speed is 10 kilometers per hour, and it can run more than 1,000 hours at a time. In addition, users can integrate more and more accessories on the device as needed to meet the user’s personalized needs.