Let me talk about the experience of the recently entered several pens ~

I haven’t continued to grow grass for a long time. Conscience can’t bear. So I started writing (い ます 了) ~


Another Note: The full text has not been fixed, so such a real PO master, please cherish me ~ Hahahahaha ~ (It is strongly recommended to read this article in a place with wifi. The pictures are not ordinary ~)



How did I store a pen?

In other words, why do I have a lot of friends who have unintentionally planted my pen and put my pen bag? Then I have to grow grass! Ha ha!

To be honest, I think I knocked chicken porridge. It’s a bit rough to the touch, a little bit of hands, a little bit of hard touch, inexplicable makes me feel at ease.

Roll into a roll and hold it in your hand, feeling that he is super rich, hahaha!


The first thing that entered was dark gray 11 holes


It is not enough, and the light gray 11 holes are as beautiful as it is. (May (May Liangpin Stationery Store) is new because it is new. It will become softer.


I also have several single steel pens and messengers, which are sent by the shop when they buy a pen. When you want to bring a steel pen out of the street for daily use, it is very appropriate to use them. I am not a very delicate Xiao Lu, it is not easy to buy a pen bag for the pen in silence ~ Hey ~



How do I store ink?


Hmm … this … um … I just put them on the desk together. Really, do you have a good way to store ink? Because I am not in the packaging, almost all ink ink, feel, a little bit of place. Want a big ~ desk (cry .jpg) big ~ bookshelf (continuous cry.jpg)



Newly entered several pens

There is a pen who gave my colleagues at his birthday, thank you local tyrants ~


Eternal Life 659 (Transparent Demonstration)

The color ink artifact is it! Put a transparent color ink, don’t have a high face value! Intersection Intersection


(I am not transparent in the color ink I irrigated.

Eternal Sheng 659 is the imitation model of Baile 78G. This little friends must know it ~ Well, but these are not important! High value is king! Intersection Intersection

The pen body of 659 is made of resin glue. The pen clip and the pen tip are gold -plated (the silver clip is chrome -plated). The overall feeling is very lightweight, the transparency is also very high, and it is not tired for a long time. The price of transparent models is about 30 yuan (it is a suit). The set will send a pen to buy a pen in the store.


This is the suit, the ink absorber, and a pen

There are only a dozen pieces of 4 pieces. It must be that 659 is fried too hot, and the price is up ~ (who is blame ~) There will be a pen tongue and pen tip.

659’s pen is translucent. This nib design, um … when I used it for the first time, it may be that the ink was filled too full, and I wrote it before I was free. ) Fortunately, my eyes quickly saved the paper towel (wiping tears), so I did not cause a big disaster ~


The 659 ink volume is relatively large in general, this is the F point. Many friends will use 659 color ink with golden powder. On the one hand, the ink volume is not afraid of blocking the pen, and on the other hand, the price is affordable. ~ Honey juice laughed, and in the cold winter writing, there is a state where the obsessive -compulsive disorder is forced, that is, the hand in writing is always warmer than the other hand!!!!!! And the feet were so cold that the feet were so cold. Ah, I really want to pull my feet out of the shoes to write two warmth and warmth … above, all are hallucinations …)


Insert a sentence,

Give you a few transparent color ink for you

~ It is convenient to appreciate the beauty of color ink and transparent demonstration pen ~

Red, pink, yellow, orange

Favorite the most transparent ink. For example: the sunset of the catfish Apache; Xueming; the new batch of Montblancs; the cherry blossoms of the altar water are full, Zhang Dan … Well, just this ~ local tyrants, rush ~ (remember to feed me ~ sell cute face)




Eternal Life 233

233 This pen, don’t look at its name like playing! It’s really easy to write ~ I bought it with me, and I didn’t expect that I would have a day of love ~ I entered another blue -green! (Another unexpected one is Belle Perna.)

I have no research on the eternal pen. It is said that 233 is an old pen. The classic model of the 1990s, the tip design, and the ink window. Can’t be removed and can’t be changed (tired).

(Speaking of this pen, I am sorry for this pen, let me fall N times, it is it every time it falls on the ground, the pen tongue has made me fall out! However, I greeted it again, witty as me ~ The pen is still easy to write ~ Yeah!)


(Slag technology, the focus is wrong ~ I believe me! I want to show you the tip of the bag ~)


“Daily use of good products! Steel hat process, pen body plastic solid! The leading product of the eternal 23X series, subsequent 234, 235, 236, 237, etc. are all classics! The 23X series has become the representative of the eternal victory. Easily control the daily use of good products !!! “

This is the publicity of the store. To be honest, the daily use of good products is not right at all! Intersection Intersection Intersection

The damping is moderate, but it is very smooth, and it is not difficult to write. The fried chicken is easy to write ~ I believe me, as long as you write one, you will fall in love with its feel! 9 yuan! You are worth having ~ (It’s easy to make a pen, why did I write without writing? Because I haven’t practiced words, hey ~ Bazae ~)


Fulin 812

This pen is the grass of other PO main species. (Facts prove that writing is good or bad, and it has nothing to do with the pen, I have to admit it ~) PO said that this pen is a cheap alternative of long sword research, hand -polished, and the writing feels so well ~ I am coveted the long sword research A long-term bitter child ~ The price of this pen is about 70-80 yuan, and I entered a feeling of trying to taste the feelings of long sword. The pen itself is a bit heavy, and the partner who likes to be a bit more useful will be very comfortable to use.


The pen tip is really polished, but I don’t know much (tolerate tears), so the ink is not very smooth, and I will not adjust it. In addition, this pen will scrape the paper, and there will be paper hair on the pen tip for a while ~ I don’t know if this is the reason that causes the ink to make the ink … In short, I am very tired. I still practice words honestly, and I honestly save money into the long -knife research (orz).


(This is the precautions of the owner’s use …)

(This ink is wearing Ami’s autumn fragrance oak. The light is not good, and the pen was washed in a hurry, which made the color ink a bit discolored. Anyway, it was probably the case. …)



Beligan P457

How to say this pen, the reason for it, on the one hand, I like its design quite, and on the other hand, I am very obsessed with Bailim (mainly because it is too poor to chop M400, M600 and M800 … Just understand, bite fist .jpg). The pen body is ABS environmentally friendly plastic, which adopts integrated injection molding process, so there will be traces of thin -line deserter modeling on the pen. I don’t care much. It does not affect the beauty at all.

However, the P457 pen, which focuses on the student’s market and correct the holding posture, although it is very artistic, but! It’s really hard to hold! Intersection Intersection The young girl with a small hand should be cautious, the pen body is slightly thicker, and it is a bit tired for a long time; there are not very standard pimple friends like me. Will feel that your hand hurts QAQ.


To tell the truth, Beligan’s ink pump is really beautiful! I completely poked my cute point! M400, wait for me ~! (In other words, when will I get more than 10,000 a month ~ TAT ~)


(I really tried my best to write, I should buy the F tip, because I heard that many people said that the EF tip would scrape paper, but as far as my personal sense of use, the Beligan P457 was the same as that of almost all European pens. , Very smooth, there is almost no writing damping, so I personally don’t think it will scrape paper.)


Lamy star (black)

In other words, since I have a black Lamy hunter (also sent by others ~) Why is the Lamy star or black? Because the stars are also sent by others ~ Don’t pick up and pick it up ~ just kneel and thank you! (Flying Eya ~). The appearance of the star is very similar to the hunter, but the shell is full of aluminum oxide, and it is equipped with a unique depression pen grip and elastic copper thread pens. Therefore, the weight of the weight is heavier, and the metallic sense is strong. Friends who like a little quality pen can enter the star.

The comparison of the two pens can see the stars slightly thicker.


The thicker is the stars. Why do you put two pictures in this picture? Because the first photo was taken to find that the posture was so ugly, so I took a second photo, and then found that the hand itself was ugly … (nothing to say, goodbye to the face …)

(Many local tyrants have entered Lamy2000, can you teach me how to get rich?)



Belle 78G+

Belle 78G+Midea’s name is the upgraded version of 78. In fact, in my opinion, it is upgraded to an ink absorber, and then updated the color.

I do n’t say, who knows which one is 78G and which one is 78G+~ (white eye ~) Blue is 78G+, and red is 78G. Just sauce.


The ink absorber is like this. The 78G ink suction device was broken, and the ink was leaking. When I entered 78G+, I also entered the rotating ink pump. There are small steel beads in the 78G+ink suction device to help eliminate bubbles.

78G’s original ink absorbers are old -fashioned squeezers. Tucao 10,000 years ~ It ’s not good to clean it at all. But it is nostalgic ~ the upgraded version of 78G+more than ten pieces. However, visually, due to the discontinuation of 78G, it is also necessary to increase the price sooner or later ~ What do you think?


There are always friends who ask me how much the M and F tip of Baile 78G are. Well, the difference is shown in the figure.




Platinum 3776 (church blue)


Ah, ah, I don’t think it is necessary to introduce Platinum 3776. I have written it when I have a penoscope ~ The salivation of the perfect value of the church blue prompted me to chop my hands when I was Double Eleven ~ Just understand it.

Well, the photo is not true, and the real thing is more beautiful! Love Bazaar Hey ~

The 14K golden tip is too soft, and the new pen has not worked well, and the control is not good. Write this 粑 写. Take a look at it (tears ~)

The wine red is B tip, the church is blue, and the black one is steel tip.


(Putting this nib for comparison …)

You can’t guess, how many words are written here. 3464 … So, I have to stop feeding! The color ink test color next time. When I look for the status of writing (excuse !!!).

If you have any questions, you can leave a message ~! Leave a message! You can leave a message! Intersection Intersection Intersection


Just sauce. What is it!


(During the preview, I found that the high -definition picture I passed by is all vague!!!! Nothing to say to the WeChat public platform …)


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