“Fresh wind” is too beautiful in winter! These 18 sets of clothes are simple and durable, the little fairy learns

In the endless style of fashion in the fashion industry, the fresh style can give people a bright feeling. Although it is not the most eye -catching, it is the most comfortable visual perception, especially in most people do not pay attention to wearing wearing wear. In the winter, the fresh shape has become rare.

When it comes to the cleanest color, the first thing everyone thinks must be white, pure and flawless milk white, which is simply the first choice for creating fresh style.

White is so pure, it is worthy of ‍ ‍ ‍ ‍


The reason why white is loved by the public is not only because of its clean image, but also it is easier to match clothes.

The more petite figures, the more you need to avoid bloating as much as possible in the winter. Even if you choose a warm style such as a cotton female lamb coat, you must also use short models to optimize the body proportion.


The color of the bottom should also be carefully sophisticated. The milk white is fresh, and only the color of pink blue can match it.

Black and white have always been a classic in the fashion industry. Long cotton clothing has a very significant warmth effect. Covered sweaters are also exquisite representatives.


Both the scarf and the bag use brown elements. This warm color tone is very consistent with the winter atmosphere. It seems simple as a three -dimensional small square bag as an accessory, but it plays a finishing touch.

Compared with the clean breath of white, the khaki color is obviously more elegant. Whether it is cotton jacket or pants, the overall style will be more uniform. The first impression gives people is simple and clean. Therefore The degree of adaptation and high, the white and white color color effect is a wise move to set off the whiteness of the skin.


Senior is not as simple as it was, 来 simple and more durable ‍

The more concise the shape, the more you can withstand the test of time. The fresh wind is the same. It can also have an unusual flavor through the combination of versatile items.

In winter jackets, we can often see the existence of horn buckle elements. Small details are enough to make the college more sense of the shape.


The long jacket is inevitable that it is too bloated in winter, and it should not be too thick inside, so long skirts are the best choices.


Fresh shapes will give people a simple visual sense most of the time, whether it is color or style.

When the dark coffee colors are woven with thick lines, the wave lines formed have become more agile. It is very suitable for girls with sweet style. Whether it is Japanese cotton jacket or sports pants, it is more particular about leisure and casualness.

Fresh shapes do not have too much fancy elements, but they pay attention to the modification of the figure. They are also jeans, and the black and thin effect of black will be better.

Because the overall version is too close, it is only suitable for girls with slender figures. Straight jeans are tailor -made for pear -shaped body. Whether it is matched with lamb hairy jacket or cotton jacket, it will not make an error.

The black and white combination has always been the most classic existence in the fashion industry. The reason why people feel fresh is because the overall style is very sporty, and the vitality of the shape can weaken the monotonous of black and white.


The loose jacket and slim black pants are in obvious contrast, which sets off the beautiful legs more slim and straight, and it is more beautiful to use a scarf to decorate.

In terms of color or clothes, there will be no highlights of fresh wind, but it is the most comfortable style of touch and vision.

Naturally, the very practical white cotton clothing echoes the same color sneakers. The strong shape of such a strong sense seems to be casual, but it is beautiful without losing details.

When choosing a small fresh style, young girls will also want to add some smart elements and colors. On the cold winter, warm jujube red is not only full of warm -colored atmosphere, but also can satisfy their white purposes.

The embroidered bear pattern adds a softer side to the sweater. If the red jacket is very eye -catching, then the white pleated skirt still retains the fresh characteristics.

Most of the time, the color of fresh wind shapes will not be too much, but it is mainly based on simplicity and resistance, so it will be more classic in the combination of color combinations.