Why do men, women and children eat? What are the “ghosts” behind the ghost step dance?

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Enter the words “Ghost Dance” in the search box of the short video platform, which will instantly jump out thousands of information. There are passionate ghost dance music, with simple and easy -to -understand pace teaching, and more, in a beautiful outdoor context, wearing fashionable ghosts dancers in groups, dancing with music. Why can ghost dance become popular in just a few years? What charm does it have to quickly harvest dancers of all ages?

Dancing clothing is full of several boxes

Middle -aged uncle jumped into a trendy man

The red and black wide version of the T -shirt, white workers, a black hat … Looking at the back, you will never guess Eugeneli, who is code -named “Boss” 65 years old.

Because seeing the younger side of the West Lake dancing ghost dancing, watching the itchy “boss” learned from the short video, it was three years. “When I first jumped, many people splashed cold water, saying that you are old -age bones and be careful of knee jumping. As a result, I am more energetic than many peers now.”

In addition to the cool steps, the most attractive “boss” is the most of the costumes. When he was young, the “boss” loved to pursue fashion, but in that era, men’s clothing was almost the same, let alone wearing bright colors.

Now when you encounter ghost dance, “boss” can be described as fish. In the eyes of others, the ghost dance clothing, which looks similar, has its own attention to him: work pants, lantern pants, foot pants … There are several styles of pants. Different tastes.

“The costumes of ghosts dancers are very representative, with eye -catching bright colors, loose and casual versions, which is different from other square dances.” “Boss” laughed. Nowadays, just a variety of ghosts and dance clothing, the “boss” is full of several tidelines, and there are dozens of pairs of shoes. Whether it is communication or daily dance, he will carefully match: “You look at me, which old man in his sixties?”


Change the shape of the outside, change the mind internally

She never dares to jump to enjoy the onlookers


In the ghost step dance circle, there are two sayings: Guanglie and Zhenglie. Guanglie is transformed from Zhenglie. The action of the square dance ghost dance is not necessarily as particular as Zhenglie, but it also has the effect of mass fitness.

Fashion, trend, and cool, is the description of most ghost dancers for ghost dancing. In addition, the effect of weight loss is significant as its most obvious feature, which is called “the most grounded open -air weight loss exercise”.

“At the beginning of the jump, I was more than 120 pounds, and now there are only 100 pounds.” Before the dancing of the ghost, “Liang Mei” was a member of the dance of the West Lake. “The communication dance is relatively slow, and I think I can’t be addicted, so I started to fight the ghost dancing.” Sometimes itchy, “Liang Mei” will take a few songs in a park at noon, sweat, and calm the calmness. Cool.

Change the shape of the body and change the mind internally. There are many people who jump on the West Lake. Most of the ghost dancers have the process of “dare not jump” to “enjoying attention”, and “beautiful” is no exception.

At first, she was always worried about whether her dance step would be unscrupulous, would she not look good when jumping, and she would be afraid to face her shots one by one, but with the improvement of the dance art, she not only became more and more dancing, not only became more and more more and more increasingly dancing. Freedom, you will also laugh at the lens: “It’s not that you are asking you how beautiful it is. The most important thing is to show our essence and let the people in front of the screen feel our passion.”

Whether it is the 68 -year -old “boss” or the young and beautiful “pretty”, they have started to play short video accounts after dancing ghosts. Hundreds of thousands of clicks.

“The movement and music of ghost dance, you go to search for video or sound sources, it is often difficult to find, but on the short video platform, update is fast.” Step dance video can get directional communication, from one dancer to another dancer. “In this way, not only do you pay attention to you who love ghostly dance, but you can communicate with the dancers across the country online.”

Seemingly complicated, in fact, there are tricks

Master running, most of the success


A middle -aged man who has been climbing outdoors all year round actually fell in love with the square dance and became the leader of hundreds of local ghost dance enthusiasts … For such a role change, Ye Rong admitted that he had never thought of Dancing in China is exclusive to women, but this ghost dance is really different. The rhythm is strong, there are many tricks, and it looks good. The most important thing is that it feels a bit difficult to see at first. I have no foundation like this. “


Ye Rong works in a organ unit in Yueqing, Wenzhou. The amateur hobby eight hours away is to go to the surrounding mountaineering. However, two years ago, an accidental opportunity came into contact with ghost dancing, and now dancing has become his first hobby. “At that time, several female comrades said that they wanted to learn to dance ghost dances. I had to ask the teacher to teach 15 people. “,”


When he went to school for the first time, Ye Rong felt difficult to do, because the team was full of women, and he was a “Hong Changqing”. When learning dance, I often hide in the end of the team, and I don’t pay much attention to my thoughts. There was a conflict with friends at a class in the evening. First of all, consider eating and drinking. And as a little deeper, he gradually fell in love with dancing ghost dancing. It is more than half to learn to run, because about 60%of the ghost dance uses running. “

Since joining the ranks of ghostly dance, Ye Rong has thought of so many people who dances. Can he be able to engage in the association and communicate with each other. So, he called everywhere, looking for the team, and quickly built a group of two or three hundred people. He also set up a big scene at the foot of Yandang Mountain -two or three hundred people exchange conferences, and also recorded the video.

Ye Rong said that Ghost Step Dance is very suitable for office fitness. “I used to go to massage in back pain. Now I do n’t need to go. The whole person is stretched when dancing, and it feels very easy.”

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