The price of 8.1 million acres of lychee collapses: Gui flavor is less “expensive”, from 40 yuan/jin to 21 yuan/jin

The planting area of ​​lychee in my country is about 8.1 million mu, and the annual output is about 2.8 million tons.

If calculated by 1.4 billion people across the country, then the per capita litchi owns is about 4 catties/person. The annual output of Apple in my country is about 40 million tons, and the per capita apple ownership is 14 times that of litchi.


However, Apple has a long sales cycle and can be stored in the cold storage, from November from November to June-August of that year. The sales cycle of lychee is very short. Litchi is not tolerated to storage fruit, it is difficult to store, and the listing time is very concentrated. Therefore, even if the per capita ownership of litchi is so much lower than that of Apple, due to the shorter sales cycle, under the pressure of centralized sales, the output of 2.8 million tons of lychee seems a bit “high”.

Litchi price is collapsed

This year, the price of concubine laughing litchi has dived, and the purchase price of the origin has fallen to 3-4 yuan/jin. Some market wholesale prices in some markets in the northern region are 6-8 yuan/catties. about. Overall, the price of concubine smiling litchi fell 30%-40%over last year.

Excessive production leads to the rapid collapse of the price of litchi this year.

However, most of the lychee varieties on the market are mostly “concubine laugh” lychee, but the concubine smiling litchi has entered the “end period”, and the price diving is also expected.

In addition to the “Volkswagen varieties” concubine laughing litchi, the luxury variety “cinnamon” in litchi has also been listed.


So, what is the price of cinnamon lychee this year? Can you still be expensive?

Guiwei lychee is less “expensive”

In the eyes of many consumers, cinnamon lychee is “real lychee”. Consortium lychee is a luxurious variety in lychee. It has a faint sweet -scented osmanthus fragrance, so it is called “osmanthus”. Guiwei is generally listed in mid -June.

This year, a small amount of cinnamon lychee has poured into the market. However, the price of cinnamon lychee that can be mature at present is too low, and the price is relatively chaotic. The retail price of cinnamon lychee in some areas of Guangxi is sold for 28 yuan/jin, and the retail price of cinnamon lychee in some areas of Guangdong is 21 yuan/jin. On the e -commerce platform, the retail price of cinnamon lychee is mostly 22 yuan/jin.

Compared with previous years, the price of cinnamon lychee this year is not ideal.

In 2017, the retail price of high -grade cinnamon lychee could be sold to 60 yuan/catties. At that time, the laurel flavor lychee can be said to be “expensive” lychee. smell.

From 2019 to 2020, the retail price of Guishang Litchi can be more than 40 yuan/catties in the early stage. After a large number of listings in the middle and late stages, the retail price diving is about 15-20 yuan/catties.

This year, although Guiwei lychee has not been listed in large quantities, from the perspective of the price of a small number of listings in the early stage, the price is not optimistic. The retail price of cinnamon lychee fell from more than 40 yuan/jin to 21 yuan/jin year -on -year. It can be said that it is “open door green”.

Can consumers eat affordable cinnamon lychee?

The price of the concubine laughing litchi in most areas is close to “bottoming out.” The retail price of concubines in some fourth-tier cities has fallen to 6-8 yuan/jin in the supermarket. Due to the high cost of transportation and loss of lychee, even litchi with a origin of 3-4 yuan/catties of origin, it is impossible to be too low at the retail end. In some large cities, it may be due to the excessive business cost of the retail end or the expected profit expectations, which leads to the high price of some concubines. Such prices are not determined by the output of lychee and lychee.

For some consumers, more than 20 yuan/jin cinnamon lychee is also a “sky -high price”. What makes some consumers think is that the price of pork in some areas is not 20 yuan/jin, and cinnamon lychee is so expensive? Will it be cheaper next?

The probability is possible.

This year, the output of cinnamon lychee is also “huge growth”. The output of cinnamon lychee in some areas increased by 40%-60%. Judging from the current market, the industry predicts that after a large number of launch of Guiwei lychee in mid -June, the price is likely to “cut” directly to about 10 yuan/catties. If the overall consumption market is not good, the price is very likely to fall within 10 yuan.


In short, this year’s cinnamon lychee is likely to “less expensive flavor” and become an affordable lychee. You may be able to eat litchi this year.

Fruit’s “cheap moment”


Not only the concubine laughing lychee, but also not just cinnamon lychee, this year may be the “cheap moment” of fruits. At present, the prices are almost gradually declined among all kinds of seasonal fruits that have been listed.


Some fruits with relatively high prices in previous years have also fell down this year.

For example, bayberry in the northern cherry, Zhejiang, Yunnan and other places, in the past, are relatively high. But this year’s overall price is “unfavorable”.

Some low -priced affordable fruits have become problems this year. Like the Poly Puzzle Variety -Po -Condor 518 Oil Peach, this year some areas have sold 5 cents a pound, and some places have been slow.

The supply of fruits in the entire fruit market in China is huge. Many people in the industry believe that the current fruits have been “more than demand”.

Last month, the price of Apple in South Korea skyrocketed, and ordinary apples rose to 23 yuan/jin. But in China, whether it is apple or other fruits this year, I am afraid that such a high price will not appear.

This year is the “cheap moment” of the entire fruit market. You can let go of eating fruits.