Which fabric of imitation suede and deer deea velvet is good

Imitation of suede (fǎngjǐpí, English name SUEDETTTE) In the textile industry, it is called imitation suede or iconic suede. However, in the textile industry, it is generally used to calling suede or suede directly called suede. The split -knitted and shuttle is divided into. Knit suede is divided into suede (more common) and weir suede, and the woven suede is divided into suede and wearer suede. The woven suede is made of woven machine. The edited procurement was woven, and the weir was woven by a large round machine.


Rapid suede fabric: The raw materials are generally selected for polyester ultra -fine fibers as raw materials. Polyester ultra -fine fiber is a new product with high quality, high -performance, high -tech content, and high value. Its single wire density is much lower than conventional polyester fibers, which gives it excellent use of conventional polyester fiber, such as hygroscopic, breathable, soft, plump, elastic, fluffy and elegant. Because polyester ultra -fine fiber is much lower than conventional fibers, it has the dye characteristics of conventional fibers, which is mainly manifested in the upper dye rate, upper dye, dye improvement, color depth, uniform dyeing, migrant dyeability The color of brightness and dyeing fastness are obviously different from conventional fibers. Increased surface area caused by low line density, first cause the dye to increase the degree of adsorption and settlement of dyes, increased the degree of adsorption, resulting in an increase in the rate of upper dyeing, the decrease in wettellarity and light resistance. The color concentration is reduced. Improving the dyeing performance of polyester ultra -fine fibers and fabrics has become a topic that is interested in enterprises. The iconic suede fabric is a special -style textile fabric that uses special textile raw materials and combined with special dyeing processing process. It is one of the more popular high -end fabrics in the domestic market. The feel and appearance of imitation of suede are quite like natural suede. Its surface pattern structure is similar to natural suede. After special rehearsal, it is fine and flat, soft and plump, more durable than natural suede, and easier to maintain maintenance Essence It is widely suitable for modern fashion, shoe materials, toys, and furniture decoration, and is a novel decorative material. The suede is dominated by the super fine fiber of the new raw material. After the processing of the reduction (grinding) process, it not only has soft feel, good hanging, strong stability (not contracted or elongated due to cleaning), but also has good breathability Sex, insect -proof, corrosion.

There are two types of suede, one is made of pure animals or sheepskin. But the other is more commonly used and more commonly mentioned, that is, chemical fiber imitation suede.

In the fabric market, if it comes to suede, it generally refers to chemical fiber, including denim imitation leather velvet. ), Edible imitation fels, double -sided imitation leather velvet, elastic imitation leather velvet and so on.