The latest recommended drawer drawing of drawers

Every family is using a drawer. But the drawer does not exist alone, as an accessory of furniture such as tables, cabinets. And every convenient and practical drawer is inseparable from the drawer and pull the hand. Do you know the latest recommendation of the drawer to pull the hand? Do you know the price of the drawer pull the hand? Today, I introduce the drawer to the drawer.

Draw drawer pull hand latest recommendation

The drawer is one of the furniture supplies in life. The role of the drawer is to be used as a small storage cabinet. Compared with the general locker drawer, it can save space more. This is why people love it more. The handle on the drawer is actually very particular. Friends may not know how to choose the drawer to pull the hand. The following introduces the brand knowledge and purchase skills of the drawer handle.

1. Yajie Hardware: Guangdong Yajie Hardricher Co., Ltd., China’s top ten hardware brands, China’s top ten lock brands, ten fingerprint locks-smart lock-induction lock brand, well-known (famous) bathroom hardware brand, well-known trademark in China, Guangdong, Guangdong Provincial brand, the leading enterprise of Chinese building hardware.

2. Hettich: Heidi Poem Hardware Accessories (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., the top ten brands of hardware accessories, well -known global international brands, one of the world’s largest furniture hardware manufacturers, well -known German companies, and world -renowned international international international Group, a diversified group based on the furniture industry.

3. Bailong: Bailong Furniture Accessories (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., the top ten brands of hardware accessories, the world leader brand of furniture and kitchen cabinet industry, the hardware brand established in 1952, the top international furniture and kitchen cabinet hardware manufacturers, the world’s well -known one of the world’s ones International top furniture and kitchen cabinet hardware manufacturers.

4. GMT: Stanley East Rail (Shanghai) Hardware Co., Ltd., China’s top ten hardware brands, famous Shanghai trademarks, Shanghai famous brand, foreign investment advanced technology enterprises, trustworthy enterprises, Shanghai building materials industry famous products.

5. Nobel Frank: Nobel Frank Building Hardware (Beijing) Co., Ltd., Nobel, Top Ten Brands of Hardware Accessories, Germany, known in the world, and the world’s largest professional doors and windows multi -point locking hardware system One of the manufacturers, one of the most large -scale and influential doors and windows and curtain wall import hardware suppliers in the Chinese market.

Drawer pull hand price

KLC modern minimalist kitchen cabinet pull hand drawer drawer small handwater door furniture handle handle handle

KLC European -style antique drawer wardrobe Small handle, lightweight cabinet door handle hand handle S ¥ 4.40

KLC single -hole small pull hand minimalist rural kitchen cabinet drawer wardrobe door furniture handle/pull hand ¥ 7.00

Kabei ivory white drawer handle, glenecaper door handle door handle, modern minimalist cabinet door cabinet hardware

¥ 8.00

GUTE European -style cabinet door hardware hand furniture drawer cabinet door handle 3211 hole distance 128mm

¥ 5.00

Gute minimalist wardrobe drawer Cabinet door Hardware European -style pull player 6107 real gold and silver hole distance 96mm

¥ 9.00

Gute Hardware 3215 Space Aluminum Embedded Furniture Hand Hand Wardrobe Door Starts Pulling Hand (64 Pole distance)

¥ 6.00

Gute hardware modern minimalist alloy furnishings home hardware drawer 3218 series 3218 series

¥ 3.80

Carba cabinet drawer pull hands American black wardrobe door handle modern minimalist European cabinet single -hole small pull hand

¥ 5.40

Kabei-style drawer clothing door pull handle modern simple cabinet cabinet handlebar white LS02-96 hole distance

¥ 9.80

Gutet Gute Black Draw drawer Pulling Hand European American Cabinet Gate Shop 6109 Pole distance 128mm

Hong Kong Temple Castle Centennial Stainless solid 304 stainless steel refined casting furniture handle cabinet handle drawer handle drawer SV303 (hole distance 192

¥ 51.70

Pulling hand cabinet door drawer Hander European door handle single -hole small cabinet retro hardware copper cabinet closet pull hands

¥ 4.00

CobBE European drawer drawer ward door pull hand-handed modern simple cabinet cabinet handle ivory white ls71-96 hole distance

¥ 12.80

Hollyi Wardrobe Hand Hand Hand Playing Hand-Piece Handle Cabinet Handsheld Hyundai Simpling Cabinet Stealth Hand Hander H4414-Small-Steel Rita

¥ 13.60

Rubber -pulling hand resin Hand -handle children’s room Animal cartoon hand -drawn drawer shoe wardrobe door handle Q19 (Q14 resin children

¥ 10.20

Gute European Cabinet Gate Hand Hand Hand Modern Simple Cabinet drawer Hand Hand Wardrobe Make a small pull hand gold and silver two -color

Tiannu hardware hand cabinet door antique cabinet door pull handle Hardware Chinese drawer handclast cabinet wardrobe door handle retro European style 3239

¥ 18.80

抽屉拉手最新推荐 抽屉拉手价格

Huitailong drawer hardware handle door handle door handle furniture small handle drawer drawing hand DS-7083 green ancient copper hole distance 128mm

¥ 10.50

Hong Kong Demon Guhua American-style Hand-style Cabinet Hand Hand Hand Hand Password CG-312 (128mm Pole Passage)

¥ 12.40

Huitailong cabinet wardrobe door small pull hand zinc alloy handle hand drawer door pull hand DS-7097

¥ 9.50

抽屉拉手最新推荐 抽屉拉手价格

Kadewei black pull handcare cabinet door drawer American wardrobe door pull -handed modern minimalist cabinet door handle

¥ 36.00

Hollying ivory white drawer Hand Hand Hand Handling Modern Simple Wardrobe Door Door Door Mount Cabinet Cabinet door small pull hand h4403-96- 青 古

¥ 15.60

Hong Kong Demon Guhua American-style Hand-style Cabinet Hand Furniture Hand Hand Password CG-311 (64mm hole distance)

¥ 9.70

Wardrobe handlebars, European -style invisible cabinet, handle hand, modern minimalist cabinet door pull hand drawer, dull single hole

¥ 6.30

抽屉拉手最新推荐 抽屉拉手价格

GUTE European -style cabinet door drawer cabinet, red amber handle/door handle 6106 local gold 96mm hole distance

¥ 8.50

Gute Gute European Simple Cabinet Cabinet drawer Pull Hand Hand Wardrobe Small Shoop 6035 True Gold and Silver 128 Pole

¥ 9.60

Hidden Hidden Hidden Hidden Hand-style Cabinet Hand Furniture Passup drawer CG-317 (96M hole distance)

¥ 15.30

Huitailong cabinet wardrobe door pull hand-style drawer handle hardware furniture small pull hand DS-7091

¥ 5.90

Hettich 24620 drawer hand -stroke closet furniture door handle black 96 hole is a installation

¥ 23.00

Caber American black drawer handlecker door handle CX-LS71-12-96

¥ 8.80

Pure 304 stainless steel solid fine cast furniture cabinet bathroom hand drawer handle handle handle SV208 (drawing/64mm hole

¥ 15.80

Kabel Hyundai Simple Hand Hand Hand -style Cabinet Cabinet Cabinet Cabinet Door Door Hands Handle Dark Single Hardware

抽屉拉手最新推荐 抽屉拉手价格

Old bronze craftsman Chinese simplicity all -bronze handle, pure bronze wardrobe, shoe cabinet, cabinet door drawer drawer MJ381280 rose gold 64 hole distance

¥ 19.00

Kabeou-style drawer handle wardrobe door handle door handle handlebar handle handle cabinet hardware ls34-9- big set

Hong Kong Demon Ancient Flower American-style Hand-style Cabinet Hand Furniture Hand Hand Password CG-314 (96mm hole distance)

抽屉拉手最新推荐 抽屉拉手价格

¥ 11.80

Black Hand Hand Cabinet Modern Simple Cabinet Drawls American Cabinet Gate Pull Handbary Club door handle European -style kitchen cabinet

GUTE Cabinet Gate Hardware Hander Modern simple drawer Hand Cabinet Cabinet Cabinet Cabinet Hand 3214 Rita

Kadewei black pull handcare cabinet door drawer American wardrobe door sliding modern minimalist cabinet door handle European style 3167-black hole distance 320mm

The prices of various materials for drawers are different. Xiaobian recommends that when you buy, you must consider the support of the drawer and the overall home environment. The drawer handle is a decoration on the drawer. In addition to a certain decorative effect, the most important thing is to guide the drawer for the effect of opening and closing.

¥ 5.00

¥ 9.00

¥ 9.00

¥ 6.00

¥ 36.00

¥ 15.80