16 children’s cream evaluation: dry, reddish, peeling, the child’s little face finally saved

Once in autumn and winter, the weather becomes dry and cold, and the child’s face is inevitable

Rough, dry, reddish …

Compared with adults, children’s skin is more delicate, and cream cannot be used randomly. Some children’s creams not only cannot solve the above problems, but may also let your child children

Allergies, black faces.


The children’s cream on the market is constantly updating, and we have chosen again

16 popular models




Old domestic products, emerging domestic products, imported products


All involve:

The sample fee of 4641.2 yuan + test fee is 36804 yuan = 41445.2 yuan.



Safety, moisturizing effect, stickiness and ductility

The four dimensions are evaluated, and the dad’s evaluation is finally recommended:

Each children’s cream


Specific performance

How about, why some children can

Allergy, black face?

Let’s look down together.

1. Safety

01 ingredient screening

Faced with a variety of children’s creams on the market, it is better to look at fancy packaging and exaggerated propaganda words.

Component table


Come real. No, as soon as the cream’s courier arrived, the daily chemical researcher Ms. Sister picked up their composition table one by one.

No. 7 and 15, including

2-bromine-2-nitrobyne-1, 3-diol, bipotoxyl) impidazolehinyl

There may be the risk of releasing trace formaldehyde,



For long chain Nepalese golden ester preservatives, pay attention to skin sensitive baby.

In addition, Miss Researchers also discovered joyful changes. In last year’s evaluation, No. 1 contains risk preservatives-

And this year’s formula has no component.

This is why we evaluate children’s cream each year, and we hope to promote product upgrades.

When choosing children’s creams, Bao Bao Bao can take the ingredients as the first level and not to the irritating ingredients.

We also sorted some some

Blacklist ingredient,

You can go to the comment area to check the acquisition method. If you have any questions about the ingredients, there are still in the group

Daily chemical experts answer questions for everyone.

02 hormone

At the beginning of the year, we exposed a hormone -containing hormone

Cream of the word cream.


Although the samples we buy this time are all


Makeup name,

Generally speaking, hormones are not added, but in order to be at ease, we still send these 16 creams to the laboratory to detect 41 glucocorticoids.

As a result, 16 cream

Nothing was detected.

03 allergens

Dad’s evaluation of Bao and Bao Mom can be said to be very careful. Two -thirds of parents prefer no fragrance, but some parents also broke their hearts in order to let their children love cream.




It is indeed a component that may be allergic.


EU regulation (EC) 1223/2009 regulations stipulate that reserved cosmetics, such as water, milk, cream, incense

When the concentration exceeds 10 ppm (mg/kg),

It must be indicated in the label that there is no requirement in this area in China.

We sent the 8 of the east creams to the laboratory and tested

26 EUs are easy to do

The result is as follows:

If your baby

sensitive skin,

It is not recommended to use these creams. However, parents who are giving their children with these creams don’t have to worry. The child is not allergic and can continue to use it.

Here we draw a focus on you, the child uses the new cream,

Be sure to perform allergies.

2. Moisturizing measurement

After talking about safety, let’s take a look at what everyone cares about most

Moisturizing effect.

Eczema, cracking, peeling and other skin problems that are not good at repeated repeatedly are



Therefore, we solicited volunteers in the company and went to Shanghai Lab to do a moisturizing test:

Refer to the “QB/T 4256-2011 Cosmetics Moisturizing Evaluation Guide”, the German CK-CM825 skin moisture test system is tested in the Effect Lab. Apply the product in the constant temperature and humid room (temperature 20 ℃ ~ 22 ℃, humidity 40%to 60%), and detect skin moisture for 2 hours and 4 hours, respectively to evaluate the product changes in the product.

15 cream moisturizing effects are as follows:

As can be seen,

No. 11, 6, 8, No. 10, 10


The moisturizing effect is better; No. 4, No. 9, and 13 are ok.

Third, stickyness

I bought a cream with a bad skin, and the child did not like to be.

“Lard paste face”,



Can’t persist for a long time

For children, I can only idle in the end. And idle is a waste of money!

Eight volunteers were selected for sticky tests, 4 frames (3 cm * 3 cm) per arm were selected, and 0.02 g creams were applied in the box to sprinkle a piece of paper at the same height. Finally, calculate the number of paper pieces in 4 boxes, and take the average value, the number of paper pieces

The less, the less,

Illustration cream

The more refreshing and not sticky.

The experimental results are as follows:


It can be seen that the skin feels better


No. 11, 10, 4, 3, No. 6, 8, 8.

Fourth, ductility

Every old mother who holds the child’s noodle cream knows–

Duity is really important to wife!

This is determined that you have to grab TA for 30 seconds, or 1 minute. Some are not easy to apply, and you need to apply it with vigorously, and rubbing your child’s face seems to be kneading.

Judging the ductility, we chose the weight of the lipstick evaluation. Children’s cream is relatively smooth, and experiments can better reflect the ductility.

Take 0.05 g samples, evenly apply to the bottom of the 砝 砝 at a diameter of 2.6 cm and 100 g, and light the weight on the top of the glass plate of the same tilt angle, so that the sample is applied to the glass plate under the pressure of the size. Measuring the distance of the cream in the exhibition, slide four times to get the average value.

The cream is painted on the glass plate

The longer the distance, the

The better you push away.

The extension gap between 14 children’s cream is not small:

The ductility is better on the 2nd, 14th, 9th, and 11th.

Want to apply a good cream quickly

Parents can focus on this indicator.

Five, real person trial

In order to obtain more realistic feelings, this time children’s cream trial not only solicited


Baby of 30 companies colleagues,

And invited

Parents in maternal and infant groups

Share the feeling of the use of children’s cream.

A total of

2568 Bao Du Bao Mom

Give us grass or vomit the cream they use for their children, thanks to their support for this article.

at last,

Four considerations, we finally recommend:

Finally, we want to talk about a lot of parents’ care




Black face


In the trial session, the company’s colleagues’ babies also had allergies. The stratum corneum and epidermal layer of infants and young children are thinner than adults.


The response is stronger.

Want to keep your child from being guilty, no matter which cream you choose,

Must do allergies! Intersection Intersection

Take a small amount of cream behind the child’s ears or the inside of the wrist to try it, and then use it without allergies


Another problem that worrys parents is

The child uses a black face after using a cream.

The sun protection is also painted. Why does the good baby become black? Is there anything bad in the cream?

In this regard, we consulted relevant experts, but it is a pity that this issue is currently

There is no conclusion.


Having said so much, I hope that our children can have one in this winter


White and rosy

Small faces.

Which cream is your child using? Is there anything you want to talk about? What else do you want to make us evaluate? welcome



tell us.

Praise, forward

Let our content help more parents.



[1] Liu Zhou, Zhou Boyang, Li neighboring. Children’s skin characteristics and choice of skin care products [J]. Magazine of Dermatology Diagnosis, 2019, 26 (6): 386-389.




Safety, moisturizing effect, stickiness and ductility


Illustration cream