New Year’s Gift List! 12 warm and good things, practical and interesting

Hi everybody, I’m



After the countdown with my family, watching the calendar, I also started to start

Count the days when you go home during the Spring Festival

It’s right.

You can’t empty your hands on long distance

I believe that many North Drifting and Shanghai Drifting should be the same as me. It’s almost time to start looking

Practical and good new year gift

Whether you go home to see relatives and friends, or give each other a New Year to the other party, this “mind” is always indispensable.

I feel that giving gifts, my mind is part of my heart, but it is best to send it to the needs of people, and we Chinese people pay attention to one


“There is a noodle”

So this time I simply asked everyone about the “New Year’s Gift” recently, and I gave everyone a special issue

Warm gift collection ~

I divided 3 major categories, a total of 12 gifts,

Laos and children relatives and friends

, All aspects of covered haha.

Atmospheric warm gift

Easy and warm gift

Tongzhong fun gift

Baza Tea Leaf Pearl Pearl, Fujian Anxi Tieguanyin Special -Guanyin Sommelier Oolong Tea


Reference price: ¥ 1600/75G

Tao password: 1 ¥ wjum2bqrjll ¥/:/

In the New Year, the elders who want to send tea but are not allowed to taste, you can consider

Oolong tea with a high degree of audience.

Semi -fermented oolong tea,

There is both the fragrance of green tea and the rich black tea

The whole will not be too heavy.

The most well -known variety in oolong tea is

Anxi Tieguanyin

If you want to give gifts, you can pay attention to the “Pearl Pearl” of Ba Ma Tea.


His family is unique

Fruit wood baking tea process

The finished product is rare and precious, and

Dry tea grains clear

, So it will be compared with pearls.

Baba Tea Leaves Pearl 1000 Strong Fragrance Tieguanyin

Picture source: Eight Horse Flagship Store

Unlike Taiwan’s “Frozen Uolong”, his Tieguanyin is



Gan Wen has warm fried rice fragrance,

The soaked tea soup is golden and clear


The entrance is juicy fruity aroma, and there will be a touch of the bottom of the cup.


, Progressive, from the tip of the nose to the lips and teeth, you can feel the fullness of fragrantness.

His family “

Sai Pearl


“There are several grades, from the entry -level” 1000 “to the top” 1111 “all have a gift box.

The higher the grade, the stronger the flavor, the stronger the flavor

, The owners who want to try this tea can start according to their preferences ~

Waston & SON Watson Portable Manuka 10+ Honey Gift Box

Reference price: ¥ 678

Tao password: 1 ¥ LAF62BRRRAI7 ¥/:/


Manuka honey gift box


“Sweet” gift

It is very suitable to send newlyweds or good friends.


It is a unique plant in New Zealand, and it is a natural herbal medicine for local aborigines.

Watson & SON was founded by the descendants of the local Maori, Watson, and the father and son of the local Maori.

New Zealand’s largest beekeeping base.

Picture source: watsonson overseas flagship store

His family has

16,000 bee colony to pick honey

Then use the helicopter to collect and transport them to the Man’s Muluka area. It can be said that it starts from the source, and every step is in control.

Quality is really nothing to say

Manuka honey is relatively speaking than other honey than other honey

More sticky

, The smell of the floral fragrance is more special,

The taste will be better

The best thing in his family is


Piece -like portable design

It can be opened for folding. I feel that it is better to keep it better than a large can of honey of a large can of honey, and it is also very convenient to bring a few pieces with you when you go out for a holiday.

Bosideng mid -long trench coat waist down jacket

Reference price: ¥ 3599

Tao password: 1 ¥ q83t2biqfwg ¥/:/


If you want to be a mother who wants to be a “little cotton jacket” once in the New Year, you can consider Bosideng.

Windbreaker down jacket

Bosideng this “


“The design, both fashionable and satisfied with the mother

Real needs

The classic windbreaker tailoring design is straight and upright. From the lines of the shoulders, the length of the trench coat to the proportion of the waist is in line with the height of Asians.

Bosideng mid -long windbreaker down jacket black

Picture source: Boshi official flagship store store shopping guide real people try on

Of course, this trench coat is designed, except for design,


Real wear and warmth


It is also worthwhile.

Compared to many similar styles of “vest” down, the down part of his family is

“Rectifier” design

In addition to the front chest and back, it also includes the arm, and it is long and knee. The warmth is very real.


Demolition of down the down


The design, whether it is the north or the south, is really common in the country.


Put in early autumn to the beginning of the spring

No problem ~

Maison dada narcisse vase

Reference price: ¥ 1550

Tao password: 1 ¥ npgc2bskuiu ¥/:/


Every time I watch the bare branches in Beijing in winter, I miss the various flowers and plants that my parents faded. That vitality is also a thought of my north drift to home.


Maison dada


This vase of the home is a good thing that has recently made me “heartflowers”, and I also want to buy it home to feel this wonderful parents.

This vase is designed by the artist Najma TMSORY. The name of the vase is


Narcisse is in Greek mythology.

The beautiful man who loves the reflection in his water and loses his life

The artist wants to pay attention to the beauty of life other than “ourselves” through its own design.

Narcisse vase walnut wood; and black, oak color optional

Picture source: Maison Dada

It is interesting to look at this vase in combination with this story. Najma is placed in front of the conventional vase.

Ack lens lens

Through the “mirror”, what we see is not ourselves, it is a flower worthy of appreciation.

Because of the optical effect of lens,

The details, color, and posture of flowers are amplified

It will also be clearer with the perspective of people’s ornamental, sometimes like clouds and fog, so that the static objects have

Dynamic visual effect

Seemingly simple thoughts, let the flower viewing also add a lot of unexpected small fun.

In addition to sending parents


Congratulations to the new home

It’s also very suitable ~

Peet’s boutique hanging ear coffee + accompanying cup gift box

Reference price: ¥ 334

Tao password: 1 ¥ U0P42BHKVXJ ¥/:/

If you don’t want to be big, you just want to give it to the other party

Easy and practical

Small gift, this of Peet’s

Hanging ear coffee gift box

It’s quite intimate.

Peet’s is the legendary “Grandpa” in the coffee industry, and offline stores are often full.

His signboard is

Heavy Bakery “Major Dixon” coffee beans


I once bought it home and cooked it myself. I fell in love with it as soon as I drank it.

His beans are very fresh, and the oil is bright, and the coffee rushing out is also

The oil is rich, the entrance is smooth and dense

Drinking into the mouth is like a black chocolate that started melting, and the taste is great.

Purchase gift boxes to give Peet’s Picky Football Cup, the color is available

Picture source: Peet’s official flagship store

Because it is deep roasting, most of the coffee will not be sour, but it will

With a bomb -like solid and impactful aroma

The layered taste is slowly released, which is very memorable.

In this gift box, there are “Major” including “Major”


Four star beans hang up ear

If you are interested in coffee and are not allowed to prefer, this box of ear hanging can taste early and not cumbersome. Friends who have been delivered for a long time are also super suitable.

YOOOSE Bounty Hunter New Year Special Portable Shaver

Reference price: ¥ 689

Tao password: 1 ¥ 2LWS2BGJNEH ¥/:/

Every time I make a gift list, everyone said that I want to see some

Suitable for boys

Today, I will share with you a friend to test the good gift.

YOOOSE This portable shaver

I found it when I was a cool tide to play the buyer shop.

Super sufficient metal


, Fashionable and science fiction.

Thinking that my friend always complained that the traditional electric shaving knife was too large. It took a day or two to take a place, and he didn’t want to use the hotel’s shaving knife.

YOOOSE is probably

AirPod Pro size

I felt pretty small and tried it for him.

Picture source: YOOSE Nonferrous Flagship Store


My friend’s feedback later was unexpectedly pretty good.


The shape of the arc is just grasped

, Feel good.

The knife head spirituality is good, the shaving is clean and fast


And fast charging for 1 hour, no need to charge for more than half a month, very durable.

Just happen to have a new year now

“Bounty Hunter” limited edition

, Golden drawing design is cooler, fashionable and practical.

It is very suitable for male friends who need business on business, or the objects of the same city in the same city are placed on both sides, which is convenient and convenient.

BAMFORD Geranium Body Washing Suite Group

Reference price: ¥ 570

Tao password: 1 ¥ 3KZO2BYNHSB ¥/:/

New Year’s gifts are indispensable. The aromatherapy brand I shared with you today is what I have recently used every day.


It can be said that it is a super -love brand that British Luxury Hotels. His family is very low -key. Whether it is aromatherapy, shower gel or body care products, it is not arguing.

A soothing and calm taste.


I like it myself

“Botanical” taste

, Just started his house

Geranium body washing care set

It was a bit from the beginning

Herbal sense

Well, the feeling of green vegetation makes people feel calm, but the subsequent


It will slowly cover the elegance of the herb, like the flowers that bloom slowly, super cure and relaxing.

After the shower gel is washed, the skin is dry and refreshing, the same series

Moisturizing is milk

Creamy texture, very easy to push away

, Absorption is also very good.


In general, the geranium series is more suitable for the owner who likes refreshing skin and can moisturize all year round.

I don’t like the “green feeling” too heavy, his family still has freshness

“Cedar Jasmine”

The series, there are more moisturizing

“Damascus Rose”

The series and the same aroma are available. The favorite of the favorite can do more homework.

LOEWE Anagram Logo brass brooch

Reference price: ¥ 2100

Buying channel:

If you want to get one

Slightly expensive

Gifts, but don’t want too much, it seems too formal. In fact, you can consider the big -name accessories.

Loewe’s brooch

I think it is super suitable, exquisite and not picky, practical and versatile, and basically do not step on thunder.

Compared to many bright logo design, LOEWE’s brooch is used in his house

Anagram pattern


, Minimalist line design

Elegant or not

, Both decorative and recognizable, can be worn by elders who do not like publicity.


Photo source:

Perhaps everyone always feels that the brooch must be matched with formal clothes, or older to have aura.

Actually the brooch is also us

Jewelry that can be used throughout the year

And because it is more conspicuous on the chest, and with the simplicity of the Japanese -style simple basic items, sometimes it is more colorful than the earrings necklace.

Loewe’s brooch is golden, which is especially suitable for the requirements of commuting and wearing requirements, but do not want to pay a lot of money.

Autumn And Winter

With dark suit coat, or


The white shirts are very good, and it is pretty good to change style from time to time.

Pococo Starry Sky Lantern

Reference price: ¥ 329-869/Depending on the number of effects

Tao password:


1 ¥ Nepr2ydiedt ¥/:/

When I squatted with everyone in the live broadcast of the year with everyone this year, I really felt “

Tianya Cong at this time



This starry light is started by friends who do n’t want to stay up late to watch the stars. Seeing the photos she shared is indeed very grassy.

Many starry lights of the starry sky will have the distortion of obvious projection. His family is

Can be focused

Under the dark light,

The texture of the starry sky is clear and realistic

, I really feel lying under the galaxy.

Pococo Starry Sky Lantern effect

Photo source: Pococo Little Red Book Official Account Number

His Starlight Lantern

Can also rotate

Oh, change it

Nebula, constellation series

It was too atmospheric to watch Nebula’s flowing around.

Upgraded version

“Yuan Cosmic” Starry Sky Lantern

There is even a flashing effect, and the healing feeling of “flashing and glittering” in childhood has an instant.

There is this starry sky lamp in the New Year, and children with children can be together

Digital Stars Learn astronomy knowledge

Or it is just a good atmosphere as a home home.

A few light wireless small electric gift boxes


Reference price: ¥ 599


Tao password: 1 ¥ CSHK

2BXWQDZ ¥/:/

Except for star lights, everyone wants


Home with a higher utilization rate

You can see

“Several light” new year small electric gift box.

A few years in the past two years in the circle of young people are quite hot. The design lights and aromatherapy machines are left

Very simple but warm and cute


This small electric gift box is the explosion of his family, a gift box


Contains 4 small electricity


“Bluetooth audio + humidifier + pattern + wireless charging board”

Small mini does not occupy land, placed on the desk or bedside table, beautiful and practical.

Several light wireless small electric gift box “Limited to the Year of the Tiger”


Photo source: EZVALO several light flagship store

New Year Gift Boxes in total

Two styles

There are very good views

“Limited to the Year of the Tiger”

, Xiaodian is white and black optional. The gift box of the year of the tiger will also be given to Xiaodian’s knitted “warm warm jacket”, which has a sense of atmosphere.

The other is the healing department


“Oil Painting Gift Box”

The fuselage is a grandmother’s taro purple, and it feels more suitable for the gentle hanging owner.

And his gift boxes are all

“Blind Box Design”

Every time I remove a small electricity, I can see a warm heart, which really sent my heart to home, cute and warm.

My First Book Book

Reference price: ¥ 199-4288/

Tao password: 1 ¥ msxy2bdjkin ¥/:/

If everyone is the same as me,


Small members at home

I want to get a New Year

The child is having fun, and the mother is satisfied again

Gifts, you can really look at this gift.

“My First Book”

It is the first book for children to play while playing.


Slugei educational concept


Montessori is a history of early childhood education

Very outstanding educator


According to her, I need to respect the differences in children, and I suggest

Pass the senses

Education, learning cognition, identification, and life related ability.


I have played with my friends myself.








It’s right.

It’s right.


Atmospheric warm gift

Easy and warm gift

Tongzhong fun gift

Each book is sewn with cloth

There are no easy parts of workmanship. Even if you bite, it is not dangerous. It can be cleaned when it is dirty. It is very convenient.

My first book book details


Picture Source IG: My_first_Book_offign

The little people in it, the small animals are also very cute, every detail is

Independent and demolished small level

, High playability.

For example, learn to make dumplings, rolling pin, dumpling skin, and even small meat stuffing. I don’t feel that the children do n’t know much.

The more you grow up with your age, the more you understand

There is no problem playing for two or three years.

In addition to the early teaching script, his family has a lot of books

“Busy Board”, which is also designed by the concept

, Make children busy with a lot of joy, haha, can pay more attention to the needs of the need.

Louis Vuitton fashion eye hardcover book series


Reference price: ¥ 390-5000/Depending on the design element series, different

Buying channel:

I mentioned the last time I will share with you “LV worth buying bags”.


Mr. Louis Vuitton’s 200th Anniversary Artist Cooperation Project

Very worthy of attention.

Recently, the exhibition of “Louis Vuitton &” was crazy about grass, especially the master of art and fashionable young people.

“Tourism Guide” hardcover book series

Every book likes it!


Compared to the similar strategies that you are traveling

The city’s viewing of the artist’s perspective

Although there is no detailed text introduction, just relying on interesting paintings to make me yearn for a city.

Louis Vuitton “Fashion Eye” Art Label

Picture source: The Eye of Photography

If you want to see more artists’ perspectives, I recommend the book “Fashion Eyes”.

The whole book series is passed

The way of photography

It is a different sensory experience to show the perspective of a city, a country or region in the camera.


The cover design is also attractive enough

The beautiful color matching is a pleasing gift whether it is displayed or placed on the bookshelf.


Alright, the above is shared with you this time

12 warm and good gift



Looking at it like this, except for some daily “heart”, most of them are still

Especially “new ideas”



This year is not easy, I hope today’s gift

Can give everyone a different surprise



Do you have a gift of grass?

Tell me commented

, Let’s see it next time.

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