You can not ski, but you must brake! A must -have knowledge here

With the development of the 8th National Volkswagen Ice and Snow Season

More and more citizens start to understand ice and snow sports

Experience the charm of skiing

Winter Olympics is right

Do you also want to feel galloping in the snow field

The feeling of wearing a ski cap, wearing a ski clothing, and a pedal on a ski board

But skiing is a stimulating and challenging sport


It is dangerous

Pay attention to the protection!

Skiing precautions are here

1. Protect yourself at any time

When skiing, pay attention to maintaining a certain distance from others to avoid collisions. When there are more people, you should adjust the speed and not be too fast.

The protective equipment such as helmets, face mirrors, elbows, face masks, knee pads and hips, and knee -hip knee -care must be available.

2. Make warmth

Speed ​​clothes, sports underwear, skiing socks, sweater or sweater, ski gloves, wool caps, snow shoes, etc. must be prepared.

In addition, the ski clothing is mainly to keep warm, windproof and waterproof, so it is necessary, and you cannot wear usual clothes. For skiing clothes, the single board is loose, and the double -board tight -fitting one is also available. If you are a novice, you can replace the skiwear in the early stage.

3. Method and method of wrestling

The first skiing and wrestling are inevitable, but you can learn how to wrestle.

There are two tips for wrestling. One is the first choice to sit back and fall back, so that the buttocks have a great role, and the butt is the least worry about injury.

Secondly, if you feel that you ca n’t stop the car, you will slowly start squatting back to reduce the buffer, which will be relatively lighter.

4. It is best to find a coach for beginners

You can ask the coach for the first time. Learn the basic principles and how to properly penetrate and take off equipment, and how to decelerate the brakes, after all, this directly affects its own safety factor.

Moreover, it is also important to help correct the posture in the early stage.

How to avoid exercise damage? Ski sports injury prevention tips are here

1. Ski equipment and the safety of the venue environment

The equipment inspection and familiarity with the venue environment before exercise are indispensable. The more skilled the skiing technology, the more cautious the ski friends, because the damage caused by equipment or the environment is often serious when the speed is high.

2. Full warm -up before exercise is important for damage prevention prevention

Although the skiing action is relatively single, it requires high core stability ability and muscle endurance. Some chronic damage and pain are often caused by insufficient warm -up, and muscles cannot adapt to long -term repeated contraction. Fully warm up before exercise, on the one hand, through core activation, improve the stability of the trunk; on the other hand, through dynamic stretching, muscle viscosity is reduced.

3. During skiing, using the correct technical movement is also an effective measure to reduce the risk of injury

How to buffer and how to change requires professional learning and mastering technology to avoid the strain caused by repeated repeated irregular actions.

4. Restore regeneration after exercise and management of exercise volume

Continuous skiing, especially high -intensity, can easily lead to damage. Therefore, you need to pay attention to stretching and relaxation, sleep recovery, etc., and pay attention to observing the fatigue feeling of your body to prevent exercise damage caused by continuous exercise and excessive exercise.

5. In addition, damage such as frostbite, eye damage, skin scabing, muscle strain and other damage

Because the sunlight reflection on the snow is very powerful, and the cold wind is very irritating to the eyes, we need to wear ski glasses to protect the eyes.

(Changjiang Daily Da Wuhan client product integration: internship editor Wang Yujin information source: Chongqing Satellite TV, Jiefang Daily, Palm of Qujing, Qingdao News Network, etc.)

[Intern editor: Zheng Xiaoxiao]

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