37 -year -old Tan Zhuo is attractive! It is also a “small stunner”. It is beautiful to wear a black camisole dress

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Black dress


In fact, if you match it well, you can show a good gas field, and the complexion of the complexion is particularly fair, but many beautiful eyebrows do not know how to choose the right style for themselves, so it will always leave a dull impression, and and it will always give people a dull impression, and and it will always leave a dull impression.

Tan Zhuo

This time it matches a more sexy charm

Although it is a pure color style, it is combined with special tailoring, which can not only settle out

Graceful good figure


You can also let yourself go out




The suspender style is blends into the black dress, which can show the upper body line well,

Let the skin color and the color of the skirt form a better white effect,


Moreover, Tan Zhuo chose a relatively wide suspender, which will be better controlled compared to the extremely thin suspender.

It’s not easy to go lightly


It can also look like our shoulder lines are particularly perfect, and it is very friendly for the beautiful eyebrows of the shoulders. Tan Zhuo, 37, is too attractive! It is also a “small stunner”. It is beautiful to wear a black suspender dress.

The finishing touch of this skirt lies in a hollow design on the chest, which can show the skin well, so that the entire skirt will not look too much. In this way, you can distinguish your clothing and others, showing fashionable vision and skin lines. Tan Zhuo’s clothes are “absolutely”, wearing a black suspender dress, and setting out a graceful figure.

The tight tailoring is fused in the dress, which can outline the lines of the origin. Black itself is a particularly thin color, and the merging of such a version can make our good figure look at it at a glance. If you are more confident, you can choose a dark color matching.


High heel

It has a great increase, which can improve the body proportion of the whole person.

Pulling the leg lines, especially when participating in the event, it is recommended that you choose a high -heeled style to improve the gas field.

The strap design can show our instep very well, and it is more suitable for matching in spring and summer. If we are afraid of making mistakes, try to choose high -heeled shoes with the same color as clothing, which is more overall.

The shoulder -length hair and the Qi Liu Hai can modify the face shape well and have a good age reduction effect. We often see mature women with oblique bangs, but there are some old -fashioned, while Qi Liu Hai can be even more able to have more A clear tender effect. So if mature girls want to make their hairstyles look so ordinary, they can imitate Tan Zhuo’s shape this time!

We will find that Tan Zhuo is actually not particularly complicated, but it can always show his best state. Among them, there are many places worth learning. This black dress is particularly clever. It is cool and beautiful; and these combinations below can reflect different styles. You can see which one you prefer.

(1) Selection of solid color dress


The solid color dress is not as simple as imagined. We must choose some unique designs to integrate into it, so as to better show personality and charm. Like black and white are special classic color choices, but when we wear such dresses, we You can choose to split or sleeveless, which greatly increases the sexy index of clothes, or different fabrics have different visual highlights.

The bright color dress can look particularly fair skin tone, but mature girls may worry that the color with high saturation is easy to flip. In fact, Tan Zhuo’s orange -red dress this time is relatively dim It shows full femininity and is better to control, letting the whole person go out of the style.

(2) How to wear cheongsam


Although cheongsam is a classic costume, it can show the western side to match. Now many girls are particularly favored by cheongsam, and they feel that this can make them look charming, but everyone needs to pay attention when you match such a dress. Most cheongsam will fuse the slim -fit version. If you have meat or choose cautiously, it is easy to look strong.

Printing can play a great decoration and embellishment, but in fact, the small area of ​​the small area and the entire dress are covered with prints, and the effects on the body are completely different. Mature girls choose a small area of ​​printing can play the role of icing on the cake. It will not make people feel exaggerated. Large -scale printing can break monotonous and better reflect personality and style.


Tan Zhuo is really a very attractive female star. Her dressing also has a lot of places worth learning. It is not so ordinary. It is full of highlights and sense of design. If mature women are difficult to match, they are more difficult to match. You can refer to these styles.

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Black dress