What is good for kitchen and bathroom ceiling? Can net red honeycomb aluminum board replace traditional aluminum gusset boards? What do you think

It seems that the road to replace traditional wooden furniture with all aluminum furniture does not seem to be so flat. Although all aluminum furniture has developed for many years, due to expensive prices, the market acceptance is always tepid. However, recently, the honeycomb aluminum plate used to make all aluminum furniture seems to have found a new way out, which is used to make a kitchen and bathroom ceiling.

What is honeycomb aluminum plate

The honeycomb aluminum plate is actually well understood. It uses aluminum honeycomb core, and then covers aluminum alloy plates on both sides and compounds.

Aluminum honeycomb core ↓↓↓


The thickness of the honeycomb aluminum plate is similar to the wooden board, but relatively speaking, the honeycomb aluminum plate has a light quality, high strength, good flatness, high temperature resistance, not easy to deform, and not afraid of water, not afraid of corrosion, scrubbing. In recent years, with the improvement of craftsmanship, the color of the honeycomb aluminum plate has become more and more rich, and the decorative effect is excellent.

The problem of selection of kitchen and bathroom ceiling

The kitchen and bathroom space is more special, and there are more problems in the ceiling of kitchen and bathroom space.

Among them, waterproof, moisture -proof, scrubbing, anti -deformation is the first problem that needs to be considered.

Although many high -end kitchen and bathroom spaces use calcium siliconicate plate waterproof coatings as ceilings, the effect is really good. However, for most ordinary families, pursuing use is the first choice. After all, the calcium silicate ceiling is moldy, and the moisture -proof effect is not good. Therefore, after continuous selection, the aluminum gusset ceiling finally became the choice of many families.

Although the aluminum gusset ceiling has solved many problems, it may still lack in aesthetic appearance. The specifications of aluminum gushing ceiling used in the family are generally 300mm*300mm, which causes many separation seams of aluminum gushing ceiling. The overall effect is not a good problem.

The advantages and disadvantages of honeycomb aluminum plate

In fact, aluminum gussets have been used for many years. Although aluminum gussets are cheap and durable, with the improvement of living standards, its aesthetics are becoming more and less unable to meet the needs of most people. The ceiling with calcium silicate has no seams, simple and beautiful, but there are many problems.

So is there a new type of material that can be stylish and beautiful, and takes into account the durability of aluminum gusset boards? The answer is the honeycomb aluminum plate.

As a new type of kitchen and bathroom ceiling, the advantages of honeycomb aluminum plates are the following points:

1. Wide moisture and waterproof, anti -deformation, scrub


It is also made of aluminum, and the natural aluminum plate of honeycomb is the same as the traditional aluminum gusset board. It has the advantages of good moisture -proof and waterproof, anti -deformation, and scrubbing.

2. Large plate surface, less seams, and more beautiful as a whole

Compared with the traditional 300mm*300mm aluminum gusset board, a large selling point of the honeycomb aluminum plate is its large plate surface, less seams, and naturally simple and higher.


3. Rich lights

Traditional aluminum gusset ceilings can only be installed with flat surface light sources, while honeycomb aluminum plates can be installed with wire -shaped light bands. The lights are richer and effective.

However, there are no shortcomings of honeycomb aluminum plates. Summary about the following points:

1. Large plate surface, inconvenient for maintenance

Although the honeycomb aluminum plate is buckled like an aluminum gusset board, it is large because of its large surface. Therefore, installation and disassembly are not convenient. For friends who have no experience in installation, if you want to repair it later, there is no traditional aluminum gusset board.


2. The price is relatively high

The thickness of the honeycomb aluminum plate is large, and the price is naturally high. Compared with the traditional gusset, it is about double the price. The corresponding price of honeycomb aluminum plates cannot be said to be high, just to say whether it is necessary to use such thick plates as a ceiling.

Whether to choose a honeycomb aluminum plate


The first thing to explain is that if the cost is not considered, honeycomb aluminum is indeed a good choice. Because, it is indeed a lot higher than the traditional aluminum gusset. However, if the budget is limited, whether to choose a honeycomb aluminum board, the thick craftsman suggestion:

1. Determine according to the area of ​​the kitchen and bathroom space

Although the traditional aluminum gusset specifications are small and there are many seams. However, if your kitchen and bathroom area is not large, it is still acceptable to install traditional aluminum gusset. After all, for the small area of ​​kitchen and bathroom space, there are no need for a few pieces of gushing, and there are few seams. For the small kitchen and bathroom space, if you want to install a large -scale honeycomb aluminum plate, it is not suitable for it.


In addition, what kind of craftsmen want to talk about is that if you have a limited budget, and you are concerned about the problem of many seams of traditional aluminum gusset. At present, there are also large -scale aluminum gussets (450mm*900mm) to choose from, and its price is cheaper than honeycomb aluminum plates.

2. Determine according to the maintenance situation


Probably no one is willing to face the problem of maintenance, but it is not allowed to admit that the kitchen and bathroom space is really a high incidence of maintenance. The more common problem is the problem of leakage of the ceiling pipeline. The removing honeycomb aluminum plate, and the maintenance pipeline is really not easy for non -professional friends. Therefore, it is best to consider clearly before installation.

in conclusion

Honeycomb aluminum plate is a good choice of high -end kitchen bathroom space, which combines the traditional aluminum gusset board and the grade of silicon calcium plates. The main problem of honeycomb plates is the problem of high price and maintenance. Whether to use honeycomb aluminum plates still need to be considered according to its own actual situation.

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