Different clothes are matched with different scarves. Below is the most complete scarf matching method!

Black and red are the most classic matching colors. Don’t buy too ordinary scarves, and white. Because black and white are colorless, they can be matched with any color. When you don’t know how to match the color, choose black and white.

1. What color scarf should you match with black and white jackets?

1. The brown scarf is good to match

2. The color of the jump. Too dark will look dull. But don’t be too exaggerated

3. Gray will be very stylish, and the style of the scarf should be simple, the texture does not have to be too thick

4. The red and black one

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Second, what color scarf is best to look at with white medium and long clothes?

1. Beauty or light colors look good

2. Red

3. Lan, pink

4. Pink, fluorescent green, fluorescent yellow, light purple, light red, fire red, light blue

5. Rose red, goose yellow, sky blue, all look good, white clothes are best with a scarf

6. Sky blue, green onion green, light purple, black, red

7. Black and white stripes

3. How do yellow clothes look good with scarf?

1. The yellow clothes are more beautiful with a red scarf.

2. For long scarves, the hidden blue, dark green, black and white stripes, pure black, dark red and dark purple scarves are all good choices, which is more fashionable. Of course, it depends on how your skin tone is. If the skin tone is fair, there is no problem; if the skin tone is dark, it is recommended that you use black and white striped scarves, versatile ~~ Also depends on the cloth of your clothes ~

3. Black dots

4, white

Fourth, what color scarf looks good with orange coat?

1. Orange clothes with warm -colored scarves, it is also possible to spend a little bit, but the same color system must be

2. It looks good with white or black.

3. Light green

4, the light color is more beautiful. If you are relatively white, you can match the comparison, which is more cute; if black, the white will be ok, don’t match it. Even darker. But I prefer to spend more colorful, so it is vitality.

5. Orange with a dark gray cashmere scarf, great

5. What kind of scarf should pale pink coat look good?

1. The best color is light, and the white scarf is good.

2. If your coat is short, the scarf can choose dark purple, which is both popular and elegant. At the same time, there is a strong visual contrast with pale pink, but it will be very integrated in color system. It feels abrupt.

6. What color scarf is good for the trench coat of the beige Korean version to the knee?

1. The color of the scarf is more diverse!

It can be black, gray, or red. Or flower, with a more textured scarf made of light powder and rice white! Get attention to the upper part, and the showers are taller!

2. The screwdriver also depends on the color of the sweater inside. I personally recommend the white sweater. It is very gentle and quiet. It will be better with a pink scarf with a white sweater. Pink pink blue is fine.


7. What kind of scarf match with light gray coats?

1. Orange yellow or other bright colors can be

2. Try the red series and pink series

3. Bright color scarf or long thick scarf

4. Warm color system

5. Pink or white

6. Pink or red

7. Black

8. The combination of dark coffee color is mature and slightly pettyly; and the orange counter -matching is active, it is easy to attract attention, it is the fashion color this year;

9. Orange or brown

8. What color scarf is matched with light brown tops?

1. It looks good with light pink, beige, or goose yellow scarf.

2, coffee color is a relatively warm color, it is best not to match the cold tones such as black, blue and green, not very harmonious.

3. Try to use bright and warm colors to match. And wearing brown clothes looks a little heavy, and the bright and warm colors are also young and bright.


Nine, camel clothes should be matched with a color scarf?

1. Black has orange, white, and red small patterns, with black flowing Soviet;

2. Water red orange white wide stripe

Ten, what color and style scarves are matched with dark green and beige coats?

1. Green with a colorful scarf, it is best to be a silk scarf, because dark green is generally noble, don’t be too vegetarian.

2. The white ones are better matching the color, a long, wide towel, and the best way to look at wine. It can also be a bright red scarf for decoration

Eleven, what color scarf looks good with dark green clothes?

1. The dark green is the cold color system. I personally think that it can be paired with a warm color system, but it is not too large in contrast. There can be some cold color patterns.

2. Dark pink, sky blue, white

12. What color scarf is suitable for purple or gray -brown tops?

1. Purple tops can be paired with black or grass -green.

Matching black is a low -key match, elegant but not publicity.

The combination of grass green is very colorful. The color of deep purple and grass green is very stylish.


The gray -brown jacket can be matched with red, which must be more red, dark linage, and strong layering. You will have a white skin color.

2. Red, orange is also good

Thirteen, slightly lighter green clothes, what color scarf with?

1. Choose light colors such as pink, milky white, beige, and light yellow silk scarf. It is nice to knot on the neck.

2. The light green with a bright yellow color will have a good effect. If you are pursuing safety, of course, it is white, it will also be very colorful and classic.


3. Black, this can be lined with green.

Fourteen, what color scarf is good for blue clothes?

1. Orange will look young and have a spirit

2. Black, stable and generous

3. The blue colors and white are called “ocean color”, which will give people a very fresh feeling

Fifteenth, what scarf is the Tibetan blue/coffee cotton coat?

1. It is best to be a light color, such as yellow. If the color of the whole body is dim, it will make people feel very boring. But if you think the yellow one is too bright, you can choose a light blue.

2. Silver -gray, smoke blue


3. Black blue gray beige

16. Dark red clothes, what color scarf with?


1. As long as it is not red, some light colors will be seen

With white, it will be very dignified and light blue. It will be very cute and the purple will be very mature


2. The simplest ~ black or white ~

3. White, goose yellow, pink, just pay attention to the brightness of the color.

4. The dark red clothes can no longer be paired with a red or pink scarf. It will not look like a color difference, and there is no characteristic. It is best to match the white scarf, or the blue series scarf is also good. It looks clear and bright.

Seventeen, big red clothes and color scarf match?

1. Black brown

2. Black and red are the most classic matching colors. Don’t buy too ordinary scarves, and white. Because black and white are colorless, they can be matched with any color. When you don’t know how to match the color, choose black and white.

18. What color scarf is good -looking?

1. White, what should I do if I can’t lose weight?

2. The black hollow scarf is very good.


3, with light purple, light yellow, light blue or white. The depth match is very beautiful. Try not to buy dark colors and easy to contrast

4. It is better to put it with yellow. Pay attention to the size of the yellow scarf.

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