Can I buy Popa by income by Ibrahimovic jersey? The big joke is so cut!

The rain was sunny, the breeze blowing was so crispy, and the mood was very good!


Boba’s transfer to Manchester United is boiling. In the last 48 hours, various Deadline, but now there is no letter. If you can really come to Breaking News in the end, Manchester United will pay hundreds of millions of pounds for Boba!

However, Manchester United does not seem to have money. The “Sun” pointed out that in a week, Manchester United accounts for 76 million pounds by selling Ibrahimovic jerseys, which means that Ibrahimovic’s jersey sales income can be bought in less than two weeks. Curdier Bogba!


Since the 1314 season, although Manchester United has not met the fans’ expectations in the competition, it is very successful in business operations. According to data from the accounting firm KPMG, the valuation of the Manchester United Club has reached 2.1 billion pounds. Manchester United is Arsenal, but the valuation is also “just” 1.2 billion pounds.


But I personally think that this number is more just


Intersection Intersection Full of full calculation, calculate at 100 pounds for each piece of Ibrahimovic jersey (in fact, it is not so high at all, OK we will give it a max value), 76 million pounds, they need to sell within a week


The Ibrahimovic jersey can reach the above numbers. Ibrahimovic’s jersey can be


within a week


760,000 pieces? (Manchester United last season’s total jersey sales of 2.85 million pieces)

If you want to count on the Thai version (fake), maybe …

Even if [Selling Ibrahimovic Jersey Buy Boba] is just a gimmick, but jersey sales have really become an important source of income for the club. (Each year, hundreds of millions of sponsorship fees are really “more silly money”? The big mistake is special!) There is a detailed explanation in the article.

Beckham’s sales in Real Madrid’s jersey enough to offset his 32 million pounds of transfer fees. Ronaldo’s Real Madrid jersey sales far exceeded its 86 million pounds transfer fee.