18 laundry solution evaluation: Is it worth buying for babies? These stimulus and drift properties are not ideal

The baby’s clothes are easy to get dirty and change. Because daily stains are not the same as adults, and many Baoma worry about the baby’s delicate skin, the baby’s clothing should be washed separately from the adults, and the special baby laundry fluid is used to wash.

In the market, many brands have launched laundry solution products specifically for babies, and advertising such as “super dirty”, “low bubbles and easy rinsing”, “mild and not hurting hands” and other advertisements. So, is these propaganda reliable? Is the baby laundry liquid better and more worth buying than ordinary laundry fluids?


In this issue, the stupid father has chosen Bao moms’ high attention and higher sales

15 baby laundry fluids, 3 ordinary laundry fluids


Devinion, easy to rusty, irritating, convenience

Come on the evaluation.

Through the evaluation, it will be compared from two dimensions: on the one hand, see who’s comprehensive performance is better; on the other hand, it is also compared between the baby laundry fluid and ordinary laundry fluid. Obvious differences.

As a result, for your reference.

Routine statement


: The evaluation of this laundry solution is a neutral position. The stupid father does not accept advertisements and sponsorships that try to affect the objectivity and fairness of the evaluation results.


Table of contents

1. Evaluate sample & indicators

2. Discovering power: The difference is not large, “baby dedicated” is better

3. Easy to rinse: good children, good dad’s performance is slightly inferior to

4. Stimulation: 7 stimulus is not ideal

5. Convenience: NUK is excellent, five sheep are slightly inferior

6. Comprehensive recommendation


①B & B Poening Fiber Dection

② NUK baby laundry solution

③ October Crystal Baby pro -soft laundry fluid

④ Blue Moon Baby Special Laundry (Lily Xiangxiang)

⑤ Tide full -effect 360 degrees laundry solution


Evaluation sample & indicator

The 18 laundry liquid brands evaluated in this issue include:

Blue Moon, Pigeon, Red Elephant, Love Guard, October Crystal, Yingshi, BabyCare, NUK, Baoning, Zichu, Frog Prince, Five Yang, Good Boy, Good Dad can.


Specific evaluation sample information and packaging maps are as follows:

Sample description:


Of the 1, 18 laundry fluids, 3 models are ordinary laundry fluids (tide, white, super energy), and 15 other models are “babies” laundry solution.

2, 18 laundry fluids


Concentrated laundry liquid


The indicators of laundry fluid evaluation in this issue include:


1. Devinions 2. Easy to rinsing 3. Stimulation 4. Convenience

Below, enter the formal evaluation link.

Discovering power: The difference is not large, “baby dedicated” is better

The decontamination power, that is, remove the clean ability of all kinds of stains, is the most basic and important ability of laundry solution. Regarding the decontamination power, Baoma may have such questions:


① Is the decontamination power of different brands of laundry fluid very different?

② Whose baby laundry solution is stronger than ordinary laundry solution?

③ Is there a significant difference between the same laundry fluid, whether it is hand -washing or machine washing?

④ Most merchants recommend pre -coating and then cleaning stains. Is this method better than direct hand washing/machine washing?

(Specific operation method of pre -coating)

In order to answer the above questions, the stupid father launched a comprehensive decontamination evaluation for 18 laundry fluids.

Evaluation method


① According to the baby’s daily contact, the stupid father chose 7 common stains, including: 3 kinds of solid state stains–


Chocolate sauce, crayons, soil

, 4 kinds of liquid stains-

Soy sauce, orange juice, milk, edible oil

② Simulate the baby’s dirty clothes, and apply the above 7 stains on the 30*25cm cotton white cloth. A total of 72 pieces of the same dirty cloth were made for a night, and the stains were completely dry.

(P.S. Due to the strong liquidity of liquid stains, the final area and shape of the final area are different)


③18 evaluation Laundry liquid is washed 4 stains per type: 1 pre -coating hand -washing, 1 directly hand -washing, 1 pre -coating machine washing, and 1 direct machine washing.

(Pre -coating)

The amount of laundry liquid, water volume, hand washing time (3 minutes), and machine washing duration (10 minutes) each time are maintained.

④ After drying thoroughly, compare the cleanliness of each dirty cloth.

Evaluation results

1, 18 laundry fluids to summarize


① Among the 17 -baby laundry liquid, the blue moon’s decontamination power has the highest comprehensive score; BabyCare, Yingshi, Zichu, October crystals, love care, ranking at the forefront; Well.


② The performance of the three ordinary laundry fluids is not prominent enough,


A little better,


The overall ranking of decontamination power is inferior.

③ On the whole, the decontamination of 15 babies was better than 3 ordinary laundry fluids. However, the difference is not very obvious, and the comprehensive score is not very large.

(Example: Zichu, wash directly by hand, wash VS Tide directly)

2. The difficulty of cleaning of different stains

The laundry solution can clean the stains. It mainly depends on the surfactant. Some babies also add specific enzymes (protein enzyme/lipase/amylase, etc.) for some baby laundry fluids to target common stains on the baby’s clothing. Due to the different decontamination ingredients and additions of different laundry fluids, the decontamination power of various types of stains will also be different.

Among the 7 stains produced in this round,


Orange juice



The easiest to clean, most of the 18 laundry fluids evaluated are better;



The hardest cleaning, especially using machine washing, 18 laundry solution is not ideal for the overall decontamination effect of soil washing,

Blue moon

The performance is relatively slightly better;

The other four stains (crayons, soy sauce, milk, edible oil) are clean and difficult to clean,

Blue Moon, BabyCare, Zichu, October Crystal, NUK

The decontamination power of these 4 stains is better.

3. Hand washing VS machine washing

The average score of 18 washing fluids is higher than the average score of the machine, which means that the same laundry solution is better than the decontamination effect of the use of machine washing. Of course, hand washing will be more tired.

(Example: Five Yang directly washed VS Wuyang Direct Machine washing)

4. Pre -coating VS Directly washing


Most of the evaluation results in this round show that whether it is hand washing or machine washing, pre -coating treatment of stains in advance is better than direct washing.

(Example: 预 Pre -coating processing machine washing VS 嗳 direct machine washing)


Therefore, when encountering difficult stains of washing, it is recommended that Baoma use hand washing+pre -coating treatment method, and the decontamination effect will be more ideal.


Easy to rinse: good children, good dad’s performance slightly inferior to

Whether the laundry solution is easy to rinse is also a question that many Baoma pays attention to.

It is not easy to rinse, one is to wash hard, and the second is that the laundry fluid may remain on the clothing. The skin of the sensitive baby is directly contacted with it, which may cause uncomfortable allergies and itching. Some babies also like to bite clothes. The unknown chemical components swallow into the stomach, and there may be hidden safety hazards.

① Take 2G laundry solution and amount to 1100ml tap water, and dissolve the laundry solution in a plastic basin.

② Take a clean cotton towel in the basin to be fully infiltrated. Rut it 10 times evenly, remove the towels and twist it, pour the liquid in the pot and wash it.

③ Re -measure 1650ml of water in the plastic basin, rinse the towel according to the method in the ②, repeat 3 times. After each rinse, record the state of the liquid in the basin.


④ After 3 times of rinsing, the final state of the liquid in the plastic basin is compared.

1. Pigeon, children, tide, and white, rinse performance is better.

After two rinsing, there are basically no foam in the pot, but you can still see some flocculent laundry liquid residues. After three rinsing, the liquid in the pot became clear and non -bubble, and the floccope was relatively small.

(3 times to rinse the liquid in the basin)


2. Good children, good dad, easy to rinse, the bottom of the ranking, ranking at the bottom.

After two rinsing, the liquid in the basin is still turbid, the amount of foam is more, and there are many flocculent remnants. After the third drift, there were still some foam and flocculent laundry fluid.

3. The other 12 laundry fluids, the easy -to -rinse score is between 4.2 points and 4.6 points.

(Example: October Crystal & NUK)

Stimulation: 7 types of irritation are not ideal

Many Baoma cares about whether the laundry fluid adds more irritating ingredients. On the one hand, it may hurt her hands when washing, and on the other hand, it is left on the clothes that may stimulate the baby’s skin.

However, the Chinese laundry liquid national standard is not forced to label the laundry solution on the packaging. Therefore, the Baoma could not know what to add to the outer packaging.

Stupid dad compiled 18 components marked by the laundry liquid marking:

It can be seen that among the 18 laundry liquids, only October crystals have completely marked the added ingredients. Among them, coconut oil amine Dea and DMDM ​​Byeyls are ingredients with certain irritation, and fragrance is also an ingredient that may cause some babies to be allergic.

The other 17 laundry fluids did not list the specific ingredients, and most of them were marked. Among them, eight marks are marked with fragrance and 4 marks and preservatives, which may have certain irritation.

However, because the majority of the laundry liquids that are evaluated are not completely labeled, the irritating evaluation cannot just look at the ingredient table, otherwise it is neither fair nor objective. For this reason, the stupid father designed a irritating experiment.

Considering that the irritation of the laundry is mainly from the surfactant, you can try to use the “corn melol -soluble protein test method”.

The principle of experiments is simply, corn alcohol -soluble protein is a substance that is almost insoluble in water, but the water solution of the surfactant is increased. Moreover, the more irritating the surfactant, the greater the solubility of corn melolin. so,

After the same concentration of laundry solution is fully mixed with corn alcohol -soluble protein, the more precipitation, the less irritating the laundry solution, and the more irritating, the greater the irritation.


Specific operation steps: weigh 10g of laundry fluid, 90g distilled water, stir and dissolve well, add 1g of cornterol -soluble protein, stir 90min, static, observe the precipitation of the solution.

1. Paining and NUK, the stimulus performance is better.

After full stirring, the two models are almost not dissolved and precipitated after being fully stirred. They are similar to the blank control group without laundry solution, indicating that the irritation of its surfactant is less irritating.

2. Pigeon, red elephant, love, babycare, child early, good children, good dad, corn alcohol soluble protein is almost completely dissolved, very small precipitation, and the irritation is not ideal.

3. The other 9 types of laundry fluids, the corn alcohol -soluble protein dissolved, and still retain some precipitation.


(Example: Frog Prince & Yingshi & Tide)

In addition to the irritating experiment of the surfactant, the stupid father also plays the 18 laundry fluid.


pH value

The measured was performed.

the result shows,

The pH value of 18 washing fluids is between 6-7 range

, Meet the requirements of the light industry standard “qb/T 1224-2012 clothing, liquid detergent” ≤10.5, it is also closer to the normal pH value of the baby’s skin, and the mildness is ideal.

In addition, some Baoma also minds that the laundry liquid is added


Fluorescent whitening agent

Essence But in fact, the reasonable use of fluorescent whitening agents will not cause irritation and damage to the skin and eyes.

Generally speaking, in order to make white or colorful clothing look “new, bright, and tall”, some laundry liquids will be added with fluorescent whitening agents, but the “baby -specific” laundry solution has no such demand and necessary.

Among the 18 laundry fluids evaluated in this issue, two ordinary laundry fluids–

Tide full -effect 360 -degree laundry solution, ultra -planted green low bubble laundry solution

The fluorescent whitening agent was added.

The other 15 baby laundry fluids and one ordinary laundry fluid were not added with fluorescent whitening agents.

Convenience: NUK is excellent, five sheep are slightly inferior


In addition to the characteristics of the laundry liquid itself, the convenient packaging design of the laundry fluid will also affect the daily use of the mothers.

Compared with the outer packaging of each laundry solution, check whether there is a dialogue line, the anti -leakage solution design, and the transparent visual bar design.

1. The cup lid of the 9 models is designed to design a clearer scale, which is convenient for the mothers to take the laundry solution according to the instructions to prevent too much amount and not clean.


(Example: NUK & Yingshi)

The blue moon uses the pump head design, and the amount of a pump is fixed. It can be pressed according to the amount of instructions in use, which is more convenient. There is no need to worry about the problem of the laundry liquid remaining on the bottle.

2, 15 laundry liquids have a leak -proof solution design, which can effectively prevent the residual laundry liquid on the lid. The flowing is everywhere. It can also avoid the laundry liquid flowing to the bottle when dumping.

(Example: NUK & BabyCare & Good Dad)

3, 5 laundry solution designed a transparent visual bar, which can directly observe the remaining amount of laundry solution.

(Example: Tide & Pigeon)

The laundry liquid without visual bars needs to be observed in front of the strong light to see the remaining amount of laundry liquid in the bottle.

(Example: Love Hu & October Crystal)

Comprehensive recommendation

After ending several evaluations such as decontamination, easy rinsing, irritating, and convenience, the stupid father divided the weights of each indicator according to the important degree, and a weighted average calculation was performed. The final score and ranking of 18 laundry fluids are as follows:

The final recommendation of the stupid father is the following 5 laundry fluids (4 babies laundry fluids, 1 ordinary laundry solution):

1. B & B Poening Fiber Dection

Reference price: 79 yuan/1500ml


: The comprehensive performance of the decontamination power is better, the easy -to -rinse performance is better, and the irritation is less. The cup lid is equipped with scale and leak -proof design, which is convenient for Baoma to use it daily.


2. NUK baby laundry solution

Reference price: 79 yuan/1000ml

: The comprehensive performance of the decontamination power is better, the easy to rinse is slightly inferior, and the irritation performance is better. The lid is equipped with scale, leak -proof design and transparent visual bar, which is more convenient.

3. October Crystal Baby pro -soft laundry fluid

Reference price: 29.9 yuan/1L

: The comprehensive performance of the decontamination power is better, the easy -to -rinse performance is better, the irritation is moderate, the anti -leakage design, the convenience performance is slightly inferior.


4. Blue Moon Baby Special Laundry (Lily Xiangxiang




Reference price: 33.8 yuan/1kg

: The comprehensive performance of the decontamination power is the first, easy to rinse, slightly inferior, pump head design, convenient to remove liquid, do not have to worry about the problem of leakage.

5. Tide full -effect 360 -degree laundry solution


Reference price: 29.9 yuan/1kg

: The comprehensive performance of the decontamination power is slightly inferior, but the gap is not large. The easy -to -rinse performance is better, and the irritation is slightly inferior. The cup lid is equipped with scale, leak -proof design and transparent visual bar, which has good convenience.


Evaluation method

Evaluation method

Evaluation method

Evaluation results


Evaluation results

Evaluation results





Finally, it must be emphasized

Judging from the results of this evaluation, the gap between the 18 laundry liquids is not very large, and the difference is closer. Therefore, in addition to the above five recommended products for reference, other laundry liquid treasures can also choose according to factors, preferences, prices and other factors, and do not have to be too tangled.

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