Jewelry box: Which of the most crystal earrings in the appearance is your true love?

Artificial crystal earrings, pictures from WHO What Wear.

珠宝盒:出镜最多的水晶耳环 哪一款才是你的真爱?

If the wedding chooses a western -style wedding dress,

That is inevitable to prepare the jewelry made of artificial transparent crystals,

They have many affordable people and many styles,

Especially low collar, tube top wedding dress,

珠宝盒:出镜最多的水晶耳环 哪一款才是你的真爱?

There is a large area of ​​nakedness on the neck and shoulder,

It needs a pair of crystal earrings to decorate.

In the crystal earrings of tens of millions of styles,

珠宝盒:出镜最多的水晶耳环 哪一款才是你的真爱?

How to choose the one that suits you best?

I will tell you the experience I have summarized,

Don’t soon come up with a small book!

Artificial crystal earrings, pictures from Elizabeth Anne Designs.

① Bright luxury

The first is the luxury models that girls generally like,

珠宝盒:出镜最多的水晶耳环 哪一款才是你的真爱?

Because artificial crystal cost is lower than natural gems such as diamonds,

Even if the big one is not expensive,

Although you are happy to choose a style that you usually don’t wear!

Among them, water drop -shaped earrings are the most common styles,

珠宝盒:出镜最多的水晶耳环 哪一款才是你的真爱?

Beautiful lines and round shapes,

The most suitable for gentle and quiet bride,

Princess Kate was wearing this shape of earrings during the wedding.

Princess Kate wears water drop -shaped earrings, pictures from Pinterest.

The group inlaid water -shaped earrings, the picture comes from Jules Bridal Jewellery.

珠宝盒:出镜最多的水晶耳环 哪一款才是你的真爱?

One key factor affecting earrings is the face shape,

In addition to the perfect goose egg face, wearing casually (jealous and crying),

The square face and triangle face can be made up by water drop -shaped earrings.

It can help the square face soften the sharp cheeks,

Make the cheeks of the triangular face more plump.

From left to right: goose egg face, square face, triangular face, picture from shutterstock.

Drop -shaped earrings, pictures from inside weddings.

珠宝盒:出镜最多的水晶耳环 哪一款才是你的真爱?

It is recommended to choose a group inlaid,

The auxiliary stone around the main stone can look larger and brighter,

This classic model can usually be worn with a small dress.

Don’t press them at the bottom of the box.

Drop -shaped earrings, pictures from Edera Jewelry.

Swarovski water drop -shaped earrings, ¥ 1,190, the picture comes from Swarovski official website.

There is a strange work with water drop -shaped earrings,

珠宝盒:出镜最多的水晶耳环 哪一款才是你的真爱?

It is a diamond -shaped crystal earrings,

Their shapes are often gorgeous,

珠宝盒:出镜最多的水晶耳环 哪一款才是你的真爱?

You can make you “Queen Advanced” on the wedding dress.

Diamond earrings, pictures from united with love.

Most Asian girls are petite and slender,

Not very suitable for too large diamond earrings,

It will appear dull, depressed, and burdensome,

珠宝盒:出镜最多的水晶耳环 哪一款才是你的真爱?

Don’t be too greedy!

珠宝盒:出镜最多的水晶耳环 哪一款才是你的真爱?

Too exaggerated diamond earrings are not necessarily suitable for everyone. The picture comes from Dalys Wedding Dress.

珠宝盒:出镜最多的水晶耳环 哪一款才是你的真爱?

Ever Faith branched chandelier decorative earrings, ¥ 533.37, the picture comes from Amazon Overseas Purchase official website.

珠宝盒:出镜最多的水晶耳环 哪一款才是你的真爱?

② Wiring fairy model

The earrings of the long chain+pendant are also classic models,

Can help the bride improve the gas field,

Can be used to match off -the -shoulder and back -back wedding dress,

珠宝盒:出镜最多的水晶耳环 哪一款才是你的真爱?

Very dignified bride.

Long -chain+pendant earrings, pictures come from Pinterest.

This earrings are suitable for goose egg face, round face and square face,

Because the vertical line can make the round face more three -dimensional,

The square face can also take it to neutralize the face shape,

The secret is to choose the length of the length of the cheeks,

And it is not close to the style of the cheeks,

This can play a role in modifying the face shape.

From left to right: goose egg face, round face, square face, picture from shutterstock.

Long -chain+pendant earrings, pictures come from Mariell.

珠宝盒:出镜最多的水晶耳环 哪一款才是你的真爱?

The tears of the hard sugar witch white crystal 925 silver gold -plated earrings, ¥ 799, the picture comes from the official online shop of the hard sugar independent jewelry brand.

If there is no pendant, only ear -like styles,

It is more suitable for the bride who wants to take a small fresh route,

For example, with the Mori wedding dress,

珠宝盒:出镜最多的水晶耳环 哪一款才是你的真爱?

Their soft shape can make the immortal burst.

Ear -shaped earrings, pictures from WordPress.

珠宝盒:出镜最多的水晶耳环 哪一款才是你的真爱?

He Fang Jewelry Westminster earrings, ¥ 1,422, the picture comes from the official jewelry online shop.

③ Smart Stream Soviet model

If you like dynamic styles,

If the ear is too faint,

珠宝盒:出镜最多的水晶耳环 哪一款才是你的真爱?

Then I recommend you to consider the streaming earrings,

珠宝盒:出镜最多的水晶耳环 哪一款才是你的真爱?

It finds a balance between luxury and agility,

Suitable for romantic and feminine brides.

Flavored earrings, pictures from Such A STYLE.

Flame earrings are suitable for goose egg face, round face and heart -shaped face,

It can also make the round face more edges and corners,

It can also help the heart -shaped face “adjust” the face line,

Weaken the arc of both cheeks,

Let the chin look less sharp.

From left to right: goose egg face, round face, heart -shaped face, pictures come from shutterstock.

APM MONACO sterling silver -inlaid crystal diamonds, starring, ¥ 2,480, the picture comes from the APM Monaco official website.

The perfect goose egg face can also try this chain earrings,

It can be swaying with the flow of Soviet models,

The style is more classic.

珠宝盒:出镜最多的水晶耳环 哪一款才是你的真爱?

But don’t try round face,

The semi -circular arc will make the face round and wider,

Crome cry in the toilet.

Chain earrings, pictures from BRIDE LA BOHEME.

For the upcoming wedding,

Has your earrings selected?

What kind of bride earrings do you like?

Or do you want to know what other accessories,

Welcome to leave a message to tell us!

The shiny artificial crystal earrings, the picture comes from Elizabeth Anne Designs.

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