Washing and cleaning, German knife head, Boran black technology shaver with less than 500?

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The shaving knife is a small appliance I use every day. The experience of many years of use is summarized by two points: one is to clean the shaving, and the other is that cleaning is convenient.

It is not difficult to achieve clean shaving, and it is always a problem for convenient cleaning. Ordinary shaving knives generally need to remove the knife head to complete the cleaning, and it always feels a bit troublesome.


However, the recently experienced Boran 5 Series has solved this problem perfectly. It is free of disassembly and routing black technology, making the cleaning process after shaving. I can’t wait to share it with you.

Some people may feel that Boran shaver is more expensive. After this black technology, will the price rise?

The answer is: don’t worry, the price is very close to the people, and the experience is amazing. For details, please refer to the following ~

How to buy a shaving knife?

Select according to the type of shaver:

Common shaved knife is divided into two types: reciprocating and rotating.


The left side of the figure below is a duplex, and the right side is rotating.

The rotating shaved knife drives the head of the knife through the motor, spiral rotation cuts the beard, the fitting experience is average, and it will also easily cause pulling.

The reciprocating shaving knife drives back linearly through the motor, and will not pull the beard, and the fit is better. Especially for the thick short beard, the reciprocating shaving experience will be more obvious.


Choose according to the growth area of ​​the beard and the degree of software and hardness:


-If a lot of beard is concentrated in the upper lip and jaw, it is recommended to choose a duplex shaver.

The reciprocating shaving knife will be more accurate for the small area shaving, and at the same time, the local repair type will be easier to master and more convenient.


-If your beard is dense and large, it is recommended to choose according to the hard and hard of the beard.

The beard is hard to use to be dupled, because the power is stronger, and it will not cause pulling.

Both beards are soft, but it is still more recommended for reciprocating, because it is cleaned.


The next part will bring the box opening and use experience of the Boran 5 Series. Do not be missed ~


Boran New 5 Series:

What the sponge wants to share today is the new work of the Boran 5 Series: the new Curoured 5 Series.

This is a new product full of black technology, which has won the German 2020IF Design Award and the Red Dot Design Award.

Black Technology One: Free Disassembling and Washing Design

The biggest black technology of the new Boran S5 shaver is to adopt the cleaning system of the knife -free knife, without removing the head of the knife.

Use the flowing water to wash the neck of the body to complete the cleaning.

The previous shaving knife should be removed when cleaning, and sometimes because of fear of trouble, you will be lazy and not wash. After a long period of time, the beard is dirty, which is not only prone to breed bacteria, but also may cause acne!


Now with this humanized free disassembly and rinse design, there is no need to worry about it. No need to remove the knife head, rinse for 15 seconds to complete the cleaning. The shaving knife is often new, and the hygiene problem of the knife head is also easily solved.


The principle is explained by a moving picture. If you are interested, you can take a look:

The benefits of this design are obvious.

No need to disassemble the knife head to clean it, trouble and unhygienic, and save the precious time in the morning.

This innovative design alone, I think it is worth buying.


Black Technology 2: Made in Germany to float 3 knife heads

The head of the knife is the soul of the shaver, and the quality of the knife head also directly determines the cleanliness and efficiency of the shaver.

The new 5 Series knife uses Sensofoil oments up and down. There are as many as 1064 mesh per film, which is more efficiently collected and scraped.

Two rows of micro -tooth comb are distributed on both sides of the middle trimmer. While shaving, helping the beards in different growth directions while shaving, it is also to better improve the efficiency of shaving. It is the same as a comb with scissors.


Below of the omentum and trimmer is arranged with sufficient blades, and the reciprocating motor brings sufficient motivation.

Because the head area of ​​the knife is large enough and the power is strong enough, the shaving is basically passing through. You don’t need to repeat the same part to avoid the problem of stimulating the skin, and it also saves time.


The knife head itself has sufficient elasticity. It can change the angle according to the uneven structure on the surface, so as to keep the head and facial skin close.

At the same time, the knife head will only have a effect on the beard, and it will not hurt the surface of the skin. It will simulate movement and apply pressure on the head with my fingertips, and there is no need to worry about scratching their fingers.

Actual experience:

Let’s take a look at the actual experience brought by the black technology knife head:


For the small -range shaving on the lips, the fitting position of the head and the skin on the lips is just right, which can quickly complete the shaving work.


You only need to fit the skin up and down to complete the shaving.


My personal beard is a rough type of scum, which is thick and hard. The following picture is the effect after half a face, and it is very clean.

At the same time, you can also see that the skin has no redness and damage, and shaving at the same time is relatively in place for the protection of the skin.


The new 5 Series of Bron can be washed with wet and humid, and the whole machine can be washed water. It can be used in a humid environment or bathing.


It is still quite convenient for people who have a bathing habit in the morning. It is very convenient to complete the shaving at the same time while taking a bath in the morning, and then rinse the shaver by the way.

The design of a large -capacity lithium battery can be fully full for only 2 hours at a time.

The full power can be used for 50 minutes. There are not many beards like me. There is no problem for one month of charging.


It doesn’t matter if you don’t have a power, you can use it again for 5 minutes. You don’t need to worry about the emergency time.

When you carry the key when you carry, switch the shaving knife to the travel lock mode. The red lock icon on the fuselage display will light up. You do n’t have to worry about it. Just accept it.

Appearance and design:


Let’s fully understand the appearance of the new 5 Series:

The first feeling is very linear, and the fuselage part is slender and light.

The machine comes with a protective cover design to protect the knife header network so that it is not easy to damage when carrying.

At the same time, there are four buckles on both sides of the protective cover. It is still firm on the head of the knife.


The black body is covered with curve design, and the white lines on the side run from the front to the back. It is very design and visually lose weight.


The back of the back is made of non -slip silicone, because the whole body is waterproof, so even when using it during shower, it can ensure that it can be held firmly without slipping off. The arc groove design is in line with ergonomics, and the index finger can be firmly buckled when grasping. At the same time, the surface is densely designed with a small concave hole, increasing the friction when holding.


The side of the machine looks very beautiful, with a sense of lines and dynamics. If you look closely, you will find that the anti -slip design has been extended from the back to the machine, and it is guaranteed that each finger can be exposed to non -slip silicone when holding the hand.


The control section uses a single button design. The key is in the front position of the front, and the single press can be turned on.

The charging hole is located at the bottom of the fuselage. It can be inserted into the charging cable according to the shape. It only takes an hour to complete the charging.

The charger is designed with a standard two -eye, with a small volume and easy to carry.

A 15 ° inclination design is used between the knife head and the fuselage, which is more in line with the ergonomics at the time of use.


When shaving, you don’t have to raise your arms all the time, and naturally it is easier to save effort.


As a mid -range new product in the Bon Lang Shavery Sword camp, the performance of the new Cheetah 5 Series is quite dazzling.


It has maintained the advantages of efficient and clean shaving, and at the same time, there are innovations that directly hit the pain point.

Simplify the steps of cleaning and maintaining the header of the knife to the greatest extent. It is easier to use it a little bit every day.

In the end, I want to say that the small appliances that are inseparable from daily life are worthy of your choice and treat it carefully.

If you are still using a rotating shaving knife, try to see the duplex, maybe it will bring surprises ~



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