Valentine’s Day is coming! What couples are worth starting to watch?

The annual Valentine’s Day has arrived. On this sweet day and feel happy, naturally, the “token” that carries love is indispensable. The two wearing love watches together and began a sweet new year! So what are the couples worth starting? Today, let’s take the pink bubbles of Valentine’s Day and walk into the feast of this couple on the table ~




Love seems to be a preservation agent who is always enthusiastic about life. Then Jiang Shiconton’s classic series of machinery pairs are the theme of deep love into the theme of creation -the long -lasting classic. Simple lines, bright dials, and more delicate and exquisite classic dual -circular bezels, all of them have injecting the long -lasting heritage of the Blancpain brand into this pair. The shell of the stainless steel is covered with elegant golden color, and the strap of the alligator of the alligators adds a few retro elements. It is worth mentioning that the exquisite and elegant moon phase display function is left in the small wrist. Men’s overall is simple and atmospheric, and it is not stable, and the women’s models are more elegant and romantic. Just as the theme of Blancpain’s classic series, maybe love is a long -lasting precipitation, and you want to pursue absolute elegance. Choose this one and set your heart.


Avoid traditional Impressionism, the balance of color and the streamlined aesthetics of the line, the Jaeger -LeCoultregate series is undoubtedly a dual combination of technical functions and visual beauty. Although it is a quartz movement, it is paired with exquisite and chic flip design. Simple and smooth lines attached to the fine steel dials are not so rigid due to the rounded arc of the outer ring. Balance and harmony are the core creative characteristics of the flip series. Men and women’s models are very different in design. The classic blue sword -shaped pointer, rail -type minute scale, clear and clear, wrapped in classic elements of the Jaeger -LeCoultre flip series. Of course, in the face of Valentine’s Day, choosing this watch also foreshadows the same concepts as style design -pursuing balance and harmony, and the overall harmony of vision meets the aesthetic needs of this couple watch, and flip the watch at any time, and then flip the watch. Change mood and style, both classic and stylish, pursuing novel and wanting versatile couples can choose these two watches ~


As an eternal topic, love is undoubtedly the first. People vowed love in any “token” that can be used to express love, and Cartier is the best representative of praising love. As the most classic hot -selling series, the design of the blue balloon is like love, showing unswerving and romance. The rounded case protects the blue gem watch crown, maintains Cartier’s classic design, pebble -like round surface shape, and builds high -rise buildings for aesthetic levels. Roman numerals, minute tracks, with blue sword -shaped pointers to create Cartier’s iconic elements. Like the theme shown by the Blue Balloon Series, it shows the “eternal fantasy” and “unprepared romance” of love through exquisite design and unique convex round sapphire. A layer of romantic gold yarn. If you want to explore the romance of love and choose Cartier, it will not let you down!


The moment of heartbeat, the rhythm of the heartbeat became the key to our door to open the door of love. The Langqin Boya series started from here to launch the creative theme of “heartbeat moment”, which incorporated it into this couple watch. The mirror of the anti -wear synthesis of sapphire, through it to show the black and white matte pointer rotation, gives the simple and translucent of love momentum. The classic design and fluent lines play the design characteristics of the Langqin Boya series, and at the same time exude the essence of it -elegant attitude. The true personality will be true and elegant to the end. Perhaps love is the purity of the moment of heart, or maybe to maintain an elegant personal attitude in front of the lover. The Boya series brings these beautiful and pure minds into the simple watch design. Do you remember the moment of encountering love? This Valentine’s Day, follow the Langqin Boya series, remember together ~



Blue represents calmness and deepness. Tissot Turus’s classic series integrates the blue charm. If you are accustomed to complicated love, or taste a lot of life, then the Tissot Trum series is more appropriate. As the main color of the dial, the lake blue enhances the overall texture of the watch, as if inlaid sapphire on the wrist. As the essential design element of the Trum series, Paris nail patterns perfectly interpret the true meaning of love. The plain date window falls at six o’clock in the dial, focusing on the overall circular streamliner here, and the soft and light solar decoration adds the classic charm of the Tianguan Trusson series. Such a couple watch shows the true taste of love in a low -key manner. Pursuing classics and texture, just go with you or her, wear this watch, and enjoy the sweetness of Valentine’s Day together!

The “secret” of happiness has been shared with everyone. How to choose a couple suitable for two people and how to show your love taste, choose the one that is most in line with your feelings! After all, love is not to follow the heart and eternity? So is your love fierce love, or is it true? The comment area tells me ~ The above pairs can be used to go to the local prosperous watch with the beloved him or her, and the trial wear and start ~