Recommended children’s drawing board: How to choose children’s painting boards? Which one should I buy for children’s painting boards?

Children love to paint, it is natural! I believe that each of us has experienced the happiness of graffiti! And promote children’s left and right brain development. The left brain of the human body is mainly responsible for rational thinking such as logic and language, and the right brain is responsible for the perceptual cognition of spatial image memory, emotion, and art. During the painting process, children can not only exercise the coordinated actions of many joints and small muscle groups in the wrist to promote the development of the left brain; but also can inspire children’s imagination when free creation and graffiti, promote the development of the child’s right brain development Essence

How to choose children’s painting boards?

Children’s handwriting board, in the choice, you need to see this point:


1. For children from one to two years old, it is recommended to choose a magnetic painting board, because the liquid crystal painting board needs to be more powerful to write, and the magnetic painting board can be used to draw a handwriting very suitable for small pot friends.

2. The brush should not be too sharp, otherwise it is easy to hurt the child.

3. The color of the handwriting should be more colorful, and the colorfulness will be more likely to attract children’s attention and more focused.

Choosing a good children’s painting board can bring different feelings to children. Let me recommend a batch of good cost -effective painting boards.

Yimi Magnetic Painting Board

Yimi Magnetic Painting Board is made of ABS environmentally friendly material, which shows colorful colors as a whole, making the baby more cognitive. Metal pen can also increase the baby’s interest in painting. With the cute and cute Doraemon’s cute seal and bell logo with a cute and lovely shape, not only can the baby easily draw a different pattern, but also make the baby play with it. More fun.


Disney color graffiti board


Brand: Disney founded in 1926, Fortune 500 companies, and world -renowned diversified international family entertainment companies. It has many well -known IP images, mainly engaged in entertainment program production, theme parks, toys, books, video games, media networks Wait for business. Disney color graffiti board is also a product owned by Disney to help children grow up.

Disney color graffiti board has a large color graffiti panel, 37cm long, 33cm wide, with four seals and a magnetic brush. And use standard ABS materials for drawing board materials. At the same time, the corner of the board is mostly used in round corners, beautiful appearance and safer use. The main functions can help babies learn letters and digital operations, let the baby fulfill their wisdom, and write more and better pictures.


Keyou than magnetic painting board

Brand: Kobe was established in 2009. The full category of maternity and infant ecological brands provides a comprehensive growth solution of 0-6 years old, providing sleep, teaching, supplies, travel, feeding, children’s clothing, security and pregnancy production Wait for maternal and infant supplies. The concept of releasing the graffiti nature and painting the “fairy tale kingdom” has launched this concept of “fairy tale kingdom”.

Keyou has a colorful partition design than magnetic painting boards. The color lines are cheerful and smooth. And density fine magnetic powder is uniformly adsorbed on the inner layer of the painting board. The unique grid design fixed magnetic powder does not shift. It is equipped with a selected high -strength magnetic pen to ensure that each stroke is clear and smooth. At the same time, color. There are different shapes of the shape. After pressing, the corresponding light flashing can help the baby change color and exercise fine movements.

Mingta colorful magnetic painting board

Brand: Mingta Toy is a brand toy company that integrates wooden and plastic children’s toys toys. It mainly produces and sells more than 100 toys products of more than 20 series of puzzle toys. And this Ming Tower’s colorful magnetic painting board is one of the real sales toys.

The painting area of ​​the colorful magnetic painting board of Mingta reaches 28 × 19.5cm, and the six color blocks are randomly partitioned, allowing children to draw colorful paintings. The painting pen is designed with ergonomic pen, which is in line with the baby’s small hand grasping, and the metal pen head is durable. With a interesting magnet seal, creative interest is a lot of fun, and it is safe. There is also a solid support design on the back, and the support is stronger and stronger.

Xinge increases the wide magnetic painting board

Brand: Xinge is the original brand of Xinge Anime Designers, and is a toy brand that adheres to creativity and health. Persist in giving each toy new life with love and escort the imagination of the baby. Adhering to the parents’ hearts to make products, let every consumer of the parents buy comfortableness, insist on creating creatives, pay attention to details, and let the baby taste the art in the middle of fun. Xin Ge’s increase in wide magnetic painting board has been loved by consumers.


Xinge increased the wide magnetic painting board with a large -size painting area, allowing the baby to create unrestrained creation. And there is a colorful partition design, the color lines are cheerful and smooth, so that the baby is graffiti as soon as possible, and the fun is doubled. With a cute seal, it not only allows the baby to become a small painter, but also improves the baby’s understanding of things. With a bracket behind it, it is easier to adjust the tilt surface for painting, and correct the baby’s sitting position.


Di Manqi color magnetic seal picture board

Di Manqi color magnetic seal painting board has a large area of ​​painting area, so that the baby can imagine it, and you can graffiti on the painting board with your hand on the painting board with your hands. With colorful partition design, eight large colors, drawing colorful childhood. With Mengqu seal templates to increase the baby’s understanding of things. It is also given a color stick book, which is easy to draw, and the baby’s painting is more interested.