Youmi purchased: Q is delicious, this hemp potato is so delicious

Mo -potato is refined by Taiwan’s formula and modern production technology. The unique outer skin is soft and chewy. It contains delicious fillings. The high -quality taste is different from the hemp cakes of royal food in Taiwan.The skin, the sandwich is soft, tough, elastic, sweet and delicious.

Red bean flavor: Select natural high -quality glutinous rice to make it, make crystal clear skin, integrate fine grinding acacia beans, bite a sip of sweet and delicate, lingering the tip of the tongue like first love.


Peanut flavor: Selected peanut kernels, entered the screening, baking, and then grinding into thin peanut butter to make some sinks, sprinkle some shattered surfaces on the surface of hemp potato, Q soft incense room, this name is in Taiwan, and the peanuts in TaiwanIt also means that the champion and the first meaning are a good name.