To save money by yourself, it is still leaky after doing it. The old master: I haven’t done it in place for these 2 points.

If you want to decorate the house at home, you usually need to do waterproof. If you want to do waterproof, you should pay attention to the method of waterproof. When I decorate the house, I chose to do waterproof for saving money. However, I did waterproof three times. After that, there will still be water leakage. To save money by yourself, it was still leaky after doing waterproof. Old master: I haven’t done it in two points! let’s figure it out together.


1. What are the reasons for leakage?

The bathroom leaks must be found out of the cause of water leakage in order to find the correct method of response. There are two causes of water leakage in the bathroom: first, the waterproof is not qualified, and the other, there is a problem with its own waterway. Now that the waterproof problem has been excluded, there should be a problem with the water pipe.

1. Judgment of pipeline water seepage

Pipe leakage refers to leaks caused by defects such as upper and lower water pipes, floor drains, and toilets. The inspection method is:

(1) The water pipe leakage

The manifestation of this situation is that the leakage is continuous and uninterrupted, and sometimes the leakage volume is also increasing. For example, if the total valve of the water pipe is turned off, the leakage volume will immediately decrease.

(2) Lowerwater pipe leakage

First observe the leakage, and make records, and then open all the faucet, toilet, and pour water to the floor drain. At this time, if the leakage occurs, it means that the pipeline is damaged.

2. Surface leakage

There are two identification methods on the surface leakage. The specific appraisal methods are as follows:

(1) Only under the conditions of bathing and mopping, that is, when the ground and the wall produce water and water accumulation, leakage occurs. In this case, it can be determined as surface leakage.

(2) Use the method of inspection to identify the leakage of the pipeline to check. If it is determined that it is not a pipe leak, or a surface leakage.

2. How to do waterproof waterproof in the bathroom?


1. Brush the waterproof paint for the first time

Before the waterproof construction, ensure the clean and dry of the ground, and then do n’t have less when applying waterproof coatings. The effects and thickness of falling must meet the requirements of product regulations.

2. Brush the waterproof coating for the second time

When the waterproof coating is painted for the second time, there must be a certain time interval from the first pass. After the first time the paint is dry, the paint can be performed for the second time. If it is not dry, its waterproof effect will be greatly reduced.


3. Put the protective layer

在涂刷完防水涂料后,要在表面铺设保护层,这是为了防止其他施工会破坏防水层,这个保护层要求完全覆盖防水层、无遗漏、与基层结合牢固、无裂纹、无气泡、无Falling off the phenomenon.

4. Try to close water

Finally, the water closed test should be performed. The water at the highest point of the ground should not be less than 2 cm, and then it must be stored for at least 24 hours. After observing the leakless phenomenon, the waterproof work is completed; Row.


Third, what should I do if the bathroom leaks water?

The waterproof layer in the bathroom is very strict. If the process is not cleaned, it is likely to occur in the later period. What should I do if the waterproof layer of the bathroom waterproof layer is leaked? It takes money and costs, so the owners must supervise the project of the bathroom waterproof layer, otherwise the loss of water will be suffered heavy in the future.

The interface of the water tank is under the floor tiles. If the water tank of the bathroom is leaking, then at this time, the water tank can be reinforced with glass glue.

The water leakage of the bathroom water pipe is divided into water pipe interface leakage and water pipe pipes leak. If it is an interface leakage, please ask the master to replace the interface. If the water pipe pipe is leaked, the small area of ​​water pipes leak can be used to stick the loopholes with AB glue. If it is a large area, the water pipe must be replaced.

If you have a gap leakage, you can go to the market to buy a small bag of waterproofing agent, then use water to blend it into a sticky paste, and then use the tool to apply it on the gap. The gap on the floor tiles can be treated like this.


The occurrence of water leakage in the bathroom floor drain and water pipe will affect the life of the neighbors downstairs. If this happens, choose a professional engineering team for construction.

Naturally, we should pay attention to the appropriate decoration materials, and choose the appropriate waterproof material according to our own needs. The water leakage in the bathroom will affect their future life, and it will also cause certain losses to the owners downstairs. Therefore, when we do waterproof, we must pay attention to specific methods and pay attention to the overall decoration process.