Shirts+micro -pants are too easy to wear! Especially the small children, the upper body increases and thinner

How to wear a sense of fashion is a problem that many people feel trouble. As a universal item all year round, the frequency of the shirt appears very high, and you can take the street to commute. But without those unique design elements on the shirt, ordinary shirts are easily drowned in the crowd.

In fact, if you want to become fashionable, you don’t need to match it. The shirt with retro micro -trousers allows you to pay attention to the crowd. The designs of micro -trousers have added enough highlights to the shape, making the shirts simpler, and can also modify the figure well, which is high and thin.

Shirts+micro -trousers are full of retro emphasis, sexy but daily, fashionable. How fashionable and easy is the combination of shirts+micro -trousers? Let’s follow the editor to learn about it.

1. Who is the micro -pants suitable for?

The most afraid of pants is to pick up the defects that are not suitable for yourself and expose your leg defects. So, who is suitable for micro -pants?

O -type leg:

Both feet can be closer together, knees, calves, and even thighs.


X -type leg

: Only knees can be closed.

XO leg


: Except for the calf cannot be together, other is normal.



The lines are spreading from the knee to the longitudinal extension of the feet, which can stretch the leg length and block the defects of the calf part, thereby optimizing the imperfect leg shape.

2. How to choose micro -pants?

The unique version has attracted a lot of attention, but because of this, it is more needed to choose to make the version the maximum.

① The speaker position


The focus of the selection of micro -pants is the location of the speaker

Essence The position of the horn must start from the above knee so that the legs of the legs can be better extended, and the calf lines can be modified.

② The width of the speaker


Since it is a micro -trousers, the width of the speaker is not too exaggerated. If the speaker is too large, it will also lower the visual center of gravity, which is not suitable for small people.

The width of the speaker is small to medium -sized (slightly wider than the knee width). The key is to ensure that the lines of the pants are smooth enough.

③ waistline

The design of the micro -trousers fit the hips and the high waist, which can lift the hips, which is conducive to creating a body curve, suitable for H -shaped figure. Especially from the side, the effect is more obvious.

The high waistline can directly optimize the body proportions directly, and also avoid the problem of reducing the visual focus due to the diffused speaker design, which shows short problems.

④ trousers chief

Nine -point micro pants are the most suitable

It happened to be able to expose the tone ankle. In contrast to the wide flared pants tube, it highlights the sense of slenderness and is even thinner. It is also suitable for the daily routine of the little man.

The ground micro -pants can reflect the gas field.


The length of covering the feet is the best


, Catch with feminine high -heeled shoes to modify your legs. In terms of temperament, both the gas field and not too strong. Not only is it suitable for tall women, but also small people can try.

Setting slit micro -trousers.

The design of the side slit, exposing the ankle and shoes, giving the leg skin, reducing the thickness of the trousers, and increasing the sense of design. Matching the length of the ground is more retro and fashionable. You can also try a small man.

⑤ fabric


The designs of the speaker require texture of fabrics to appear. Here’s texture fabric refers to:


a smooth and vertical fabric, such as suits;

B three -dimensional fabric, such as denim fabrics.

Third, shirt+micro -trousers to wear skills

Point 1: Clarify the high waistline

The trousers of Mira Pants are relatively large, and they need to be clearly high -waisted to avoid being short due to the movement of the sight.

① Short and down long

Short shirts with micro -trousers to increase the position of the waistline to show the superior figure.

② Capsule

Long shirt requires the horn of plugging. Remember to pull the shirt and swing slightly after the stuffing, making the whole naturally casual and more in line with the legal style.


Women who are wide don’t have to worry about it. Just plug in half the corners of the clothes. There are obvious high waistlines and can cover their body defects.

Point 2: Light and down heavy weight

The design of Weila always concentrates on the pants unconsciously, and it looks a little heavy, and it requires a light upfit to relieve it.

① Appropriate exposure

V -neck, square collar

Waiting for a large neckline, maintaining a proper skin area, modifying the shoulder and neck lines, diverting the attention of the lower body, and breaking the “dull feeling” of micro -trousers.

The shirt can also form a V -neck through one or two buttons, exposing the collarbone, which is thin and breathable.

Crop top

Exposing the small waist can also enhance the lightness of the upper body, neutralizing the dullness of micro -pants. The method of knotting on the hem can also shorten the ordinary shirt to achieve the effect of exposing skin.


② Choose a simple shirt

Basic shirts have less fancy colors and design, which is simple enough to enhance lightness. At this time, because the whole body is quite simple, the atmosphere (such as metal necklace, silk scarf, etc.) requires an atmosphere to enhance the sense of styling.

Simple shirts do not mean that they can only be basic and basic. Color saturated color shirts, less colorful and not dense printed shirts, unique but not complicated Blouse are within the selection of simple shirts.

Even if the printed shirt is less color and not complicated, it is best to maintain a proper skin -exposed area to reduce the swelling.

Ribbon shirt.

The most unique design of the ribbon shirt is the elegant ribbon of the neckline, light and freedom, which can also reduce the dullness of micro -pants.

③ Pay attention to shirt fabrics


Light and breathable fabrics can also make the shirt lighter.


• Chiffon,

Strong breathability, silky slippery feel;

• Silk quality,

Mild luster, silk slippery.

④ Pay attention to the looseness of the shirt


Micro -trousers are a narrow and narrow version, with too tight shirts that are prone to exposing the body defects of the waist and belly and crotch. And too loose shirts are easy to delay with Micro -La.

The best choice is a slim but not tight shirt,

The shirt fabric is not fully tightened to the skin, retaining proper remains.

Fourth, the way to open shirt+micro -pants

The wear of shirts+micro -pants is retro, but it is not only the style of retro.

☞ French style


Micro -trousers jeans are also loved by Paris women. French shirts with micro -jeans, elegant and romantic. The essence of French style is laziness, so you can choose a slightly loose shirt.

☞ ☞ ☞ ☞


High -waist micro -trousers fit the waist and hips, which can outline the figure curve well, which is very charming. With the dew -waist CROP TOP shirt, it shows a better figure and sexy hot.


☞ ☞ ☞ ☞ ☞

Choosing a micro -trousers with less hips and thighs are not so tight to the skin, it is comfortable enough to daily, and it can also fade the business sense of commute shirt and make the overall wear less rigid monotonous.


Women who can wear shirts are fashionable. I want to wear a shirt out of different styles, and retro micro -trousers help you.